What Does “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” Mean?

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Seeing the phrase “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” while tracking a FedEx package might seem vague and apprehensive and may leave you wondering what this truly means.


“Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” is a delivery exception you may encounter while tracking your package if it has arrived at a local FedEx drop-off facility from the sender after the designated shipping time.

This means that your consignment will not be shipped to the next destination until the next business day, leading to a delay in delivery.

Below, we will discuss in detail what “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” means, what happens after receiving this alert, and how long the parcel can take to arrive at the destination.

What Does “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” Mean?

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FedEx is a global shipping service provider with a well-structured network of facilities from where your parcel passes before getting delivered to its final destination.

The courier company also allows you to track your package as a sender or receiver throughout its journey to the intended address.

During tracking, you may bump into several delivery statuses and exceptions, which keep you updated on your FedEx package’s progress and location.

“Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” is also a delivery status that may pop out while tracking if the sender drops off your expected parcel at a FedEx location or they request a pickup after the cutoff time, typically 8:00 P.M.


The “FedEx Cutoff Time” is a time limit when FedEx stops accepting new packages for shipment on a business day and starts to sort out the already received parcels according to their intended address, type, weight, etc.

In other words, this shipment exception means that the sender has failed to promptly request a pickup or deliver the package to the FedEx drop-off location, resulting in your parcel being stuck there until the next business day.


FedEx has thousands of 24/7 convenient drop-off locations, such as FedEx Offices, Authorized ShipCenters, Drop Boxes, Walgreens, and Dollar General stores, allowing sellers to send packages from a place that suits their ease and comfort.

What Happens After Receiving the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” Alert?

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Once you receive the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” alert, FedEx temporarily holds your package at their local drop-off facility until the next business day.

Within that duration, your package could undergo categorization and be loaded onto a transport vehicle that will carry it to the sorting facility for further processing.

On the next working day, the hold lifts, and your parcel moves to the FedEx sorting facility, changing the delivery status from “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” to “In Transit.”

What’s Next After Receiving the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” Alert?

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Unfortunately, not the sender nor the receiver can do anything to figure out the exception “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff.”

FedEx determines whether it can promptly collect packages and transport them to the nearest sorting facility depending on the distance from the pickup location and the driver’s ability to make it to a sorting facility after picking up the parcels.

If feasible, they collect and deliver the parcels to the sorting facility to avoid preventable delay due to the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” status.

Otherwise, the packages stay at the drop-off location until the next business day.


According to the company rules, your parcel can only begin its journey at the start of the following business day after receiving the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” alert.

However, depending on the distance, there is a possibility that it can be delivered the next working day after the hold lifts, mainly if it is an overnight service.


In this article, we have discussed in detail what “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” means, the consequences of receiving this delivery alert, and how a short distance between the drop-off and the FedEx sorting facility can prevent delays from this exception.

Hopefully, you now understand the meaning of “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” and, as a sender, know how to ensure the timely drop off of the parcel at a FedEx location or promptly request a pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are FedEx Delivery Hours?

Regarding package delivery, FedEx has specific time frames that vary depending on the type of parcel.

For FedEx Ground packages, deliveries are made from Monday to Friday between 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

On the other hand, FedEx Express packages are delivered even on weekends, within the similar 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. timeframe.

What if You Receive the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” Update on a Friday Evening?

If you receive the “Package Received After FedEx Cutoff” update on a Friday evening, your package probably won’t begin its shipment journey until the next business day (Monday).

Does FedEx Take Breaks?

FedEx operates around the clock, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to provide delivery services to its customers.

However, employees may have scheduled breaks during their shifts for rest, but this does not interrupt the company’s delivery schedule.

How Long Will FedEx Hold a Package at a Pickup Location?

FedEx holds a package for up to 7 days for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express service before it’s returned to the shipper.

Why Does FedEx Have a Cutoff Time for Package Pickup and Shipment?

FedEx has cutoff times to ensure packages are processed and transported efficiently, allowing the courier company to plan and optimize its operations and meet customer delivery commitments.

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