What Does USPS Do With FedEx Packages?

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You might have mistakenly put your FedEx package in USPS mailboxes and may be wondering about the consequences of whether your parcel will be delivered or get lost.


USPS has no formal agreement with FedEx regarding handling their mistakenly sent packages; in the worst-case scenario, your shipped item may get misplaced or stolen. However, USPS and FedEx have collaboration programs in which they exchange parcels for delivery to their final destinations.

To elaborate further, we have discussed what USPS does with FedEx packages in detail and explored the collaboration programs through which both logistic companies exchange parcels.

What Does USPS Do With FedEx Packages?

USPS and FedEx are well-known logistics service providers that deliver parcels worldwide. However, one notable difference is that USPS is the oldest government-handled company in the U.S., whereas FedEx is a private delivery service provider.


USPS and FedEx both were founded in 1971 in the United States.

There can be two possibilities for reaching your FedEx package to the USPS. One is by mistakenly putting it into the USPS mailbox, and the second is if you use FedEx SmartPost. In both situations, the results will be different.

Let’s discuss what USPS does with your FedEx parcel in both scenarios, whether it was sent by SmartPost or erroneously dropped into the USPS mailbox.

1. If You Accidentally Put Your FedEx Package in a USPS Mailbox

Fedex Package And Letter Deposit Station Next To A Blue Usps Deposit Box

In post offices, mailboxes are often located side by side and sometimes not labeled, so there are always chances that you put your parcel in the wrong mailbox.

If you drop your FedEx package in the USPS mailbox, it will become the possession of USPS legally, no matter what packaging, labeling, and carrier service you have paid to ship the item.

In addition, you will also not be able to track your parcel as it doesn’t get scanned by the FedEx system.

Multiple things can happen when you mistakenly put your FedEx package in the USPS mailbox, such as:

  • USPS can call FedEx to collect and deliver your wrong-sent parcel.
  • Your FedEx package can be mislaid in the USPS facility, resulting in delays.
  • USPS can deliver your FedEx parcel if they find the destination accessible, but you have to pay the “Postage Due” charged by the USPS to FedEx.
  • In the worst-case scenario, your FedEx parcel may get stolen or lost, and you cannot claim it because it’s your mistake to put it in the USPS mailbox.

If you accidentally drop your FedEx package in the USPS mailbox. In that case, you should immediately request the post office representative to open the box to withdraw the parcel and put it in the correct mailbox.

2. If You Use FedEx SmartPost for Shipping Your Parcel

Fedex And Usps Delivery Van

The second situation in which your FedEx parcel can reach the USPS facility is if you sent it via FedEx SmartPost.

Although competition and collaboration seem contradictory, shipping companies often work together to provide you with more comprehensive and cost-effective delivery services.

Similarly, USPS and FedEx also collaborate to deliver your parcels to the final destination. But, they only allow cross-platform package collection and delivery via FedEx SmartPost and USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) programs.

If you have not used the FedEx SmartPost program to send your parcel, which erroneously reaches the USPS, they will treat it as any other mistakenly sent package.

Hence, to ensure your FedEx package reaches the correct person on time, you should send it using their SmartPost program or double-check the mailbox label when dropping it off.

Let’s overview the FedEx SmartPost and USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) to help you understand how cross-platform parcel shipment works.

FedEx SmartPost

FedEx SmartPost is a unique shipping program by FedEx that allows you to send lightweight, non-urgent packages to any location in the United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

The service offers an affordable option for those who want faster delivery than regular mail but do not want to pay FedEx Ground shipping rates.

A package via FedEx SmartPost goes through a network of warehouses and fulfillment centers to reach the closest FedEx hub.

In the next step, USPS takes over responsibility, picks up your FedEx package from their hub, and delivers it directly to the final destination.

Sending parcels through FedEx SmartPost will take 2-7 days to deliver as they go through the FedEx warehouses as well as the USPS facilities.


FedEx collaborates with USPS because USPS is the oldest and largest parcel delivery company in the U.S. that has a massive reach and can deliver to almost every location.

USPS Global Express Guaranteed (Gxg)

FedEx leverages the extensive coverage area of the USPS; similarly, the USPS takes advantage of FedEx’s fast and exclusive international shipping services.

USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) is a service you can use to send your parcels overseas. You have to drop your packages at the USPS mailboxes and let them do the rest.

USPS collects your consignments from the mailboxes, processes them, and then forwards them to a FedEx location for international shipping.

Afterward, FedEx takes care of customs clearance and ensures your packages reach their final destination in the foreign country on time.


Your parcels through USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service will deliver to the overseas destination in 1-3 days.


Woman Hand Accepting A Delivery Of Boxes From Deliveryman

In this guide, we discussed what USPS does with FedEx packages and explored the possible situations your FedEx parcel can reach USPS facilities.

We hope you understand that FedEx and USPS often collaborate to use each other’s expertise and facilities and to provide you with affordable and fast delivery solutions. So, you should not worry if your order was delivered by USPS when you booked it via FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FedEx More Reliable Than the US Postal Service?

Certainly not; FedEx and USPS are equally reliable regarding your product security. However, if you want speedy delivery, FedEx is preferable over USPS.

Which Is Less Expensive, FedEx or USPS?

If you want to deliver a parcel locally in the U.S., USPS will cost you relatively less. However, in case you wish to ship overseas, FedEx is an affordable option because they have extensive international shipping services.

Did FedEx Always Use USPS for Delivery?

FedEx does not always use USPS for delivery; they only deliver packages through USPS in the final stage if the destination is not in range or accessible to FedEx.

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