What Happens if You Forget To Clock Out at Amazon?

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If you are an hourly employed worker at Amazon or planning to be, you might be concerned about their time tracking system and what will happen if you forget to clock out.


If you forget to clock out at Amazon after your shift end, the company will pay for the extra hours according to the law and the time calculated by their computing system.

However, you should immediately address your supervisor to avoid disciplinary action against you if this happens mistakenly.

Amazon pays the employees by the hour, so the company is rigorous regarding clocking time because neglecting it can exaggerate the expenses.

Therefore, being an employee, knowing the consequences of forgetting to clock out at Amazon is necessary.

Ramifications of Failing To Clock Out at Amazon

According to the Fair Labor Standard Act of the U.S., the employer (Amazon in this case) is responsible for maintaining the records for each non-exempt employee, including the hours worked and the salary earned.

Additionally, the worker will get paid according to the time calculated by the attendance machine, and the employer cannot amend it.

Amazon strongly emphasizes productivity and performance; therefore, failure to clock out may be a lack of commitment, not just an administrative error.

Although failing to clock out will add more hours to your duty at Amazon, making you eligible for being paid extra and qualifying for bonuses and rewards at the end of the month, this approach is unfair, unethical, and illegal. 


Amazon employees use A to Z mobile app developed especially for clocking in and out of work in the warehouses.

There is also an option given on the app to report any attendance or time issues.

If you are caught guilty of intentionally delaying or skipping the clock out, you may face termination, a fine, or even constitutional actions.

Let’s discuss some consequences of forgetting to clock out at Amazon:

1. Wage Inaccuracies

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Forgetting or intentionally skipping the clock out at Amazon can cause wage inaccuracies. For example, if you worked 8 hours, skipped to clock out, and returned to work in the morning; you will also get paid for all the night on an overtime slab rate.

However, Amazon is bound to pay for the extra time, but there can be fluctuation in the wage, either positive or negative.

If the supervisor or HR manager came to know that you intentionally skipped clock out, they would indeed perform some deduction in your salary.

On the flip side, if no one came to know about what you did, whether mistakenly or in your senses, Amazon will pay for all time before the next clock-in.


Intentionally skipping or delaying clock out is unethical and against the disciplinary policies of Amazon and is known as “Time Theft.”

2. Trouble for the Employer

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If you forget to clock out at Amazon, it will increase the company’s expenses in the form of payroll. Moreover, there can be clashes between you and the HR manager on the settlement of overtime committed due to forgotten clock-out days.

This mistake will also cause a waste of productive time which might involve checking discrepancies and reviewing the security footage.


Amazon is known for having strict timekeeping policies for its warehouse workers. However, the company has been criticized for monitoring its employees’ activities and efficiency, using metrics like the number of products scanned per hour.

3. Violations of Rights

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Remember, when you forget to clock out from work, you violate someone else’s right at Amazon. The company has a policy to reward workers who perform extraordinarily and dedicate more time to work.

Forgetting to clock out causes your duty time to exceed your actual working hours, which makes you eligible for bonuses and rewards; receiving them is unfair and a violation of someone’s rights.

4. Fine or Termination

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If you get caught skipping clock out intentionally while leaving Amazon’s warehouse or even if you fail to inform the shift in charge that you forgot to punch out, you may get fined.

At first, they may spare you by considering it a mistake, but frequently skipping clock out can also turn into your termination.


Amazon assigns points to their employees depending on their attendance and reporting time. You will receive one each time you arrive late or depart early while having seven points in a consecutive 90 days period will cause sanctions.


Clocking in and out on time is essential to ensure employees are paid accurately and fairly for their work hours at Amazon.

We hope that after reading this article, you will clock out on time to prevent yourself from consequences and wasting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if You Clock Out Late, Amazon?

Amazon gives a grace period of five minutes, so if you clock in or out within the grace period, the computer will reset it automatically. However, clocking out after five minutes will be considered overtime.

How Do I Tell Amazon I Forgot To Clock Out?

You can tell your manager personally that you forget to clock out or press the “report a problem” button in the Amazon A to Z mobile app.

What Is Time Theft at Amazon?

Time theft occurs when you clock in and are supposed to be working, but you are not, or you intentionally skip clocking out for the timer to keep ticking.

How Many Hours Can You Miss at Amazon?

An Amazon employee can have up to 20 hours of sick leave within 90 days; after that period, the sick leave hours reset.

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