How Early Can You Clock In at Amazon?


Amazon is undoubtedly a great working place, but to keep your job secure, you must know its policies and how early you can clock in there.


You should arrive at the Amazon warehouse at most 5 minutes before your scheduled reporting time.

However, the company will pay for the extra time if you clock in earlier than this grace period, but you must have permission.

To clarify the concept, we have detailed how early you can clock in at Amazon. We will also discuss some benefits and drawbacks of arriving early at the company.

How Early Can You Clock In At Amazon?

Clock In At Amazon

Amazon wants its employees to maintain a work-life balance, so the company suggests clocking in at the scheduled time and leaving when the shift ends.

You are allowed to arrive at most 5 minutes before your shifts start because this time is considered a grace period, and the system automatically adjusts it with your daily reporting time.

Amazon keeps warning the employees to clock in and out on time because when an hourly worker arrives earlier than five minutes, the company has to pay him. So, for example, if you clock in 30 minutes before your shift starts, you become eligible to be paid extra.

That’s why clocking in before or after the grace period may cause complications like wage fluctuations and even termination.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of clocking in early at Amazon.


Amazon gives a relaxation of 5 minutes at the time of arrival and the clock out, known as the grace period, in which no rule-breaking points add to the employee’s account.

Benefits of Clocking in Early at Amazon


Here are some of the benefits of clocking in before time at Amazon:


Ask your supervisor or manager before starting work earlier than your scheduled hours; otherwise, you may face strict disciplinary action.

1. Save Time for Other Tasks

If you clock in earlier, you can leave before your shift ends after completing your working hours at Amazon. This way, you can save time for other personal tasks, but instructing again, please ask for permission first.

2. Earn Better

If you clock in early at Amazon, you will earn more because the company is bound to pay according to the hours calculated by the attendance machine or mobile application.

Additionally, punching earlier and staying late also makes you eligible for bonuses. However, you must arrive earlier and leave when the shift ends to earn better.

3. Can Discard the Rule-Breaking Points

Remember, you will not get the rule-breaking point on early clocking in at Amazon. Moreover, if you work overtime and arrive before your shift begins, the system may discard a point from your account (if added).


Depending on the attendance and reporting time, Amazon gives their employees points. Each time you are late or leave early, you earn one point; holding seven points in a consecutive three-month tenure may cause termination.

Drawbacks of Clocking in Early at Amazon


Along with the pros, there are also some drawbacks to clocking in early at Amazon.

1. Fine or Pay Inaccuracies

Amazon continually raises awareness of the necessity for employees to clock in no more than 5 minutes early. If you arrive and punch in early without informing the manager, you may get fined or not paid for that time.

2. You May Need to Overwork

If you clocked in early at Amazon without permission, you might not get paid for the time before your shift starts. Moreover, this time will also not be considered as working hours means you will have to work extra.

3. Work/Life Balance Disturbance

Along with the above drawbacks, you may also become unable to balance work and personal life by clocking in early at Amazon.


This guide discusses how early you can clock in at Amazon and the pros and cons of arriving before the shift starts.

We hope you can now manage your clocking time at amazon more efficiently and understand the nitty-gritty of early arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Clock In at Amazon Before the Grace Period?

Amazon will pay for the extra time worked and your scheduled working hour’s wage. However, you must have permission before clocking in early from higher authorities such as managers or supervisors.

How Late Can I Clock In at Amazon?

Amazon provides a five-minute grace period for arriving early or late to the employees. So you can clock in within this tenure without getting a rule-breaking point.

How Many Points Do I Get for Leaving Early at Amazon?

If your leave more than 5 minutes before the shift’s end, you will get one rule-breaking point.

Can You Clock In at Amazon and Not Work?

You cannot do that; it’s against Amazon’s policies. Furthermore, you must work when you enter the vicinity; there is no way to set back free during working hours.

What Happens if You Clock Out Late at Amazon?

In addition to your regular working hours, you will get paid for each hour you work extra. However, it would be best to inform your manager first that you want to work for some more time.

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