What To Do With Old McDonald’s Toys

Happy Meal

Happy meals are a bundle of joy for little kids. Aside from eating delicious meals, their anticipation increases as they open the package of new McDonald’s toys.

Regardless of the toy, just the concept of the Happy Meal makes them giddy inside.

If you consistently order happy meals for your children, some of these toys can get stocked up, unopened, or unused.

So what can you do with old McDonald’s toys?


Excess toys may seem like a waste, but with some creativity, you can use them as fun Christmas tokens and prizes for children or donate them to charity.

This way, they don’t end up being unused or thrown away.

In this article, we discuss ways to reuse extra McDonald’s toys and what local McDonald’s staff do with excess or stocked up toys. Read on!

What You Can Do With Extra Toys

Happy Meal: Minion Toys

Have way too many McDonald’s Happy Meal toys stored in your house and left unused? Prevent excess toys from becoming a waste through these ideas.

1. Gift Them for Christmas

Christmas Gifts

If you have McDonald’s toys more than needed, you can store the extra Happy Meal toys for additional Christmas gifts. These fun tokens can be added to new presents, creating more joy for children.

You can spice up your existing gifts with fun knick-knacks for a surprise.

On the other hand, you can always use these tiny toys for gifts on Christmas stockings! These presents are a great way to use your old Happy Meal toys instead of throwing them away.

2. Use Them As Prizes for Children

Toys As Prizes

If you’re looking for a way to create positive reinforcement for children, these stock toys can be used as a prize for a good job, a completed task, or an accomplished chore.

You create an environment for children to take responsibility through gift rewards without purchasing new tokens.

You also prevent these toys from being disposed by using them as new gifts.

3. Donate Them to a Daycare or a Charity

Toy Donations

Spread kindness and love by donating Happy Meal toys to a daycare or children who do not have toys.

Instead of throwing these excess toys away, you can share the blessings with other children.

You spread happiness and make a kid’s day special with this small yet impactful effort.

What McDonald’s Does With Extra Toys

Extra Happy Meal Toys

If you’re wondering what happens to extra Happy Meal toys, some local staff say they can take them home or keep them in stock in case the trendy toys run out.

A manager can also file a reimbursement form if they overstock.


Extra McDonald’s toys can be used as presents, rewards, and donations for other children.

According to a local McDonald’s staff, these excess toys can be given when current toys run out, are reimbursed, or are taken home by the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do People Collect Old McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys?

Some consumers collect limited-edition McDonald’s toys or search for old toys because of the nostalgia they bring.

Can You Donate Unopened Happy Meal Toys?

If the old McDonald’s toys are durable, well-maintained, and in good condition, you can donate them to daycares, organizations for children, and charities.

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