What Does “Shipment en Route” Mean USPS?

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Whether you are sending or expecting a USPS package, you might wonder what “Shipment en Route” means while tracking the consignment.


“Shipment en Route” is a tracking status that indicates your package or letter is in transit or on its way to the recipient.

You may typically see this status when your mail leaves the shippers’ store or transits from a USPS regional facility to a USPS destination facility.

Below, we will discuss what “Shipment en Route” means at USPS and the solution if your parcel’s delivery status is not updating. We will also explore how you can check your mail’s delivery status.

What Does the Phrase “Shipment en Route” Means at USPS?

USPS is a government-operated postal service that provides letter and package delivery services within the United States.

Like other logistic companies, USPS has a well-optimized structure of receiving, labeling, sorting, updating statuses, and delivering parcels to customers on time.

By updating the shipment statuses on the USPS website, the organization keeps the sender and recipient informed of their parcel’s current delivery status.


United States Postal Service (USPS) uses 40+ tracking phrases to update delivery statuses; you must understand them to locate your parcel as a sender or a recipient.

“Shipment en Route” is one of those statuses, meaning your package is in transit between one USPS store and another.

The tracking system shows this status whenever your parcel is not currently at any USPS facility or the shipper’s location, which seems confusing, right?

So, let’s explore the possible situations where you may see “Shipment en Route” on your parcel’s delivery status.


USPS is one of the oldest government-operated institutions in the United States, dating back to 1775, and is also the only postal service the U.S. constitution guarantees.

1. Parcel Departing Shipper’s Location

Parcel Departing Shipper's Location

When you order from an online store that uses USPS as its delivery partner, you will see “Shipment en Route” on your parcel’s delivery status after departing from the shipper.

The delivery status will remain the same until it reaches one of the USPS facilities.

2. Parcel Departing USPS National Facility

Parcel Departing Shipper's Location

If you are sending or expecting something internationally, your parcel will appear at the USPS national facility of a country first and then transfer to the USPS regional facility.

So, in transit from one country to another and from the national facility to the regional facility, the parcel delivery status will remain “Shipment en Route.”

3. Parcel Departing USPS Regional Sorting Facility

Parcel Departing Usps Regional Sorting Facility

USPS regional sorting facility is where mail from a whole state or province is collected and sorted.

After sorting, the packages are transferred to the USPS destination facility, and during the transition period, their delivery status again turns to “Shipment en Route.”


USPS sorts the mail into letters, flats, and packages.

4. Parcel Departing USPS Destination Facility

Parcel Departing Usps Destination Facility

The categorized parcels and letters arrive at the USPS destination facility and are further delivered to the post offices or customer addresses according to instructions.

When a package departs a USPS destination facility for a PO Box, its delivery status changes back to “Shipment en Route.” However, it will be “Out For Delivery” when delivered to the recipient’s door.

What if Your Parcel’s Delivery Status Is Not Updating?

USPS updates the delivery status of parcels immediately on arrival and departure, but if it doesn’t change within every 24 hours, you should call and inquire about your package. If this happens to your shipment, the possibilities are.

  • Your packages may be lost.
  • Customs may stop your parcel.
  • Your mail may have incomplete recipient information.

How To Track a USPS Parcel?

To check the delivery status of your USPS parcel, follow these steps:

  • First, open a browser on your PC or mobile device and go to USPS Tracking Website.
  • Enter your consignment tracking number, which you may receive at booking time via E-mail or SMS.
  • Hit “Track,” and you will get the current delivery status of your mail.


In this article, we’ve discussed what “Shipment en Route” means at USPS and the possibilities in which you may see this shipment status.

We hope you can better understand where your package or letter is on its journey to the final destination. You can also check its estimated delivery date or time by entering the shipment number into the USPS tracking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does USPS Take for a Package From “Shipment en Route” to “Delivered”?

The time USPS takes for a package to go from “Shipment en Route” to “Delivered” is not fixed; it can vary depending on the shipping method, the distance it travels, and other factors.

Can I Change My Package’s Delivery Address at USPS Once It Is “Shipment en Route”?

Yes, you may be able to redirect the package to a new address by contacting USPS directly, but changing the delivery address depends on the shipping phase and the specific circumstances.

Can I Track My USPS Parcel’s Exact Location if It Is “Shipment en Route?”

No, you cannot locate the exact location of your packages if their status is “Shipment en Route” via the USPS parcel tracking; this system only tells about the arrival and departure of parcels from one facility to another.

Will I Receive a Notification When My USPS Mail Is “Shipment en Route”?

Yes, USPS typically sends notifications to the sender and the recipient when a mail changes its status to “Shipment en Route” and other delivery stages.

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