Why Doesn’t Amazon Ship to Puerto Rico?

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With over 300 million active customers, Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform that ships products worldwide. However, customers in Puerto Rico sometimes encounter restrictions when ordering certain items. This article will delve into the reasons why Amazon doesn’t ship some products to Puerto Rico, and provide insights into the logistics, regulations, and other factors influencing the company’s shipping policies.


Amazon does ship to Puerto Rico, but there are restrictions and considerations due to factors such as dimensional shipping limits, large or oddly shaped items, hazardous materials, address type, restricted products, government import/export requirements, manufacturer restrictions, warranty issues, and seller shipping policies. Additionally, logistical challenges like handling times, shipping costs, and impacts of natural disasters can affect the shipping process.

Amazon’s Shipping Policies in Puerto Rico

Yes, Amazon does ship to Puerto Rico. But there are several restrictions and considerations, influenced by factors such as:

  1. Dimensional Shipping Limits: The overall shipping size, including a maximum length or girth of 108 inches and maximum weight of 70 lbs, limits what can be shipped to Puerto Rico. Items exceeding these dimensions may not be eligible for shipping.
  2. Large and/or Oddly Shaped Items: Items that are large or have an unusual shape may not be eligible for shipping. This includes large and bulky items, which cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.
  3. Hazmat Items: Certain hazardous materials, including but not limited to lithium batteries, are restricted from shipping to Puerto Rico.
  4. Address Type: Certain types of addresses may preclude shipping speeds due to carrier capabilities. For example, expedited and priority shipping isn’t available for P.O. Boxes in Puerto Rico. Some addresses may not be eligible to receive shipments at all, and an error message will appear at checkout.
  5. Restricted Products: Some products sold on Amazon.com must comply with all laws and regulations and with Amazon’s policies. If a product is restricted, it may not be shipped to Puerto Rico.
  6. Government Import/Export Requirements, Manufacturer Restrictions, or Warranty Issues: In some cases, Amazon may be restricted from shipping to Puerto Rico due to government import/export requirements, manufacturer restrictions, or warranty issues.
  7. Seller Shipping Policies: Some sellers may not offer international shipping or may not ship restricted items to Puerto Rico.

Logistical Challenges

There are several logistical challenges that may prevent Amazon from shipping to Puerto Rico efficiently.

  • Shipping and Handling Times: Amazon’s handling times for orders placed with a Puerto Rico address are not processed as quickly as orders to U.S. addresses. This results in longer delivery times, with orders sometimes taking more than 14 days to arrive and occasionally up to a month.
  • Shipping Costs and Delays: Amazon has been reducing partnerships with USPS and UPS due to increased costs and over-reliance. This has led to delays in shipments to Puerto Rico.
  • Natural Disasters: Puerto Rico has experienced several major hurricanes in recent years, as well as earthquakes that severely disrupted infrastructure. In the aftermath of these natural disasters, home delivery was not possible for many customers.

Fees and Taxes

Shipping to Puerto Rico from the United States is considered a domestic shipment, so customs duties are not applied. However, there is an 11.5% excise tax (sales tax) applied to products imported into the island, as well as on those produced locally.

Future Improvements

In July 2023, Amazon introduced a permanent pickup location in San Juan, Puerto Rico, allowing customers to pick up their packages at their convenience. This addition provides an alternative to home delivery, especially during natural disasters when home delivery may not be possible.


While Amazon does ship to Puerto Rico, there are several factors that influence its shipping policies. From logistical challenges to governmental regulations, these factors can impact the types of products that can be shipped to the territory. However, Amazon is continually making efforts to improve its services and meet customer needs, which may lead to changes in its shipping policies in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon’s shipping rate to Puerto Rico?

Amazon’s shipping rates to Puerto Rico can vary depending on the weight and size of the product, as well as the shipping speed. For standard shipping, it can range from $4.99 for a small item to $49.99 for a large or heavy item.

Can I use Amazon Prime for free shipping to Puerto Rico?

Yes, Amazon Prime members enjoy free shipping to Puerto Rico on eligible items. However, certain items may not be eligible for free shipping due to size, weight, or other restrictions.

Why are some items restricted from shipping to Puerto Rico?

Some items are restricted from shipping to Puerto Rico due to regulations, manufacturer restrictions, and safety concerns. For example, hazardous materials like lithium batteries, large or bulky items, and certain products that do not comply with laws and regulations cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico.

How can I find out if an item can be shipped to Puerto Rico?

When shopping on Amazon, you can check the item’s product detail page to see if it can be shipped to Puerto Rico. If an item can’t be shipped to Puerto Rico, you will see an error message at checkout.

What is Amazon’s return policy for orders shipped to Puerto Rico?

Amazon’s return policy for orders shipped to Puerto Rico is the same as its standard return policy. Most items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. However, some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. Always check the return policy before making a purchase.

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