What To Wear For DoorDash?

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With the rise of technology, businesses are evolving more than ever, providing innovative means to connect people anywhere in the world. Companies like DoorDash are integrating creative ways to bring convenience and comfort to merchants and consumers.

Dashers, or the DoorDash delivery drivers, not only get to earn money through the platform, but they get to choose when to work and what orders to deliver.

Starting your first day as a dasher raises an important question: What exactly do you wear?


The simple answer: There is no dress code.

Besides deciding when to work and what orders to accept, you can choose what to wear as an independent contractor. But always dress decently to be comfortable and hassle-free.

Of course, dressing appropriately is an etiquette that comes with the job. So, to help you out with your first delivery, we’ve listed outfit tips for a smooth delivery experience.

We’ll tackle recommended and appropriate clothing for dashers, DoorDash-branded clothes, and required Dasher Gear. Read on!

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Despite having no dress code, it is important to dress decently to be comfortable and hassle-free while delivering.

Clothing Type

Decent shirts, bottoms, and footwear do the trick, but it is essential to note that your clothing gear may depend on the vehicle you are using. You may opt for performance clothes if you’re riding a bike for maximum mobility and comfort.

Footwear and Accessories

For safety purposes, using a mask while interacting with people is recommended.

Because you will be walking and driving from one place to another, avoid wearing slippers or uncomfortable footwear.

WARNING! Do not wear anything with negative or contentious messages.

Since you are not required to wear a uniform, any print on your clothing must be decent.

Controversial or malicious messages may risk your activation and leave a negative impression on customers.

DoorDash Branded Clothes

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You are not required to wear DoorDash-branded apparel. However, if you like their merchandise, you may purchase clothing on the DoorDash Store’s website.

Choose from shirts, performance clothing, pullover hoodies, hats, and other accessories. Again, it is not necessary to purchase these, but it creates a positive mark on the people you are interacting with for work.

Required Gears for Dashers

A delivery bag is required to store food deliveries. This bag does not need to have a brand. However, the DoorDash app provides dashers with an insulated bag upon finishing the registration and completing your first order.

In addition, you get a Red Card, which allows you to pay for orders not paid directly to the restaurant.


Everyone has their preferences for dressing and individual perceptions of appropriate clothing. While there is no dress code for dashers, being presentable, well-groomed, and clean while wearing a decent outfit is essential.

Choosing to dress wisely is crucial for more positive impressions, reviews, and a sounder understanding of responsibility and courtesy to the people you interact with daily.

Dressing for the job requires consideration of mobility and comfort, so choose clothes best for being on the road. Don’t forget to bring your dasher gear, and you’re ready to deliver like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Do Dashers Get Paid From DoorDash?

Dashers get paid weekly, including earnings from their Monday to Sunday deliveries. Dashers get paid through direct deposit.

Does DoorDash Pay For Gas?

Since dashers are individual contractors, they are responsible for travel and gas expenses.

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