Why Is Food So Expensive on Amazon?

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Amazon is the go-to site for people looking to shop for goods with convenience. You can find almost anything with this online shopping platform. Shop from home appliances, decors, clothes, and even food.

While Amazon allows browsing through endless catalogs of products, it is important to gauge if it would be better to shop online or in-store.

For instance, many people have claimed that food on Amazon is more pricy than buying from your local grocery store. But why is food so expensive on Amazon?


Many reasons contribute to more pricy food products on Amazon. Food prices can be higher because of shipping costs, seller markups, and limited product availability.

In this article, we tackle the causes that impact higher food prices on Amazon and why scarcity plays an important role in more expensive goods. Read on!

Causes of Higher Food Prices

While online grocery shopping is convenient, it may be helpful to know how much food generally costs and prevent spending extra from higher food prices.

1. Shipping Fees

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With online grocery shopping, it is important to consider the shipping fees in your budget. Shipping fees differ per location and bulk of items.

With the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home, paying for the extra shipping costs can make Amazon food prices higher than prices from your local grocery store.

2. Dynamic Pricing

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Amazon is a platform for third-party merchants to sell goods. Thus, pricing can differ per seller. Sellers also change their prices from time to time, depending on their own perceptions and algorithms that detect the actual demand by consumers.

Independent sellers control how much they would sell their food products, which could sometimes lead to more expensive food products on Amazon.

3. Shelf Life

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Because shelf life must be considered in some goods, food products can be pricier on Amazon. How these products are stored, shipped, and handled all contribute to extra costs that impact their prices once sold on Amazon.

How Scarcity Impacts Pricing

Not all grocery stores carry the food products you like. Some food products are available only on online shopping platforms like Amazon.

Because of how limited these products are or how rare you could find them in local stores, prices are marked up.

Higher demands from limited supplies result in higher prices for the goods sold.


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Shopping on Amazon is often convenient and easy. However, if you want to reduce expenses, consider if buying from Amazon is cheaper than buying from your local grocery store. It is important to include shipping fees in your budget.

Sometimes, the shelf life of food products contributes to extra costs to transport and store them.

Food can also be more expensive because of limited goods and dynamic pricing defined by independent sellers. Comparing and assessing your options is always a good habit so you can save more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Grocery Stores Owned by Amazon?

Amazon owns “Whole Foods” and “Amazon Fresh”.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Food on Amazon?

Amazon Fresh may be a bit pricier than food in other local grocery stores.

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