What Does “Light and Sweet” Mean at Dunkin?


Regular Dunkin’ customers often use specific terms for ordering their preferred blends or flavors of beverages like a pro.

So, if you’ve ever been to this coffee shop, you may have heard the phrase “light and sweet” tossed around and wondered what it means.


The “Light and Sweet” at Dunkin’ means you will get a standard, slightly weak-tasting coffee cup with one extra serving of cream and sugar.

At some Dunkin’ restaurants, you’ll get three creams and three sugars per cup serving instead of the usual two, while at others, you may get five sugars and five creams per coffee cup.

For your information, we’ll explore what “light and sweet” mean at Dunkin’ and how you can order it. We’ll also discuss the calories in the “Light and Sweet” Dunkin’ coffee.

What Does “Light and Sweet” Mean at Dunkin’?

Dunkin Coffee Cup

With thousands of locations globally, Dunkin’ has made a name for itself by serving delicious, high-quality coffee, bakery items, and other beverages that satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Many regular coffee customers use secret terms to order their favorite coffee at Dunkin’. One such phrase is “Light and Sweet,” which makes you wonder what it means.

The “light” part of the order means your coffee will be brewed with slightly fewer coffee grounds than usual, resulting in a milder flavor. While “sweet” means it will include extra sugar and cream, giving a creamier, denser, and sweeter taste.

So, when you order a “Light and Sweet” at Dunkin’, you’ll receive a slightly weaker but noticeably sweeter coffee than the standard brew.

For instance, a small-sized cup of coffee will come with three servings of cream and sugar instead of the usual two.


You can order Dunkin’ “Light and Sweet” in various blends and flavors like original blend, dark roast, decaf coffee, French vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

Ordering “Light and Sweet” at Dunkin’

Dunkin Coffee

Although the term “Light and Sweet” coffee is a Dunkin’ staple, not all its restaurants make it the same way.

For example, some locations may add three creams and three sugars in your coffee, while others might go all out with five creams and five sugars.

Therefore, to customize your order at Dunkin’, request a small or medium cup with “Light and Sweet,” and specify how many creams and sugars you want so the barista can make your coffee as you love.


If you want to get Dunkin’ “Light and Sweet” coffee through an online order, do 3&3, 4&4, 5&5, or up to how light and sweet you want.

Calories in Dunkin’ “Light and Sweet” Coffee

Dunkin Coffee

The number of calories in Dunkin’ “Light and Sweet” coffee depends on the size and how much cream and sugar you add.

Generally, a small cup of “Light and Sweet” coffee with three creams and three sugars is estimated to have around 140-180 calories. However, if you add more or opt for a larger size, the calorie count will increase accordingly.


In this guide, we’ve discussed what “light and sweet” means at Dunkin’ and how to order one. We’ve also discussed the total number of calories in one light and sweet cup of coffee.

We hope this article helped answer your queries, and you’ll no longer scratch your head when someone next to you opts for creamy and sweet coffee at Dunkin’ like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Light and Sweet the Same As Cream and Sugar?

Yes, Dunkin’s “Light and Sweet” coffee is essentially the same as adding cream and sugar to your coffee.

How Do I Ask for Less Sugar at Dunkin’?

One way to ask for less sugar at Dunkin’ is to use the phrase “easy sugar.” This tells the barista that you want your coffee to be less sweet than the standard cup, but it will still contain some sugar unless you specify that you wish for none.

Does Dunkin’ Sell Bottled Coffee?

Yes, Dunkin’ does sell bottled coffee in three delicious flavors: mocha, French vanilla, and original.

What Is Good To Order at Dunkin’?

Dunkin’ is known for its various beverage options, from hot and iced coffees to lattes and cappuccinos.

Some of the best coffee orders at Dunkin’ include caramel swirl iced coffee, iced coffee, pumpkin swirl iced coffee, cold brew, hazelnut iced coffee, caramel swirl iced coffee, and butter pecan swirl.

How Many Different Ways Can You Order Coffee at Dunkin’?

Dunkin’ has over 25,000 ways to order your coffee, making it easy to customize just how you like it. The coffee flavors include mocha, caramel, blueberry, cinnamon, coconut, french vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, and toasted almond.

You can also customize your Dunkin’ coffee by choosing your preferred type of milk, sweetener, and size.

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