What Does “Processed Through USPS Facility” Mean?

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If you’ve ever tracked a USPS package via their tracking system, you may have seen the delivery status update “Processed Through USPS Facility” and wondered what it means.


When your package’s tracking information shows “Processed Through USPS Facility,” it indicates that your parcel has reached the company’s sorting facility and is undergoing categorization procedures.

During this phase, USPS employees typically scan your shipment’s barcode to record its arrival at the facility and update its progress on the tracking system.

For your better understanding, we will explore in depth what “Processed Through USPS Facility” means and what happens with your parcel after receiving this delivery update.

What Does “Processed Through USPS Facility” Mean?

Usps Package

United States Postal Service (USPS) is renowned for its swift and safe parcel delivery service in every state of the U.S.

The company also updates the recipient and sender on their parcel progress, passing through different USPS facilities by promptly sending them tracking notifications via email and mobile app.


Whenever you send a parcel via USPS, it goes through several locations, such as USPS collection centers, sporting facilities, and distribution hubs, before reaching the final destination.

While progressing through different locations, when your parcel reaches the USPS sorting facility and gets scanned, its delivery status converts to “Processed Through USPS Facility.”

This means that your package has arrived and is currently undergoing the sorting process.


USPS sorting facilities are typically large warehouses where packages and mail are categorized, processed, and prepared for transportation to their next destination.

Now let’s discuss how your parcel is processed through a USPS sorting facility.

1. Parcel Getting Scanned

Parcel Sorting

Upon reaching the USPS sorting facility from the collection center, the employees there unload your package from the cargo van, scan it, and take the parcel inside the location for further processing.


There are more than 22 USPS sorting facilities in the United States.

2. Parcel Sorting Out

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In the next phase, USPS sorting facility employees arrange the packages into different categories, depending upon the destination address, zip code, weight, and type of shipping service used, e.g., “Domestic Mail,” “Priority Express Mail,” and First Class Mail.”

This process can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the number of pending packages waiting for scanning.

Once your parcel is sorted, you can notice its delivery status converting to “Processed Through USPS Facility” while tracking at the bottom of the tracking page.

What Happens Next to “Processed Through USPS Facility”?

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After the USPS facility sorts out your package, it moves to the next stage of its journey, which usually involves transferring to the distribution hub.

The mode of transportation used for your package depends on its distance from the destination hub location.

For instance, if your package is being shipped overseas, it may be sent by plane or train and can take days. On the other hand, if it is a local delivery, USPS may use a cargo truck and require less time to deliver it than the international one.


You can track the shipment’s progress through the USPS tracking tool or mobile app as soon as it leaves the sorting facility and is in transit.

What if My Package Is Delayed at USPS Sorting Facility?

Usps Packages

While USPS aims to provide reliable and timely delivery services, packages can sometimes get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

If your parcel is delayed at a USPS sorting facility, it means that USPS is currently sorting your package and has not yet dispatched it to the distribution hub.

The delay’s reason could vary based on factors such as a large volume of packages, disruptions in transportation, errors in processing, or even potential shipment loss.

If this happens, it is advisable to seek assistance from USPS customer service. They may be able to provide additional information about your package’s status and help resolve any issues that may be causing a delay.

In specific situations, such as package misplacement, you may be eligible to file a claim with USPS to get reimbursed for the postage and the value of the shipment’s contents.


In this brief article, we’ve discussed what “Processed Through USPS Facility” means, the processes your parcel may experience in a sorting hub, and what causes it to get stuck there.

We believe that you now better understand every aspect of the tracking status update “Processed Through USPS Facility” and know that your parcel gets sorted out based on various factors during this phase of its journey through the USPS delivery system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pick Up My Package at a USPS Sorting Facility After Being Processed?

USPS sorting facilities are not open to the public and do not allow package pick-up services.

Is “Processed Through USPS Facility” the Same As “Arrived at USPS Facility”?

No, “Arrived at USPS Facility” means that the package has physically arrived at the USPS facility, whereas “Processed Through USPS Facility” indicates that it has undergone handling procedures and is ready for transportation to its next destination.

Can I Request a Package Hold at a USPS Sorting Facility?

No, USPS sorting facilities do not allow for package holds, while the distribution hubs do.

Can I change my package’s delivery address after “Processed Through USPS Facility”?

Yes, it is possible to change the delivery address of your package after it has been “Processed Through USPS Facility” by contacting the company. Still, it depends on the shipping services used while booking.

What if My Package Reaches USPS Sorting Facility Late?

If your parcel reaches the USPS sorting facility after 8:00 P.M., the employees won’t process it until the next business day.

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