How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Per Hour in Texas?

Mcdonald's Restaurant In Houston, Texas

McDonald’s Texas has a world-class reputation and impact on people looking to make a mark in the food business. Are you a student trying to support your education by working part-time?

Try to look for McDonald’s jobs in Texas. McDonald’s has 1224 restaurants in Texas in the franchise and operations, the second highest number in the US after California.

You can get hired at the age of 16. As a crew member, draw a salary of $9.84 per hour or $20,475 per year. It will boost your confidence and support your education.

The salary structure differs from one role to the other. Do you want to know the per-hour payout of McDonald’s employees in Texas? Keep reading!


The minimum pay per hour in McDonald’s Texas restaurants is $9.84, though the payouts differ according to the roles. What are the different positions available at McDonald’s?

  • Crew Member
  • Shift Manager
  • HVAC Technician
  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Grill Cook
  • Cook
  • Team Trainer

The per-hour salary of all these roles is different. What are the advantages of joining McDonald’s? Why should you consider it? Let us learn about many such things in detail.

Texas is all about big things. So, it features the world’s largest happy meal as well. So, maintaining the larger-than-life happy meal joints need big employment in Texas.

The pay per hour may be $9.84, but the benefits and perks are pretty attractive. Would you like to know more about the pay packages? Then, join me in this read.

What Are McDonald’s Payouts in Texas?

Mcdonald's Employee At A Cash Counter

Do you know one fun fact about McDonald’s? The number of McDonald’s is more than hospitals in the US. So, the workforce required is more.

What about the hourly pay of the employees working in McDonald’s Texas outlets? It differs from one role to the other.

1. Crew Members

The restaurant crew members work in a close-knit team. Their work involves cooking and cleaning the restaurant. They are also responsible for taking food orders and offering world-class service to bring smiles to customers’ faces.

The crew member’s hourly pay varies from $7.25 to $12.26. The cook receives $12.44, and the grill cook draws a salary of $11.98 per hour respectively.

The healthy work environment and flexible working schedule make McDonald’s one of the best for employees in Texas.

If you stick to the McDonald’s family, you receive competitive benefits and training in leadership and customer service. They also offer tuition assistance and other employee rewards.

2. Managerial Team

The managerial team works in tandem with the restaurant crew. They supervise and ensure the restaurant crew’s performance is up to the mark. From food quality to overall service and cleanliness, supervision is done by the managerial team.

The team leaders also work diligently to persuade the crew to meet the goals and motivate the members to work late during peak hours or work in shifts. The managers check in with the customers to ensure their satisfaction at McDonald’s.

The pay per hour for the managers in McDonald’s Texas varies between $14 to $18. The shift manager receives $14.02 per hour, the manager $14.35, the assistant manager receives $15.22, and the general manager receives $17.65 per hour, respectively.

3. Technical Team

McDonald’s is not a tech company, but the technical team keeps the brand on the prime edge of the digital world. It serves 70 million customers each day across the globe.

Apart from that, the technical team works dedicatedly in the day-to-day work of the restaurants. From air conditioning repair to building maintenance, the technical team is on its toes to ensure safety and security at all McDonald’s outlets.

The technicians at McDonald’s Texas receive between $11 to $32 per hour according to their seniority levels and work profiles. For example, an automotive technician receives $11.49 per hour.

On the other hand, an appliance technician receives $30.85 per hour.

There are several other positions in marketing, finance, administration, retail, and other departments. Some of the per-hour payouts are as follows:

  • Clerk- $9.96 per hour
  • Copy Center Associate- $12.97 per hour
  • Cashier/Receptionist- $9.49 per hour
  • Administrator- $20.35 per hour
  • Admin Assistant- $15.95 per hour
  • Apple Specialist- $17.97 per hour
  • CAP Team Associate- $11.26 per hour
  • Team Trainer- $10.14 per hour

Advantages of Working in McDonald’s Texas

Worker At Mcdonald's

The flexibility and perks at McDonald’s make it one of the best opportunities to build a successful career. It offers world-class high school completion courses, training programs, and many other career development opportunities.

Whether you work in a franchisee organization owned independently or corporately owned by McDonald’s restaurant, the brand’s creativity and spirit will forever inspire you to grow in your career.

Some of the benefits offered by McDonald’s in Texas are:

  • After completing 90 day or 15hrs week job period, you get to earn a high school diploma.
  • Till now, McDonald’s has supported 38500 restaurant workers and spent $58 million in tuition assistance.
  • Your immediate family members get access to career advising services and free education.
  • Upfront tuition assistance of $2500.
  • You get to learn a second language English.
  • Health and vision insurance.
  • Employee discount.
  • Paid off time and retirement plans.


Young Employee In Mcdonald's Restaurant

Are you approachable, friendly, customer-focused, and born with social skills? Then, you have all the qualities to work at McDonald’s. Do not worry about the pay per hour in Texas; just apply and get through to avail the benefits and support your education.

There are several job profiles, and people mostly start from the crew and grow further. McDonald’s payout is decent enough to join and prosper. Give your best shot at it. Best of Luck!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is McDonald’s Pay in Texas?

McDonald’s in Texas offers an approximate hourly pay of $201 to Chief Executive Officer and $13 per hour to Cashier or team member. So, the tentative average salary of McDonald’s Texas ranges from $28,677 per year for a Cashier to $422,365 per year for a Chief Executive Officer.

Is McDonald’s a Good Place To Work?

If you can work in a fast-paced environment, McDonald’s is the best place for you. You need to deal with customers with patience and have the ability to work under pressure. Progress with the training and keep working fairly to get support from the management.

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