What Is Starbucks Whipped Cream Made Of?

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Starbucks serves some of the most amazing and exotic coffees in its coffee shops. And to create its specialized and delicious-tasting beverages, Starbucks uses the best coffee beans sourced from coffee plantations worldwide.

However, the huge dollop of whip cream with which Starbucks tops some of its coffees and teas adds an extra element of deliciousness to its coffee. The unique texture of its whip cream blends perfectly with the beverages and gives it such a unique taste that customers visiting Starbucks usually have one big question on their minds.

What Is Starbucks whipped cream made of?


Customers visiting Starbucks are usually awed by the exotic and specialized coffees that Starbucks serves. Each coffee recipe is a unique creation by its baristas, who use the best coffee beans, flavors, and techniques to create a beverage designed to delight your senses.

The whipping cream that Starbucks makes fresh every day at its coffee shops adds an extra element of surprise and taste to its beverages. It is a soft and creamy preparation with a distinctive flavor and texture.

The whipping cream is made using dairy cream and vanilla-flavored syrup. Both are blended in a whipped cream dispenser usually used by professional bakeries and restaurants in their kitchens.

The whipping cream prepared by Starbucks is used in quite a few of their top-selling beverages, such as:

  • Frappuccinos
  • Mochas
  • Hot Chocolates

and even in their fruit salads.

The Starbucks whipping cream gives an additional delicious flavor to the beverages served by Starbucks and makes them almost heavenly in taste. In this article, we look at what the Starbucks whipping cream is made of and how it gets its distinctively foamy texture.

Starbucks Beverages

Starbucks, which was started in 1971 to serve the best coffee to customers, is today one of the largest coffee chains in the world. Its delicious coffee-based recipes have resulted in quite a fan following. What makes their coffee, so special and delicious is Starbucks’s coffee beans, along with other high-quality ingredients.

Among all the ingredients that Starbucks uses in its coffees, the one that stands out from all the rest is its whipping cream, which has a creamy, foamy texture that not only enhances the taste of the coffee but also gives it a very beautiful look.

Whipping Cream Preparation

Hot Chocolate With Whipping Cream In White Cup On Wood Table.

To ensure the freshness and high quality of its whipping cream, Starbucks makes the cream in-house in all its coffee shops.

While the recipe and ingredients for the whipping cream may seem pretty straightforward, there is a specific recipe that Starbucks follows to ensure the consistency and taste of its whipping cream across all the coffee shops in America and worldwide of Starbucks.

To begin with, it uses high-quality whipping cream dispensers that professional chefs use. Starbucks then adds high-fat dairy milk and a bit of vanilla syrup, giving the whipped cream a bit of sweetness and flavor. Once both these ingredients have been added to the dispenser, N2O gas is forced into the whipped cream dispensers under high pressure to create a smooth, creamy whipping cream with a foamy texture.

The cream is then added to the beverages you choose based on your preferences.

Best Whipped Cream Beverages

Starbuck Coffee Frappuccino On Table, Famous Coffee Brand Franchise Originated In Usa

If you love Starbucks whipped cream, try these exclusive recipes with whipped cream served at all Starbucks coffee shops.

  1. Mocha Frappuccino
  2. Cafe Mocha
  3. Triple Mocha Frappuccino
  4. Cinnamon Dolce Latte
  5. Java Chip Frappuccino
  6. White Chocolate Mocha
  7. Caramel Frappuccino

The items on this list are one of the many ways to enjoy Starbucks’ whipped cream. You can ask Starbucks to add whipped cream to your drinks and create a customized beverage with your favorite coffee blend, milk, sugar, and whipped cream you love.


The whipping cream prepared by Starbucks gives its coffees a unique flavor that is highly appreciated by quite a few regulars to Starbucks. The high-quality ingredients and technique that Starbucks uses to create its whipping cream are what gives it a creamy, smooth, foamy texture.

Try making it at home or ask Starbucks for extra whipping cream on your next visit to enjoy it with your favorite beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Starbucks Whipped Cream at Home?

Yes. You can make the whipped cream at home, provided you have a professional quality whipping cream dispenser and use the same ingredients as Starbucks.

Is the Whipped Cream Sweet?

Yes, the Whipped cream available at Starbucks is sweet as it has vanilla syrup.

Does Starbucks Have Flavored Whipped Cream?

Yes. Starbucks also offers whipped cream in different flavors.

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