What Are Option Days at Ups?

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You’ve been sacrificing your time and effort to work for UPS, and you know you do a pretty decent job. However, with all the hard work and endurance you’ve contributed to UPS, you deserve time off to relax and rejuvenate.

Without a doubt, every employee should take a break once in a while. Luckily, there are paid days off you can take to ensure your income is steady while you’re out on vacation.

You can rest without feeling uneasy about your bills and savings. Finally, you can take advantage of your vacation while being worry-free! But what do option days at UPS mean?


Option days are paid off that UPS employees can use to take vacations. Typically, you are advised to notify your supervisor days beforehand. You can also choose not to take any time off and have your option days paid out instead.

In this article, we discuss what option days are and their difference from option weeks. Moreover, we let you know about option day alternatives so you can plan your vacations. Read on!

About Option Days

Option days are paid days off that employees may use for vacations. However, there are alternatives to options days. To understand more about these benefits, read on!

What They Are

Option Day

Employees can use option days to take a day off. For example, you may use these days for your holidays or vacations. To use option days, you will have to inform your supervisor days in advance.

Do note that a sick day is different from an option day. For sick days, you may be allowed to inform your supervisor up to 1 hour before the shift.

Option Days Versus Option Week

Option Days

An option week is a full week of vacation. You do get paid for forty hours when you use your option week. Like option days, you have to schedule your option week in advance.

However, you can use your option week as option day. For this alternative, you can divide the days for the option week into separate days for your holidays.

Three Option Alternatives

Vacation Days

Option days are paid days off employees can use to have a vacation. In addition, you can opt for an option week, where you use consecutive days in a week to take a vacation.

On the other hand, you can divide your days off from your option week into separate holidays. Lastly, if you opt not to take any option days, you can have it paid out and receive no days off.

Terms for paid days off may differ per contract. For example, if your contract indicates option week hours, your days off will be consumed as an entire week.

It is important to discuss the terms of your option days with your manager to ensure that you can divide an option week into separate days.


Option days may be used as separate holidays by UPS employees. On the other hand, employees may opt to take an option week, which is paid time off for consecutive days in a week.

Lastly, you can choose not to take any time off and have your option days paid out instead.

It is important to discuss the terms of your contract with your manager. You can check your contract for the number of hours you can have for your paid time off.

Your contract may also indicate which alternative is provided for you. Talking to your supervisor may clarify whether you can utilize option day alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UPS Pay for Option Days?

Yes, your option days are paid time off.

How Many Option Days Do You Accrue From UPS?

Employees working for three years may attain one option per week.

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