Who Makes Starbucks Syrups?


Are you a gourmet beverage lover in search of good coffee syrup? Do you love adding coffee syrups to your mug of coffee, alcoholic beverages, and even baked items?

Starbucks Syrups offer a wide range of options. It has a light and creamy texture and blends well with cold and hot beverages.

Are you wondering who makes Starbucks Syrups? How are they different, or why may we consider them? What are the flavors available? Where can we buy them? Dig into this article to know more.


When choosing the best coffee syrup, it is essential to know who makes it. If you consider Starbucks Syrups, it is branded by Starbucks but made by Fontana. The various flavors available are:

  • Vanilla
  • Classic
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut

Where are these available? Why are Starbucks Syrups better than other coffee syrups produced by Torani, Monin, or Da Vinci? What are the ingredients in Starbucks Syrups? Do I need any special training to use them? To get answers to such questions, let’s delve deeper.

Do you buy a product blindly? Or do you read the label to know more about that specific product before purchasing? Starbucks Syrups are one of my favorites, and here is some detailed information for all fellow Starbucks beverage lovers.

What Are Coffee Syrups?

Coffee Syrups are concentrated coffee additives. They taste sweet and are soothing. Besides coffee, you may use artificial syrups in drink mixes and cooking.

Furthermore, coffee syrups help to spice up your dish and add flavors. They can be used in making dessert sauce, coffee pancakes, cake icing, ice-cream flavoring, and more.

So, what are the best coffee syrup brands available in the market?

  • Starbucks
  • Torani
  • Da Vinci
  • Monin
  • Jordan’s Skinny
  • Autocrat
  • Darbo
  • Ghirardelli
  • Amoretti

Several names pop up when we talk about coffee syrups. What strikes me the most on the list is the Starbucks Syrups. If you ask me why? Starbucks is the largest and number one coffee brand in the world, with annual revenue of over $29 billion. Moreover, Starbucks Syrups are rich, light, and have 0 fat percentage.

Who Makes Starbucks Syrups?

People often make random guesses that Starbucks uses Torani syrup, but it is not true. It brands bottles of syrup made by Fontana using Starbucks sticker logos. Fontana house brand is the maker of Starbucks Syrups.

The bottles of syrup made by Fontana get special Starbucks logo branding before moving to the racks. The ingredients for Fontana and Starbucks syrups are the same.

Starbucks is associated with several business partners and suppliers. Do you know Nestle has been associated with Starbucks since 2018? It has helped Starbucks to expand more out of its shops.

Now, here’s your answer to why Starbucks chooses Fontana over Torani. It is because Fontana is a trademark owned by Starbucks Corporation. Fontana is also one of the three brands of the Starbucks-Nestle Professionals partnership. The other two are Seattle’s Best Coffee and Teavana.

Fontana is exclusively limited to Starbucks for their amazingly flavored premium syrups and blended beverages.

What Flavors Starbucks Syrups Offer?

Do you know that the global syrup market is expected to be worth $70.16 billion by 2030? Starbucks reported record sales in the recent quarter because of add-ons like sauces and syrups. So, what are the flavors that make Starbucks record hit the charts?

1. Vanilla Syrup


Are you looking for a subtle and sweet vanilla flavor to add to your coffee? The Starbucks Vanilla Syrup is sweet and aromatic. It has a smooth and rich texture with vanilla extracts.

How about having a vanilla latte using Starbucks Vanilla Syrup and non-fat milk? Heavenly! You can also find sugar-free vanilla syrup.

2. Classic Syrup

Classic Syrup

Starbucks Classic has no added flavoring. This syrup is sweet and sweetens all other liquid beverages. It is also called fluid sugar. Classic syrup enhances your iced coffee.

3. Caramel Syrup

Caramel Syrup

Do you crave Starbucks Macchiato coffee with the smell of freshly toasted sugary caramel? Then, Caramel Syrup is the right flavor for you. It does not contain any milk.

4. Hazelnut Syrup


If you are more into sweet coffee undertones, get the Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup now. It contains the nutty flavor of roasted hazelnuts. If fructose corn syrup is missing, you need three pumps to make hazelnut lattes.

Apart from these four syrups, Starbucks also offers premium seasonal syrups. They are:

  • Peppermint
  • Toffee Nut
  • Raspberry
  • Cinnamon Dolce

The Cinnamon Dolce and Vanilla Syrups are available in sugar-free versions as well. Seasonal flavors are not always available readily.

Many syrups can be mixed and blended to create a unique flavor. For example, baristas mix hazelnut syrup with vanilla syrup to create the exact french vanilla flavor.

You may order your favorite Starbucks Syrups on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart or visit a Starbucks store to check the availability.

Why Should I Consider Starbucks Syrups?

  • Enjoying the fragrance and ambiance created by coffee at home was never easy until Starbucks Syrups were available on the racks.
  • Starbucks Syrup’s basic ingredients include water, 5gms of sugar per pump, citric acid, natural flavor, and a purely safe preservative called potassium sorbate.
  • You may use any Starbucks Syrup to enhance the taste of your drink or food and customize it your own way.
  • The thin and watery consistency of these syrups makes them easier to blend into both cold and hot beverages.
  • If you are into the diet, syrups can be a strict no-no. The majority of Starbucks Syrups are dairy-free and vegan. It makes them completely safe for you to use.
  • The range of Starbucks Syrups is not just limited to the ones mentioned above. Other premium seasonal syrups are brown sugar, Irish cream, honey blend, pumpkin spice, funnel cake, sugar cookie, etc.
  • Starbucks Syrups are easy sweeteners in a range of flavors to replace sugar yet, maintain a pleasant taste.


With all the information gathered here, one thing is clear. Starbucks brands the syrups made by Fontana. The syrup bottles are labeled Starbucks, but actually, Fontana creates them.

Are Starbucks Syrups not in stock online or in stores? Make your coffee using Fontana Syrup. You won’t be disappointed. Hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla syrups from Fontana magically duplicate your loved Starbucks beverage at home. Enjoy your flavored drink. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Fontana Syrup Manufactured?

The local talents make Fontana Syrup in their established manufacturing facility in Janesville, WI. The Finance, Sales, and Customer Service teams share the office with Chicago Industrial Food Ingredients, Inc.

How Much Is Each Pump of Syrup at Starbucks?

Without leaving a mess or a drip at all, Starbucks pumps approximately 1 tbsp per pump. Each pump is equal to one fluid ounce, and they increase with size. A Tall gets three pumps, a Grande gets four, a Venti hot gets five, and a Venti iced gets six pumps, respectively.

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