What Happens If You Forget To Clock Out At McDonald’s?

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McDonald’s employees have to follow specific check-in and check-out rules as communicated to them by their manager. One of their important rules is that they have to clock out when their shift ends, but what if an employee forgets to clock out?

What are the circumstances of this situation?


As a McDonald’s employee, your billing starts as soon as you clock in and ends when you clock out. There might be a situation where you forget to clock out when leaving. The billing won’t stop system will continue to add those hours.

A few important steps can be followed to handle a situation like this:

  • Inform the manager.
  • Update the system.
  • Compensate the hours.

The following text will provide readers with information about McDonald’s working environment, time calculation rules, and what happens if an employee forgets to clock out.

Employee Time Tracking at McDonald’s

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Working at McDonald’s, you have to follow specific rules assigned to you at the time of employment or ordered by your manager.

Salaries at McDonald’s are billed hourly, but how do they calculate that? How do they keep track of your hours, including the start and end times and the number of days worked?

McDonald’s has employee tracking software that calculates employees’ performance and time worked. The employees are expected to update their shifts’ starting and ending times.

The starting time of an employee is known as “Clock In” and the ending time is denoted as “Clock Out”. In this way, the system keeps track of the total hours worked to calculate an employee’s salary.

Forgot To Clock Out at McDonald’s

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Most employees stay active and careful at the beginning of their job at McDonald’s. Gradually, they get the hang of it and find the daily task easy, making them take it lightly.

In such situations, slight negligence can make employees forget about clocking in or out for their shifts.

Sometimes the situation can be different; a person might be in a hurry or in any other emergency. This rush can also make an employee forget to clock out before leaving.

What happens if such a situation arises? If you forget to clock out at McDonald’s, the system won’t notice that your shift has ended and you’ve left the office. It will continue to bill your hours until you clock out properly.

Sometimes, your manager might notice that you have left, but your time is still running. They will understand that you forgot to clock out and have access to stop the time.

What should an employee do, and what are the consequences? There are a few things you can do in a situation like this.

Inform The Manager

The first thing you should do in this situation is informed your manager about it. It’s better to tell them yourself before they find out about some extra hours in your system without permission. 

The manager will understand the situation and might have a solution for it. But how can a manager help with this?

Update The System

The first thing a manager will do is update your time in the system. They can adjust time errors and roll back any billed hours.

As the manager is responsible for all the employees and their work progress, they can control or monitor the performance and activity of employees working under them.

In some cases, the manager cannot control employees’ daily hours. If such a situation arises, the manager can ask the system administrator through proper channels to adjust the database.

Compensate The Time

The manager can also ask you to compensate for the extra billed hours on other working days. If you forgot to clock out and got five extra hours billed, the manager might ask you to work for those five hours on other days without clocking in to compensate for the extra hours.


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As an employee at McDonald’s, you must be careful with your clock-in and clock-out routine because McDonald’s employees are billed hourly.

If you forget to clock out when leaving, the time won’t stop, and the system will add those extra hours to your time. 

You should inform your manager as soon as you remember that you forgot to clock out. Your manager has access to change the time in the system or may have other options to compensate for extra billed hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Manager Know If I Forget To Clock Out?

There is a high chance that your manager will find out that you have some extra hours billed without permission. The manager can check all employees’ clock-in and clock-out times. Hence they can connect the dots and find out that you forgot to clock out.

Will McDonald’s Fire Me If I Forget To Clock Out?

If you do that intentionally to get extra cash, they might. If you make an honest mistake and inform your manager as soon as you find out, the manager will find some way to help you or give you a last warning to be careful in the future.

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