How To Know if Amazon Interview Went Well


Interviews are nerve-wracking. The anxiety that comes along with interviews at big companies like Amazon can take away your sleep for quite a few days. Once you know the results, it soothes your restlessness to some extent.

Why are you stuck on this article? Have you appeared for an interview with Amazon recently? Do you wish to know if your Amazon interview went well enough to qualify, or should you keep looking for other options?

Let us see if you can get your answers here.


Were you conversational throughout the interview? Did your discussion go well without any fluff involved?

Was your conversation to the point and brief? If your interviewer felt you have an eye for detail, your Amazon interview went well.

There are several ways to determine if your Amazon interview went well. Some of them are:

  • Longer than expected interview
  • Positive affirmations
  • Getting introduced to new people
  • The interview felt more like a conversation
  • A solution to all your doubts and questions

Many such points prove that your interview was great. Get to learn more and try to land a dream job without failing.

Understanding the hiring process at Amazon makes your life easier. What are the approach, application process, hiring process, or rejection reasons? Once you get to know them, here are the best tips for getting hired.

Did Your Amazon Interview Go Well?

Is there any way to find out if you were able to hit the bull’s-eye in your recent Amazon interview? Your conversation with the interviewer, their body language, and their approach towards you would help you assess if it wasn’t a disaster.

Let us check out some of the ways to understand if you are a step closer to landing the Amazon job:

1. Prolonged Interview, Longer Than Expected

Long Interview

There will be many interviewees in a scheduled interview. Do you think a hiring manager will have ample time to talk to you amidst this lineup?

Of course, not. Employers are busy people, and if your answers do not interest them, they won’t waste much time talking to you.

Despite this fact, if the manager strikes up a long conversation with you, it is a sign that you have managed to impress your interviewer. They may come up with extra time to discuss your experiences and skills.

It very much reflects your employer’s commitment to appointing you.

2. Positive Affirmations

Happy Interviewer

Is your Amazon interviewer enthusiastic about your responses? While replying to the hiring manager, note if your interviewer responds in a negative, neutral, or positive tone.

If there were some positive affirmations like eye contact, a genuine smile, the words “impressive” or “interesting,” or even a nod, you could relax as your interview went well.

3. Interviewer’s Body Language

Satisfied Interviewer

Body language carries weight. Your interviewer may not say a word, but your gut feeling says that interview went smoothly. It is the body language of the interviewer that convinces you to think so.

When the interviewee sits upright with their chin high and maintains eye contact while replying to the interviewer, it signifies confidence. Similarly, the interviewer’s sparkling eyes or smile can give you a positive vibe to understand the results of your interview.

If your interviewer is disinterested in your profile, it will be visible in their body language. Yawn, tired look, aloofness, or early wrap-up are some of the body language that will help you understand that your performance was not up to the mark.

4. Natural Conversation Flow

Interview Felt Like Conversation

Interpersonal skills hold great value, especially during interviews. Employers appreciate if you can naturally converse and engage even in a stressful environment. Interviews make us jittery and nervous.

If your interview didn’t feel like answering boring questions and was more of an interesting conversation, you can be sure that it’s a clean sweep.

If you overcome your anxiety and confidently speak your mind with ease and flair, half of your battle is won. You can be sure that your Amazon interview went well and that there’s no barrier ahead.

5. Introduction to New People

Introducing To New People

Did the Amazon recruiter introduce you to the potential team members or colleagues at the end of your interview? It is a positive sign to understand that your interview clearing chances are on the higher side.

Without any positive intention, there’s no reason for you to get introduced to new people. Isn’t it?

Introducing you to new people before or after the interview shows that your hiring manager would like to discuss your candidacy with someone. Therefore, putting your resume on hold. It shows you still have a high chance.

6. Got Sold on the Job

Discussing The Job Benefits

Did the recruiter lay the benefit packages and company perks in front of you during the interview? This is what selling you on the job stands for.

When the interviewer tries to entice you with company highlights and benefits, it means they would love to hire you. In such situations, the tone of the hiring manager shifts from evaluating your abilities to selling you on the job.

7. Get a Tour of the Office and Discuss Responsibilities

Getting An Office Tour

Did the recruiter take you around the office or the specific department you applied for? Did the interviewer narrow the vast idea of a particular responsibility while interviewing? You can rest assured that your interview hit the ultimate goal.

If the hiring manager has no intention to hire you, they won’t take the pain to show you around or discuss responsibilities. Start prepping up for the final call.

8. Solution to Your Questions

Interviewer Answering Questions

For a change, did the interviewer take time to clear all your doubts about the certain position without getting annoyed or irritated? It seems they are considering your application and willing to hire you.

If the recruiter takes time to address your queries, you can be sure about getting hired.

Application Process

Every Amazon team has its style of working and handling the hiring process. Do you know Amazon received one million job applications during the Career Day 2021 event? Are you aware of the steps involved in the application process at Amazon? Here are some of the points you may want to know:

  • Coordination with HR
  • One or more than one phone interviews
  • Two-page essay writing
  • Six to seven interviews in Amazon offices

Hiring Process

Now that you know the application process, are you looking for answers to how long Amazon takes to hire? The entire process takes three weeks to three months.

The onsite interviews are lesser for lower-level positions, so the hiring process may be faster than the higher-level positions.

Tips To Get Hired at Amazon

The intense competition to get hired at Amazon and the demanding interview process can make it difficult for interviewees to stand out. Every candidate is well-qualified and comes with a great academic track record. How to make a mark and be unique amongst all? Here are some tips to secure your position at Amazon:

  • Show how your experience and skills match the values and culture at Amazon.
  • Highlight your expertise to customize and create a strong resume according to the job requirement.
  • Improve the visibility of your CV during scan search by adding relevant keywords like data-driven, conversion, market strategy, project management skills, innovation, etc.
  • Highlight your abilities in the Amazon interviews and your resume using action verbs like developed, launched, designed, pioneered, built, etc.
  • Data strengthens your chances of getting hired at Amazon, so while answering interview questions, back it up with facts.
  • Preparation is the key to increasing your chances of getting hired. Work with a career coach to understand the nuances of qualifying and clearing the interview successfully.


If you cracked your Amazon interview magnificently, heartiest congratulations! There are high chances of getting through if you follow the tips. Paying attention to your interviewer’s body language will also help you to know if your interview went well.

Despite all the preparations, if you fail to land an Amazon job, do not be disappointed. Your learnings from this article will be helpful in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Percentage of Amazon Applicants Get an Interview?

Amazon conducts a series of onsite interviews to test your core technical skills, popularly known as ‘Loop.’ Preparation is crucial for these onsite interviews, as only 3% of applicants clear the rounds successfully.

What Are the Common Reasons for Being Disqualified From Getting Hired at Amazon?

Impersonal resumes, underqualified or overqualified candidates, poor body language, untidy appearance, lacking communication skills, and criminal convictions like theft, murder, etc., are some of the reasons for not getting hired at Amazon. The company considers the minute details of each applicant before rejecting them.

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