What Software Does Starbucks Use?


You must have had a coffee from Starbucks at one point or another, but you may never have wondered about the software they use to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.


The software packages used at Starbucks are:

  • Micros Oracle Simphony POS
  • LS Nav POS
  • Microsoft reinforcement learning technology
  • Microsoft Azure Sphere
  • Starbucks TeamWorks

Below, we have discussed what software Starbucks use and the features and benefits that make them the world’s leading coffee shop.

Software Used at Starbucks

Software At Starbucks

The technological revolution has changed the way businesses work. The latest software modules help the many in-store processes or operations by making them simple and swift.

Similarly, Starbucks has adopted many software systems and implemented them in its various business activities such as sourcing, purchasing, selling, staffing, inventory maintenance, enhancing customer experience, after-sale services, etc.

Starbucks is the world’s leading coffee shop with millions of customers, so it cannot afford even a slight mistake in its daily processes; that’s why they use different software for various operations.

Let’s discuss the software used at Starbucks in-depth and see what they offer and how they help the company.


According to a study by USA Today, Starbucks sells around four million cups of coffee daily, which turns out to be 15,000 cups for each store.

1. Micros Oracle Simphony Pos Software

Oracle Simphony

Simphony is an oracle-based point-of-sale software system designed by Micros, a leading company in making digital products for the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Being the busiest coffee shop in the world, Starbucks needs software to handle millions of entries daily.

The Oracle database at the backend is why Starbucks uses this POS system because it can efficiently manage multiple activities simultaneously and keep records.

Starbucks also uses this software to manage in-store operations like table management, sales, inventory, etc.

Let’s discuss some of Symphony’s helpful features for Starbucks.


Starbucks used the Square POS system in 2015, but when their consumer bracket crossed the 90 million barriers, they shifted to the Micros Simphony POS system.

Inventory Management

Simphony POS software can maintain the record of ingredients coming into a Starbucks store and consumed in the food daily. Moreover, it also manages the inventory of packing equipment such as cups, straws, bottles, etc.

The oracle running in the backend can also calculate the cost of inbound and outbound items. This feature automates the internal trade and cash flow at a Starbucks store.

Reporting and Analytics

The management at any Starbucks having the Simphony POS software can generate and analyze the reports with a click of a button because this system maintains a proper record of every food time or beverage served to the customer.

This software can analyze the data and predict future demand for each item in accordance with the respective store. Moreover, you can see the current insights of recent promotions via this POS system, making it helpful for performance overview.

Smart Navigation

Oracle-based Micros Simphony POS system allows the order taker at Starbucks to add notes while listening to the customer’s demand.

These notes are then transferred to the baristas to customize the food according to the patrons.

Human-Style Ordering

Starbucks designs Simphony POS software to assist order takers and sorts the menu as humans speak, making the ordering process fast and accurate.

This POS system allows the person operating it to effortlessly locate and add items to the cart from the menu, streamlining the process.

Table Management

The Simphony POS software can accommodate the varying sizes of Starbucks stores, including locations that offer seating facilities to customers.

With this POS system, employees can quickly identify which table a customer’s food or drink belongs to by rapidly checking the software, making the service more efficient.

2. LS Nav Pos System

Ls Nav Pos System

Starbucks has its chains all around the globe, and some of them are handled by franchisees; therefore, it is not possible to implement a single POS software all over.

Having one POS system in all the 35,000+ branches worldwide will become challenging to manage the inventory, sales, and overall operations.

So, as a solution, Starbucks uses other POS software, including LS Nav for European countries and TCS-POS for Asian regions.

Here are some features of LS Nav and TCS POS software:

Sales and Inventory Management

LS Nav POS software allows Starbucks to track and manage inventory levels, process sales transactions, and generate reports on data.

Additionally, it provides Starbucks with real-time data and analytics on sales, available stock, and customer behavior.

Customer Management

To create targeted marketing campaigns, Starbucks uses LS Nav POS software to store customer information, such as purchase history and contact details.

Moreover, the coffee shop uses this data to create and manage various discounts and promotions, such as sales, coupons, and loyalty programs.

Integrated With Other Entities

LS NAV POS systems can be integrated with other entities, such as CRM and ERP, to view the business progress status comprehensively.

This software also allows staff at Starbucks to process sales transactions and manage inventory using mobile devices.

3. Microsoft Reinforcement Learning Technology

Microsoft Reinforcement Learning Technology

Starbucks works closely with Microsoft to connect customers with the cup of coffee and the store. In this process, they have implemented the “Reinforcement Learning Technology” in the Starbucks mobile app.

This technology allows the Starbucks app to learn from customer interactions and make decisions based on their feedback, providing a more tailored experience for each user.

The app considers factors such as local store inventory, popular selections, weather, time of day, community preferences, and previous orders to show customized food and drinks for its patrons.

For example, if a customer is used to ordering iced Frappuccinos at Starbucks, the app will show him new iced drinks launched or multiple customization options.


Through the use of “Reinforcement Learning Technology” and the work of Starbucks data scientists, the mobile app is now providing personalized recommendations to its 16 million active users. 

4. Microsoft Azure Sphere

Microsoft Azure Sphere

Microsoft Azure Sphere is another software Starbucks has adopted and integrated with the equipment in its stores. This technology has made the machines like blenders, frothers, coffee makers, ovens, etc., artificially intelligent.

If any glitches occur in these devices, the Azure Sphere software will stop them immediately and notify the respective mechanic or person to overview the fault.

Moreover, this software collects data from the machines to make the food preparation process accurate.

For example, if a barista keeps blending the ingredients of a Starbucks Iced latte for more than the required time, the Software will stop the blender.

This technology also makes machines IoT-enabled means that they can communicate with each other to share the data, such as recipes and food preparation time.


Starbucks uses the “Guardian Module,” an external device that connects the machines to share data and proactively identify malfunctioning.

5. Starbucks Teamworks

Starbucks Teamworks

Starbucks Teamworks is an employee management and communication platform designed for retail store workers’ attendance.

The software is accessible via mobile and web, providing a range of features such as schedule management, shift swapping, time off requests, development resources, and more.

Every employee is assigned a specific ID and Pin code to log in to Starbucks Teamworks.


In this article, we’ve discussed what software Starbucks uses and explored its features, benefits, and other aspects.

We hope you understand the importance of using software in any business and try to discover more technological revolution opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Software Used by Starbucks Available for Purchase by Other Businesses?

The POS software is available for other businesses because Starbucks only has its subscription, not ownership. However, other software like Teamworks is licensed and not avail for sale.

Does Starbucks Share the User’s Information With Any Other Businesses?

No, Starbucks keeps its customer’s information private; it only uses the data to provide a more personalized experience and better service.

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