Why Does My Instacart Order Keep Getting Pushed Back?

Why Does My Instacart Order Keep Getting Pushed Back

Imagine how much time you would save if you could see all the goods and general merchandise in your device instead of driving to the supermarket, walking past several aisles of goods, waiting in line at the counter, and driving back to your place.

You would save so many hours if you could have your monthly groceries shopped for you and delivered straight to your home.

Platforms like Instacart give customers this convenience while allowing other shoppers to earn money for doing the grocery shopping for you.

While Instacart has its benefits, there may be times that you wonder why your orders get canceled or pushed back.

So why does your Instacart order keep getting pushed back?


Instacart orders get pushed back when there are no shoppers to grocery shop for you and deliver the goods to your home.

This article talked about Instacart, what it is, and how to use it. Also, we discussed why some orders get pushed back or canceled. Read on.

All About Instacart

Grocery shopping takes much of our day, more than we would expect. Platforms like Instacart brings customers their groceries straight to their home.

1. What Is Instacart?


Instacart is a grocery delivery platform wherein shoppers buy your groceries for you and have them delivered to your address.

This grocery delivery service works with many partner companies and serves 50 states and all provinces in Canada.

Delivery charges begin at $3.99. On top of that, you are charged a service fee based on your total grocery cost and the proximity of your address. Also, Instacart charges a separate fee for alcohol.

Besides the delivery costs, you may have to consider the tips you will give the personal shoppers.

2. How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost

Instacart+, previously called Instacart Express, is a subscription that waives delivery fees of over $35 for an entire year. In addition, members of Instacart+ can save up to $7 per order.

You can create an account through the mobile app or the Instacart website. Create an account using your phone number or email, or link your Google or Facebook account to get started.

To begin ordering, pick a store you want the shopper to purchase goods from. Then, browse through the categories and select items you wish to add to your cart.

You can add these goods to your cart by tapping the plus icon on the upper right corner of the image presented on the page.

Next, pick a schedule that suits your preference. Then, click on the date you wish your items to be delivered and choose the available time slots.

You can add delivery notes and your phone number upon checkout for convenience.

Why Orders Get Pushed Back

Instacart will not take orders if there is no assurance that a shopper can shop and deliver your groceries. Thus, orders get pushed back because no one can shop for your groceries and deliver the items at your preferred date and time.

If your order has not been accepted for quite some time, your order may be canceled.

If the demand for delivery is far too great than the available shoppers, your order may be pushed back.


Instacart orders may be pushed back when there are far too many orders than the available shoppers who can shop and deliver groceries to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Instacart Delayed?

Instacart may be delayed due to a surge of orders.

Why Does Instacart Cancel My Order?

When no shoppers are willing to handle your order or if there are no available shoppers, your order may be canceled.

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