How Often Does UPS Live Map Update?

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UPS is one of the biggest names in the courier business, which stays ahead of the game and provides extraordinary services to its customers. To give customers better access to their parcels, UPS provides a live map that can track the real-time movement of your parcels.

This leads to the question: How accurate is the information, and how often is it updated?


In addition to traditional package tracking, UPS has its real-time tracking system named “Follow My Delivery,” which provides the movement of your parcels on the map.

This map is updated every 2 to 3 minutes to ensure accuracy.

Read on to find out about the experience of sending parcels through UPS, along with additional information about its package tracking.

Package Tracking With UPS

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UPS is a massive courier business, with more than 500,000 employees working all over the world to ensure smooth delivery services. They have always been ahead of the game by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and features involved in the courier field.

If you send a package through UPS, you can do it with peace of mind because UPS has a tracking system that provides information on the whereabouts of your package.

Each package has its unique tracking ID, which is used to locate the package on its tracking system.

As this is the traditional tracking system, it will only give you updates on the time and location where your package was last scanned in written form. No need to worry; UPS offers real-time tracking through live maps; see ahead.

Follow My Delivery

As discussed earlier, UPS tries to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. To stay ahead of the game, it has its real-time tracking system, “Follow My Delivery,” which can provide you with the pinpoint location of your package on a map.

Map Refreshing Frequency

The map will update automatically after 2-3 minutes.

To avail of this service, you must sign up for UPS My Choice. It’s a free service that provides package alerts, online package signing, and tracking.

Once your package is loaded on the delivery truck, this app will send you a notification about it through email. In that email, you’ll find a yellow “Follow My Delivery” button, which will take you to the webpage for tracking your parcel on a live map.

As soon as the truck starts moving, the map will start showing its location and the final destination of the package, which will be updated every 2-3 minutes to ensure accuracy.

No Route Info

If you are looking forward to finding out what route will the delivery truck take, you’re out of luck. To ensure its drivers’ security, UPS does not disclose information on the route of the truck’s movement.

Problems With UPS Live Map

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There is no guarantee that UPS’s live map will always work accurately, as it’s also prone to errors for a few reasons.

As this tracking system relies on technology and the internet, if there are any issues, such as sluggish network reception, you might be unable to get the correct tracking information.

The problem can also be due to the negligence of a driver; if in case he forgets to start the tracking for the delivery vehicle or forgets to scan your package correctly, you won’t be able to follow your package on the map.

If, in any case, the barcode of your package is not readable or it’s not updated correctly in the system, it will also lead to issues with tracking your package.

1. Wrong Route

If you are able to track the package, but it’s taking the wrong route or is going back to the station, there might be a few reasons for this.

The most common reason is some kind of hindrance on the road, such as blockades. If there is a roadblock, the driver is forced to take an alternate route or return to the station.

In case the delivery vehicle starts having trouble, and the driver feels that he won’t be able to make it, he might try to head back or stop the deliveries until the truck is fixed and ready to move again.

If the address is not correctly written and the driver does not understand where it should be delivered, you might be out of luck with receiving the package on that day.

If you’re lucky, the driver will try calling you to confirm the address; if not, the package will return to the warehouse.

Finally, in case of natural causes such as a shift in weather which makes it impossible to deliver the parcel, the driver will have to change his plan and head back.

2. Business Deliveries

Sometimes the customers complain that the driver is just around the corner but is not dropping off their package. This delay is due to the priority of the packages.

Business deliveries are the first priority of UPS drivers, and they have to execute them before 5 p.m. The drivers also have scheduled pickups that they have to complete at certain times during the day.

So due to this priority structure, they might skip residential deliveries for some time and resume when the business deliveries and pickups are taken care of.

Closing Words

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UPS is mindful of its customers and tries to facilitate them in the best way possible. In addition to smooth deliveries, it also has a tracking system where you can know the whereabouts of your package.

To align with the requirements of the modern age, UPS has updated its tracking system and now provides real-time tracking on the live map with its “Follow My Delivery” service.

As a customer, you’ll be able to track your parcel as soon as it’s loaded on the truck and the truck starts its journey. To use this service, it’s essential to sign up for “UPS My Choice” to get a notification about your parcel’s dispatching.

So download the app and track your package with more confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Follow My Delivery Service Available at All Times?

Unfortunately, this service is only available once your package gets loaded on the delivery truck. As soon as it’s loaded, you’ll get a notification on the UPS My Choice app, which will prompt you to follow your package on the map.

Does UPS’s Live Map Show the Route of the Delivery Vehicle?

No, the map does not show the route of the delivery vehicle due to security reasons. UPS is mindful of its employees, and to ensure the well-being and safety of drivers; it does not show the route.

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