How To Ship Tires via USPS

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Shipping tires may seem like a daunting task due to their size and weight. However, if you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can ship tires via USPS with ease. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of shipping tires via USPS, providing helpful tips and information to ensure your tires reach their destination safely.


To ship tires via USPS, first deflate and clean the tires, then wrap each tire individually in protective material. Ensure the length plus girth of the package is within USPS limits. Choose a USPS service that fits your needs, such as Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. Label your package, pay for postage, and consider purchasing additional shipping insurance. Be sure to avoid common mistakes like not comparing shipping rates and not considering consolidation.

Understanding USPS Shipping Guidelines for Tires

Before you can ship tires via USPS, it’s important to understand the USPS shipping guidelines. The length plus the girth of the tire should be 108 inches or less for it to be mailable to any domestic destination. If the length plus the girth is greater than 108 inches but not more than 130 inches, the item is mailable at the oversized Parcel Post price. Balloon pricing applies when the length plus girth is over 84 inches (but not more than 108 inches) and the item weighs less than 20 pounds.

Packaging Tires for Shipment

Proper packaging is crucial to ensure that your tires arrive at their destination without any damage. Here’s how you can prepare your tires for shipping:

  1. Deflate the Tires: Let some air out of the tires to reduce their size and make them easier to handle during shipping.
  2. Clean the Tires: Remove any dirt, debris, or grease from the tires to prevent damage to the packaging materials.
  3. Wrap the Tires: Individually wrap each tire in a protective material, such as bubble wrap or plastic bags, to prevent scratches and damage during transit.

Choosing the Right USPS Service

After packaging the tires, you need to choose the right USPS service for your needs. USPS offers several shipping services, including Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Priority Mail delivers in 1-3 business days, while Priority Mail Express offers overnight delivery to most U.S. addresses. Compare the rates and delivery times of these services to find the best fit for your needs.

Labeling and Paying for Postage

Once you’ve chosen your USPS service, you need to label your package and pay for postage. You can do this at a local USPS office or online through the USPS website. Make sure to write the recipient’s address and your return address clearly on the package.

Ensuring Safe Delivery

To ensure that your tires reach their destination safely, consider purchasing additional shipping insurance from USPS. This can cover the cost of your tires in case they get lost or damaged during transit. Also, keep a record of the tires’ condition before shipping and inspect them upon delivery.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When shipping tires via USPS, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Not Comparing Shipping Rates: Shipping costs can vary significantly between carriers, so it’s essential to compare rates between USPS, FedEx, and UPS to find the most cost-effective option.
  2. Not Considering Consolidation: If you’re shipping multiple items, consider consolidating them into one package to save on shipping costs.
  3. Failing to Negotiate with Carriers: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with carriers for better rates, especially if you have a good relationship with a carrier and are shipping a large volume of items.

In conclusion, shipping tires via USPS can be a straightforward process once you understand the guidelines and steps involved. By following these tips, you can ensure that your tires are shipped safely and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship used tires via USPS?

Yes, you can ship used tires via USPS. However, make sure they are cleaned thoroughly before packaging to prevent any dirt or debris from damaging the packaging materials.

How much does it cost to ship tires via USPS?

The cost of shipping tires via USPS varies based on factors such as the size and weight of the tires, the destination, and the shipping service you choose. You can calculate the estimated shipping cost using the USPS Postage Price Calculator on their website.

Can I track my tire shipment with USPS?

Yes, USPS provides tracking services for its shipments. Once you’ve paid for postage, you will receive a receipt with a tracking number. You can use this number to track your shipment on the USPS website.

What if my tires exceed the maximum size limit set by USPS?

If your tires exceed the maximum size limit set by USPS (length plus girth greater than 130 inches), you may need to consider other shipping options such as freight services.

What should I do if my tires get lost or damaged during shipping?

If your tires get lost or damaged during shipping, you can file a claim with USPS. This is where purchasing additional shipping insurance can be beneficial, as it can cover the cost of your tires in such situations. However, you will need to provide proof of the tires’ condition before shipping and the damage incurred.

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