What Does “Met Customer” Mean UPS?

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When customers send or are to receive a package, the courier companies keep updating them about the status of the parcel or shipment.

Sometimes, the tracking statuses for customers might be a little confusing, as sometimes they use different wordings for the same thing in various locations or regions.


UPS is a company that helps customers to send and receive shipments domestically and globally, and the company keeps updating the customers about the status of the package.

‘Met Customer’ is a tracking status that means that UPS has delivered the package or shipment to the recipient or customer.

When the UPS delivery person delivers the parcel to the customer or any other location, as per the customer’s instruction, that means the package has reached the destination, and UPS updates the tracking status of the parcel as ‘Met Customer.’

It means the same thing as ‘delivered,’ but “met customer” specifies that the package is received by the recipient or customer instead of delivered to a mailbox or an agent.

When UPS receives packages or shipments from customers, UPS assigns a tracking number to each parcel, and customers track their parcels using the tracking number.

Tracking Statuses by UPS

United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the largest and most popular package and logistic companies that operate globally.

When UPS receives packages from customers, it scans them and assigns tracking numbers to each one before sorting and transporting them.

Some of the most common tracking statuses that UPS shares with customers are:

1. Ordered Processed

Ordered Processed

When UPS receives the package from the sender or customers, the team members sort them out for transportation. Then, UPS sends a status to the customer that they have processed the order.

2. In Transit

United Parcel Service

The customers will receive the status of “in transit” when they transport the package in their vehicles toward the destination facility of UPS or the final destination.

Customers might get “in transit” status multiple times, as UPS transports the packages between their facilities, mainly the original UPS facility and destination facility.


When the packages or shipments are in transportation, it is hard to know the exact location, as customers might receive the “in transit” status multiple times.

3. Out for Delivery

United Parcel Services

The customers will receive the tracking status of “Out for delivery” when the delivery person is out to deliver the packages.

4. Delivered or Met Customers

United Parcel Service

When the customers receive the packages from the delivery person, they sometimes need to sign after receiving the parcels, and sometimes they do not need to sign for the delivery.

UPS will update the status of “delivered” or “met customer,” which means that UPS has successfully delivered the package to the recipient or customer.

When the delivery person drops off the parcel to the recipients or customers themselves, they update the status ‘met customer.’ And if someone else receives the package, the tracking status will be ‘delivered.’

But, it is not a common practice and might be applicable in some regions and for some services.


It is necessary to know that UPS uses different wording for the same thing, but it might be because of UPS’s service and the area, or location UPS is delivering the package.

Some Unexpected Tracking Statuses by UPS

Sometimes, UPS cannot deliver the packages timely due to unexpected situations and reasons.

Some of the statuses that UPS shares with the customers when there are issues are:

1. Customers might receive the status ‘Exception.’ It means that UPS is unable to deliver the package due to different reasons like damage, delay, or cannot delivery due to incorrect address or unavailability of the recipient.

2. Held at location status means that the package is at the UPS facility because of customer clearances, due payments, or the customer requests to keep the parcel at the facility.

3. When UPS cannot deliver the package due to the wrong address, unavailability of anyone at the location, or other reasons, they will send it back to the sender.


UPS sends and receives packages and shipments from all over the world. To keep track of each parcel and keep the customers informed about the status of the delivery item, UPS assigns tracking numbers to these packages, and customers can track the delivery items.

UPS also sends specific statuses of the packages to the customers so that customers know where it is and when they can expect to receive the delivery.

When the delivery person delivers the package to the customer, UPS has successfully delivered the parcel to the customer or recipient. Therefore, customers or recipients will receive the status ‘delivered’ or ‘met customer.’

These words mean the same thing, but if the customers receive the packages themselves, the tracking status will be ‘met customer.’ It will be ‘delivered,’ in other cases though UPS might use them for different services and areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does UPS Track the Packages?

UPS uses a tracking system to track every package. When labeling the parcels, UPS assigns tracking numbers and scans to know their statuses.

How Long Does It Take UPS To Deliver Packages in the USA

It depends on the type of service a customer chooses. Usually, it can take 1 to 5 working days for delivery.

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