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How To Maximize Uber Eats Earnings

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Many of us are lured by savory and delicious takeout food. With delivery apps providing customers with the convenience of ordering from their cell phones, food delivery companies are becoming more lucrative.

If you’re working for a food delivery company as an independent contractor, you’d want to increase your sales daily. But how exactly do you maximize your Uber Eats earnings?


Here are tips to increase and maximize your income as a delivery driver:

  • Pick the right orders.
  • Focus on a specific area.
  • Have the right mindset.
  • Watch out for surge periods.
  • Refer a friend.
  • Watch out for events that boost earnings.

Other means of maximizing earnings are listed below:

  • Create a good impression.
  • Try Ridesharing or UberX.
  • Deliver through other companies.
  • Advertise through your vehicle.

In this article, we discuss strategies to increase your Uber Eats Earnings and other means of earning as a driver. Read on!

Strategies To Maximize Earnings

Uber Eats Delivery Rider

We get you! Starting as a delivery driver can be daunting. But here are some tips to take control of your business and maximize your earnings.

You’ll feel fulfilled and proud of yourself for the dedication and effort you put into your work! Read on!

1. Turn Down Some Orders

Driver Waiting For Orders

To increase your sales, you must know what orders are worth your time and effort. If expenses to achieve a completed transaction are too high, chances are it may be less efficient for you.

You have to consider the gas prices to get there and the time you will spend traveling instead of completing more orders in that period.

2. Focus on a Specific Area

Uber Eats Motorcycle Parked In Front Of A Restaurant

Increasing your transactions with each period of time is efficient. Thus, focusing on a specific location with high orders is a smart strategy.

You can pick a restaurant you know has many orders and stay within the area. You’ll see that you will increase your profits when you save on travel time and focus on delivering more orders within a timeframe.

3. Have a Firm Mindset

Persistent Delivery Rider

When you control your business, it is easy to lose track of your goal. You could sleep in or adjust your shift to prevent the hassle.

While these are the pros of being an independent contractor, it is important to utilize these advantages carefully. Otherwise, missing important surge periods may lower your income.

Treat this job as a full-time shift (like your average nine-to-five) so you don’t miss opportunities for sustainable and increased revenue.

4. Build Shifts on Surge Periods

Eating Food Ordered Online

Planning will help you grow your business as an independent contractor.

Uber provides higher rates during these periods to ensure that there are drivers on the road. This way, many orders are satisfied, and demands are met.

Working during these periods, primarily during lunchtime or dinnertime, increases rates up to 2 to 3 times.

Plan your shift according to the surge periods, so you can maximize earnings and have your boundaries for work and rest.

5. Create Referral Codes

The Uber Apps

If you know someone who wants to try Uber Eats, you can create a referral code as an existing driver through the app.

If you send the link and they sign up through it, you can get incentives once your friends have completed a certain number of orders.

6. Watch Out for Boosted Earnings

Events Reminder Or Planner

If there’s an event in town, Uber Eats informs you ahead of time and increases rates to ensure that drivers are on the road to cater to an influx of orders.

Look forward to these opportunities and free up your schedule for such events. You can maximize your earnings not just with higher rates but with more transactions to encounter.

Other Ways of Boosting Income

Delivery Rider Counting Income

Besides maximizing revenue through an increased number of transactions and more efficient use of your time, there are other ways to boost your income as a delivery driver. Read on!

1. Leaving a Good Impression

Man Giving A Five-Star Rating

While Uber Eats takes 25 percent off your income, your tips are left to you.

Going the extra mile with a greeting or providing customers with extra utensils leaves a positive mark on them. Your customers may appreciate a gesture and leave you with a tip.

If you don’t get some of that pocket money from tips, customers can leave positive reviews on the app, leaving a good impression on future and potential customers.

2. Try Ridesharing

Driver Using Ridesharing App

If your vehicle fits the standards, you can try being an UberX driver.

Ridesharing has different peak times compared to Uber Eats. Thus, you can maximize your earnings at various times of the day with an influx of customers.

You can call the company or visit headquarters to learn how to start.

3. Explore Other Delivery Companies

Delivering Fresh Goods At A Household

As an independent contractor, you are not tied to one company.

By going for other meal delivery businesses, you can increase the number of customers you encounter. Thus, you have higher chances of completing more transactions and maximizing your income.

4. Use Your Vehicle for Advertising

Advertisement On A Vehicle

Some companies pay to advertise businesses on vehicles. You can get paid per mile by just driving around with their advertisement on your car. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!


There are multiple ways to maximize your earnings through Uber Eats, but it takes sacrifice and hard work.

To increase earnings, build your shift on surge periods and boost earnings from local events. You should also choose the right orders to earn efficiently during a specific period and reduce costs and other travel-related expenses.

Having the right mindset, dedication, and an excellent strategy makes your time and effort worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make $1000 Through Uber Eats?

Many Uber Eats drivers who work full-time have made a thousand dollars through Uber Eats.

What Time Should I Do Uber Eats?

Lunchtime and dinnertime are surge periods that increase your rates and maximize earnings.

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