What Does “Package Available for Clearance” Mean with FedEx?

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While expecting a FedEx parcel from overseas, you might have bumped into the delivery status “Package Available for Clearance” and may be confused about its meaning.


“Package Available for Clearance” is a delivery status update that signifies that your international shipment has cleared the Customs inspection and is now available to FedEx for further delivery toward the intended address.

If you encounter this message, your package will soon be in your hands.

To clarify, we have discussed what exactly “Package Available for Clearance” means at FedEx, how long your package will take to clear Customs, and the processes involved in parcels coming from overseas.

What Does “Package Available for Clearance” Mean at FedEx?

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FedEx is a shipping company that ships numerous cross-border packages daily and is renowned for this quick and efficient international shipping service.

While sending or receiving parcels from overseas through FedEx, there is no way to avoid Customs inspection upon arrival or departure of your package in a country.


Customs is a government organization responsible for regulating the movement of goods and enforcing Customs laws in a country, including assessing and collecting taxes and duties on imported and exported items.

As a sender or receiver, you can track your FedEx parcel via the FedEx tracking system, which keeps you updated with the package’s current status even when it is in the Customs facility for inspection.

The FedEx tracking system provides updates on the progress of your shipment, and one of the statuses displayed is “Package Available for Clearance,” indicating that your package has successfully passed Customs checks.

In other words, this status implies that FedEx has received clearance from customs to pick up and deliver your package to its intended destination, which signifies that this international shipment has been declared safe and cleared for delivery.

Moving further, let’s discuss the procedure FedEx follows to ship your package to another country which ultimately leads to its delivery status changing to “Package Available for Clearance.”

1. Parcel was Scanned at FedEx Hub

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Your package first goes to the FedEx hub from its pick-up location while shipping overseas.

Next, your parcel will be sorted and scanned at the FedEx hub. They will enter this shipment’s essential information into the FedEx international delivery handling systems.

In the next step, your package is transferred to the airport, where onsite Customs inspectors capture them for inspection.


FedEx hubs also have X-ray machines and other scanning equipment to detect and eliminate anything suspicious in packages before they reach the airport.

2. Processing at Origin Country’s Customs

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Once your FedEx parcel reaches the onsite airport Customs facility in the origin country, it gets scanned again with X-ray machines, metal detectors, etc.

Customs officers also regulate the taxes and duties on each item moving in or out of the country.

If your parcel falls into the duty-free category or you already have paid the taxes, customs will let it go once it passes the scanning phase.

On the other hand, if they find anything suspicious or the duties are unpaid, your item may deliver late or not at all.

3. Processing at Destination Country’s Customs

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Upon clearing, the origin country’s Custom FedEx parcel gets loaded into the cargo plane and sent to the destination country.

Soon after arriving at the destination country’s airport, officials resume their duties and conduct another round of package scanning and documentation check.

4. Parcel Delivering to the Final Destination

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Once your FedEx package clears Customs in the destination country, its delivery status updates to “Package Available for Clearance.”

Up next, your parcel is handed over to the FedEx representatives, who take it to the FedEx regional facility, where it continues the journey toward the intended address.

How Long Do Customs Take Clear a FedEx Package?

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The duration of Customs clearance with FedEx can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the origin and destination countries, the nature of the shipment, and the type of Customs clearance process involved.

However, Customs clearance times for FedEx shipments can typically range from as little as two hours to as long as five days.


This article deeply discussed what “Package Available for Clearance” means at FedEx, how Customs scan your parcel on arrival or departure from a country, and how long your package takes to clear this inspection.

We hope you now understand there is nothing to worry about with this notification, as it positively signifies that your parcel has cleared customs inspection and is on its way to the destination address shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My FedEx Package Stuck in Clearance?

Your FedEx package may become stuck for several reasons, such as incomplete or missing documentation and concerns with the package’s content clearance delays due to a high workload.

Do Customs Open FedEx Packages?

Customs officers have the authority to inspect and open FedEx packages if they believe that the contents may violate import/export regulations or threaten public safety or national security.

However, it’s not common for customs officials to open packages without a valid reason. Typically, packages get inspected using metal detectors and X-ray machines.

What Happens if a FedEx Package Does Not Clear Customs?

If your FedEx package is held at Customs, contact FedEx support. They can assist you with the customs clearing process and provide information on the status of your parcel.

Does FedEx Charge for Customs Clearance?

Yes, FedEx charge for custom clearance services considering the type of shipment and the country of import/export.

The fees typically depend on the package value and the category of goods it contains.

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