How Many Minutes Can You Be Late at Amazon?

Amazon Company

Amazon is one of the USA’s largest online trading companies, with 1.5 million employees. The giant networking of hundreds of warehouses stands by strategic guidelines and rules.

Do you familiar with Amazon’s policies that can help you stay on track as an employee?


Amazon operates through an automated computer management system to streamline the working processes.

Keeping yourself abreast of all these standards will boost your work performance and help you achieve better results. It includes:

  • Amazon Point System.
  • Amazon Attendance Late Policy.
  • Amazon UPT and PTO Policies.

In this write-up, we’ll walk you through every nook and cranny, so you never lose track of amazon’s practices and maximum pull-off benefits. So, let’s spill the beans.

How Does Amazon Point System Work?

Lateness To Work

Before jumping into the attendance late policy, you must first be familiar with the Amazon point system. Whether you are a new employee or planning to join the Amazon warehouse, knowing the guidelines will help you to play on safe ground.

Amazon point system monitors and records the employees’ performance at work. For example, it tracks the employees’ scheduled shifts, clock-in and clock-out times, and the number of absentees; hence assigns points according to the track record.

Every employee is limited to the range of four to eight points. Any point above eight will lead to the ultimate termination.

To sustain the brand’s credibility, control delay, and minimize bunking-off behavior, Amazon devised a thoughtful and advanced tracing approach that states:

  • If you show up late at work than due time, the system will automatically dock you one point.
  • Similarly, leaving the shift earlier will accrue you one or half points.
  • Disappearing during holidays, without leave approval, from your day job will earn you two to three points.
  • Skipping the regular shift at Amazon will accumulate you a one to two points bonus.
  • Lastly, Acquiring six to seven points within 90 days will permanently dismiss you from your job.

Amazon Attendance Late Policy

Young People Workers

Amazon managing staff governs the attendance late policy to knock off the infringement at the workplace. Workers are answerable to the administration for every act of lateness, early departure, and absence from duty without permission.

But, if you satisfy the manager logically for your delinquency, it will put you on the safe side from accumulating unfair points and job dismissal.

How Late Can You Arrive at Amazon Warehouse?

Since Amazon’s attendance rules are stringent, you will only have a margin of five to seven minutes to come up late. Nonetheless, if there is a delay of more than seven minutes than the expected shift, it will count as a policy infraction plus points accumulation.

How Early Can Employees Arrive at Amazon?

As per Amazon’s standards, employees can start their shifts five minutes before the scheduled time. However, clocking in ten to fifteen minutes is outside Amazon’s policy, yes, you might be paid for it, or you will get your feet in hot waters.

So, you must ensure attendance on time without breaching the rules.

What Will Happen if You Miss a Shift or Mandatory Overtime at Amazon?

If you miss the shift without providing reasonable grounds, it will enlist one and a half points in your history. Your UPT balance can be your friend in emergencies to cover your shift, just in case you’ve acquired enough balance in the account.

UPT and PTO credit can fortify your mandatory overtime absence previously authorized for vacation.

How To Call Out for Sick Days at Amazon?

Generally, you can count on PTO or UTP balance to amend your regular shift without any infringement.

Moreover, it would be best to inform your employer two hours before the slated work shift so they can manage the absence without any inconvenience.

How Will You Get Fired at Amazon?

Employees who violate Amazon’s attendance or point system policy will be fired instantly.

In a nutshell, the penalty of three absentees and eight points in an employee’s record during the last two months will get him the trouble of losing his job and causing a growth recession.

What’s the Amazon Grace Period for Clocking-In and Clocking-Out?

Yes, employers offer you ten minute grace period of clocking in and out once your shift starts. They will only flag you for discipline if you come up on time on the shift.

But once you clock in, you have to work; otherwise, they will terminate you immediately.

Conditions for Assigning Points

Earn Points

Here are all the nuts and bolts you need to know before serving Amazon and tuning up your productivity to the maximum level.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is a must when you’re serving the most reputed worldwide company; otherwise, you’ll have to pay the piper. Whereas, often, you have to deal with adverse situations where Amazon comes into the picture with total compensation.

Below are Amazon attendance keys that you must deem:

  1. Being an employee at Amazon, you will only have a five to seven minutes buffer system for arriving late and leaving early.
  2. If you are fifteen minutes late, you will earn one point for that.
  3. Being late from fifteen minutes to two hours for work will gather you two points.
  4. The system will award you three points if you miss a shift or arrive two or more hours later than expected.

Sanction Policy

Amazon team will enforce the following warnings if your points have crossed the defined limits in twelve months.

  1. Verbal Warning: It’s implied when the points reach ten within twelve months.
  2. Written Warning: When you collect fifteen points within twelve months.
  3. Termination: Twenty or more points within twelve months will automatically kick you out as an Amazon worker.

Leave Policy

While working at the Amazon warehouse, you are only allowed approved leaves.

You must also submit the leave form 24 hours before the leave per Amazon’s rules and regulations. Otherwise, you have to take a toll of three points.

Amazon’s UPT Policy

Amazon offers employees unpaid time off of 20 hours every three months without cutting off their paychecks and booming the points into their record.

You can use UPT for vacations, doctor’s visits, parental leave, sick days, and rest and refresh as an employee.

UPT can easily be accessed via the “A to Z Amazon app” with instant and automatic leave approvals. Unfortunately, being an amazon staff, you can only bank a maximum of 80 hours per year.

So what if your UPT score falls into the negative value?

You will be ultimately sacked for accruing a negative UPT score, but if you have enough vacation time in the account, you can use it to cover the UPT score after consulting with your HR officer.

Amazon’s Pto Policy

Amazon also grants you 48 hours/year as paid time off with adjusted compensation. You can use the PTO as personal time off with your family and friends or for other vacations and visits.

It also operates via the “A to Z Amazon app,” You can get approval to leave even five minutes before your scheduled work shift. PTO and UTP are only considered if you’re a blue-badge worker.

Vacation Time Off Policy

Vacation time off (VTO) is permitted the same as PTO with a wages allowance even if you’re on holiday. However, a minor difference in hours and HR consent is imperative on VTO.

For hourly-based workers, VTO is limited to forty hours in the first year, and this time will extend to eighty hours after that. In contrast, monthly workers will only win two weeks to three weeks of vacation in their first year and afterward.

Final Takeaway

Amazon follows strict guidelines to run the system potently. Every employee must know the point system and attendance rules.

You merely have the privilege of five minutes of delay; otherwise, you will be penalized with obnoxious points or even fired from the job. So, always use the PTO, UPT, and VTO balance mindfully.

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