What POS System Does Starbucks Use?


Starbucks is one of the largest coffee chains in the world, which means they need a unique and high-performance point of sale (POS) system to give quality customer service.


Starbucks uses the Oracle Simphony POS system to give seamless customer services and respond to the market’s latest trends.

This POS system has numerous features which make it an ideal choice for Starbucks, such as:

  • Integrating online experiences into physical stores
  • Increases resilience
  • Real-time Data
  • Table and Kitchen Services
  • Mobile Integration

In this guide, we will discuss why Starbucks chose Oracle Simphony, the features of their POS system, and how they benefit from it.

Starbucks Pos System


Back in the day, Starbucks partnered with Square, a famous POS system. This partnership benefited both parties and helped Starbucks with its business growth.

Unfortunately, the partnership between Starbucks and Square ended in 2015, leaving a massive gap for Starbucks to fill.

To manage almost 90 million transactions in a week, Starbucks needed a heavy-duty POS system to help them sustain its quality services and let them grow further.

Fortunately, they partnered with Oracle, which created the POS system, Simphony up to their expectations.

Oracle Simphony


Simphony POS system is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to different businesses worldwide, proving itself to be a reliable tech partner since the 70s.


Oracle has over 18,000 registered charters and stands out with its $42 billion annual revenue. These facts show why Starbucks switched from Square to Simphony years ago.

Simphony is not just a means for customers to pay for their coffee; it is a data collection center that helps Starbucks make intelligent and informed business decisions.

This system has every customer’s data, so it helps the coffee chain recognize their buyer’s buying habits and send customized offers.

It also allows the barista to enter multiple orders simultaneously and assists staff in table servicing.

How Does Oracle Simphony Works?


You may think that ordering a Starbucks drink is a simple process in which the barista punches your order; you simply pay and come out with a warm beverage.

In reality, many complicated things are happening behind the scenes.

If you are buying in-store, your transaction will take place after these steps:

  1. The barista will enter your order on their POS device.
  2. Your in-app loyalty barcode will be scanned, and Oracle will identify you. It will create your profile, and you can now get personalized recommendations.
  3. Now, the system will calculate your transaction amount by adding sales tax and discounts, if applicable.
  4. Next, you have to pay. Here, Simphony will provide you the options of credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Venmo app. You can select the payment method of your choice.
  5. Oracle will log the transaction, update the store’s inventory, and create valuable insights about customers’ buying habits and the latest trends.

If you are buying online, POS will complete your order after following these steps:

  1. You will select the order on the Starbucks app or website.
  2. It will adjust your fee according to your location and delivery choices.
  3. The app will send the order to Oracle Simphony, relaying it to your local store.
  4. Meanwhile, the app will create your profile to give you personalized recommendations.
  5. Staff can connect POS to the restaurant’s kitchen display system, which will help the team create quality orders within the desired time frame.

Features of Oracle Simphony

The numerous features of Oracle Simphony make it an ideal choice for the famous coffee chain Starbucks.

1. Integrate Online Experience Into Physical Stores


A consistent online and in-store experience is challenging, but Oracle Simphony can do it without difficulty.

Simphony has integrated online elements into its stores, allowing Starbucks to create personalized profiles of customers online and offline.

For example, POS systems can scan the in-app barcodes of those customers who are ordering in-store. Through it, the system can keep track of rewards and personalized data of customers.

2. Increases Resilience


Starbucks is planning to open 2000 new stores by 2025, so it is crucial to manage actual customer data and make it available at all Starbucks stores too.

POS systems store data in a remote cloud server, ensuring customers’ data is available from any Starbucks location.

Oracle Simphony can also integrate with other cloud-based solutions for a seamless delivery experience.

3. Real-Time Data


The POS system allows Starbucks to have educated business decisions by accessing and collecting valuable data in real time.

The data stored in the cloud uncover trends, identify ideal locations for new stores, help launch new products, and make franchises more reactive when trends change.


Starbucks launched unsweetened iced tea drinks because 43% of customers loved tea without sugar.

Simphony displays personalized recommendations during the checkout process, a powerful tool for upselling.

4. Table Services


Simphony’s customizable table management screen improves customer service while helping the staff reach revenue goals.


Though the table service feature is not universally used in all Starbucks stores, it is famous in the restaurant industry.

In it, an employee can see which table the specific order belongs to and how much time a customer has spent in the restaurant.

It also sends alerts to ensure timely servicing.

5. Kitchen Services


Simphony works hand-in-hand with Kitchen Display System to ensure timely deliveries, reduce errors, and enhance food quality.

Touch screens and remote views help the kitchen manage orders from multiple channels.

6. Mobile Integration


Mobile POS systems allow Starbucks to serve its customers efficiently. They have updated their customer-facing app, too, which was the best decision for this coffee chain.

Customers can now pay online and get their warm beverages outside the store.


Oracle Simphony has numerous traits which make it ideal for large businesses such as Starbucks. It has enabled the coffee chain to respond actively to rising trends and meet digital transformation goals.

We hope this guide has helped you know about the current Starbucks POS system and how they managed to grow their franchise and enhance the quality of their customer services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does POS Mean in Cafe?

POS means point of sale, which refers to the place and time a sales transaction is completed.

The cafe’s POS contains the hardware and software that manages the whole process of marketing.

What POS System Does KFC Use?

In the United States, KFC is using Oracle’s MICROS RES POS system. It has helped KFC speed up transactions across different restaurants and enables them to make intelligent business decisions.

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