Where Is the FedEx Destination Sort Facility?

Fedex Destination Sort Facility

Different facilities of FedEx or other courier services companies have specific tasks and help in sorting and transporting the shipments from the senders to the recipients.

People usually do not know about the different facilities of FedEx and how it works, and the location of these facilities.


FedEx has many destination-sort facilities, specifically near shipping ports and transportation centers, assisting in delivering shipments in the country and across the border.

Some of the vital destination sort facilities of FedEx are:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East and Africa
  • North America

Various destination sort facilities in almost every country of these regions help to deliver the items to the recipients. These facilities take proper steps to ensure the packages reach their destinations.

The different FedEx destination sort facilities assist in sorting and processing the delivery items based on their destination before transporting them to the delivery locations or recipients.

Various steps happen at the FedEx destination sort facility to sort out and transport the items to their final destination. There are additional requirements for international shipments.

Process Taking Place at FedEx Destination Sort Facility

Process Taking Place At Fedex

The delivery items are sorted at a FedEx destination sort facility based on the final destination and time of delivery, and then they transport to the delivery location.

Different processes take place at a FedEx destination sort facility.


The reason for having a FedEx destination sort facility is to ensure the packages are accurately sorted before sending them to their final delivery location.

Some of the processes that take place at the FedEx destination sort facility are:

1. Arrival of Delivery Items

Fedex Delivery Van

FedEx destination sort facilities receive delivery items from different areas, such as local pick-ups, other sort facilities, and more, to deliver them to the final destination. All the packages are sent to this facility to make the delivery.

2. Scanning of the Delivery Items

Scanning Packages

After receiving delivery items from different areas and locations, FedEx scans all the packages using special equipment to sort them according to their final delivery locations and time frame.

3. Sorting of the Delivery Items

Sorting Delivery Items

When the team members at the FedEx destination sort facility scan the packages, they separate them based on the final delivery destination and time of delivery. This helps them to arrange all the packages accurately before sending them out for delivery.

4. Quality Control

Quality Control

The staff members at the facility make sure to label every delivery item accurately and sort so that there is no issue when they are ready to transport them to the final delivery location mentioned on the packages.

If a package is missing the recipient’s address, they will contact the sender to get further information about the recipient before loading them on trucks or airplanes.

5. Tracking of the Delivery Items

Tracking Delivery Items

Tracking the delivery items at every stage helps them to send the packages to the correct delivery location.

6. Loading of the Delivery Items

Loading Of The Delivery Items

After inspecting the delivery items to make sure everything is fine, they load them onto trucks or other vehicles for transportation to the delivery location.

7. Security Checks

Security Checks

The delivery items might go through security checks at some locations. The reason for doing so is to check whether they contain any prohibited items.

8. Delivery of the Package

Fedex Delivery

When security clears the delivery items, FedEx delivers the items to the location mentioned on the parcels. Usually, they have designated pick-up services for making the deliveries.

They drop off the packages at the recipient’s address, and if there is a need for signing, the recipient will sign it and receive the package.

Steps for FedEx International Shipment

Fedex Shipment

International shipments require more processes, and FedEx destination sort facilities have to follow the proper steps so that the packages reach the recipient across the border.

Some of the additional steps for international shipments are:

  1. Before FedEx ships the packages, the items need custom clearance. The custom clearance team at FedEx destination sort facilities work with government agencies to ensure all the delivery items concede with the rules and regulations but do not contain any prohibited items.
  2. For international shipments, there is a need for proper export documentation with the packages. Usually, a special team at the FedEx destination sort facilities helps customers with the documentation process for international delivery.
  3. Sometimes, to concede with customs regulations, there might be a need for additional tracking information to ensure the packages reach the correct delivery location on time.
  4. There are team members at FedEx who are fluent in multi-languages and can help in processing the packages if there is a need for labeling them in a foreign language or reading the label which is in a foreign language,

For heavy domestic and international shipments, FedEx provides freight forwarding services to assist customers in transporting their packages.


The FedEx destination sort facilities are located everywhere in the world, helping in sorting and delivering the delivery items to the customers or recipients. These facilities are necessary for efficient and reliable transportation of the delivery items to the destination.

Usually, these facilities are located near shipping areas or ports and transportation centers that help in the fast and effective delivery of the items.

Many processes happen at the FedEx destination sort facilities; they unload the delivery items from the trucks or other vehicles, scan them and sort them all according to their delivery location or final destination, delivery services, and delivery time before loading them on the trucks for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are the FedEx Destination Sort Facilities in the USA?

There are many FedEx destination sort facilities in the USA. Some of the major ones are

  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Portland, Oreland
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Newark, New Jersey

What Is the Main Difference Between an Origin Sort Facility and a Destination Sort Facility at FedEx?

  • An origin sorting facility at FedEx is a distribution center that sort and processes the delivery items based on their origin before transporting them for delivery.
  • A destination sort facility sort and process the packages based on their destination and then transport them for delivery to the final location.

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