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Quadpay, now known as Zip, is a popular payment platform that allows shoppers to pay for their purchases in four installments over a six-week period. It is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) solution that provides a convenient alternative to traditional credit cards, as it does not require credit checks or charge interest.


Yes, you can pay for Amazon purchases with Quadpay, now known as Zip. You need to download the Zip app, create an account, and link it to your Amazon account. When you’re ready to checkout on Amazon, select ‘Pay with Zip’ to split your purchase into four installments over six weeks.

How Does Quadpay Work?

To use Quadpay, you need to download the app and link your payment source, which can be a U.S. credit or debit card. Once you have set up your account, you can use Quadpay at millions of stores online and in-store, anywhere Visa is accepted. When making a purchase, you must have at least 25% of the purchase amount available on your balance, as this will be the first of the four installments. The remaining three installments will be automatically charged to your linked card every two weeks.

Can Quadpay be used to make purchases on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Quadpay, now known as Zip, to make purchases on Amazon. To do this, you need to download the Zip app, search for Amazon, add your desired items to the cart, and then tap ‘Pay with Zip’ at checkout. Your purchase will be split into four installments over six weeks.

To link Quadpay (now known as Zip) with your Amazon account, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Zip app on your smartphone.
  2. Create a Zip account.
  3. Shop on Amazon.
  4. Use the Zip app at checkout.
  5. Create a Zip virtual card.
  6. Add the Zip virtual card to your Amazon account.
  7. Complete your purchase.

What are the limitations or restrictions when using Quadpay on Amazon?

While you can use Zip on Amazon via the Zip app, it only allows for six-week payment plans. Zip has a maximum spending limit of $350 to $1,000, and you can request an increase of up to $1,500 six months after your first purchase. Keep in mind that Zip can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, but you need to link a card for payment, and every purchase needs to be approved.

What happens if a Quadpay payment fails or is late when used on Amazon?

If a Quadpay (now known as Zip) payment fails or is late when used on Amazon, several consequences may occur. Firstly, if your payment is rejected by your bank, a $5 dishonour fee will be applied to your account. Secondly, late payments can have a negative impact on your credit score. Your missed payments may lead to the lender freezing your account to stop further purchases, and your debt could be turned over to a debt collector.

What are the benefits and potential downsides of using Quadpay to pay on Amazon?

Benefits: 1. Buy now, pay later: Zip allows you to split your purchase into four installments over six weeks, making it easier to manage your budget. 2. No surprises: Payments are automatically made from your linked debit or credit card every two weeks, ensuring a smooth payment process. 3. Friendly reminders: Advance notifications are sent to ensure you never miss a payment. 4. Wide acceptance: Zip can be used at many online and in-store locations that accept Visa, providing flexibility in your shopping experience.

Potential downsides: 1. Limited to US purchases: Zip can only be used for purchases made in the United States. 2. Fees and interest: While Zip claims to offer interest-free payments, there is a $6 installment fee charged at the commencement of the payment plan. 3. Not suitable for all users: Zip may not be the best option for those who struggle with managing debt or have difficulty making timely payments, as missed payments could lead to additional fees and negatively impact your credit score.


While using Zip to pay on Amazon can be a convenient and flexible way to manage your budget and make purchases, it’s essential to be aware of the potential downsides and ensure that you can commit to the payment plan to avoid any negative consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Quadpay if I don’t have a U.S. credit or debit card?

No, Quadpay or Zip currently only supports U.S. credit or debit cards. You need to link a U.S. based payment source to use this service.

Can I use Quadpay for all products available on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Quadpay, now known as Zip, to purchase any product available on Amazon within the spending limit of your Zip account.

How can I increase my spending limit on Quadpay?

You can request an increase in your spending limit up to $1,500 six months after your first purchase. The decision is at the discretion of Zip, and they consider factors such as your repayment history and the number of orders you have made.

What happens if I return an item I bought with Quadpay on Amazon?

If you return an item you bought using Quadpay, the refund will be processed by Amazon and credited back to your Zip account. The refund process follows Amazon’s standard return policy.

Can I use Quadpay on Amazon without the Zip app?

No, you cannot use Quadpay on Amazon without the Zip app. The Zip app is necessary to create a Zip virtual card which you can then add to your Amazon account for payments.

Is Quadpay safe to use?

Yes, Quadpay, now known as Zip, is safe to use. It uses encryption to protect your personal information and follows a strict privacy policy. However, like with any financial service, it’s important to use it responsibly and only spend what you can afford to pay back.

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