What Does “Arrived at FedEx Location” Mean?

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If you’ve ever tracked a FedEx package, you might have come across the status “Arrived at FedEx Location”. What does this “FedEx Location” mean?

What is this status trying to tell you?


A FedEx package goes through different stages in its journey from sender to receiver. At one point, the package is transferred to FedEx’s sorting facility, where it is divided according to its region and sent forward.

The tracking status is updated to “Arrived at FedEx Location”, as soon as the package is scanned at any sorting facility along the way.

Read on to have a better understanding of FedEx tracking terms with an explanation of what Arrived at FedEx Location means.

Understanding FedEx Tracking Service

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Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) has been providing postal services for over 50 years and is recognized as one of the best courier service providers globally.

Staying ahead of the game, it offers a digital tracking service for its customers, where you can track the package using three methods.

  • Using a Tracking Number.
  • Tracking by Reference.
  • Tracking by Transportation Control Number (TCN).

FedEx uses different approaches to track its parcels. In some regions, it uses GPS tracking; in others, it employs MDD (Mobile Delivery Device) scanners. The tracking approach varies from region to region.

The most widely used concept for shipment tracking is the latest checkpoint technique. This method assigns a tracking ID and a barcode to each package. This barcode is linked to your shipment’s dates, addresses, contents, etc.

This barcode is scanned at every checkpoint along the way, and the details of the last checkpoint are uploaded to the tracking system. Once you enter the tracking ID of your package in the tracking system, it will give you the details of the last checkpoint where your package was scanned.

Arrived at FedEx Location

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When you first see the status “Arrived at FedEx Location,” you may be excited, thinking that your package is nearby. Well, don’t get excited too soon. It might mean something else.

To help you understand this statement better, we’ll break it down and first explain what “FedEx Location” actually means.

What Does “FedEx Location” Mean?

When you send a courier through FedEx, it does not ship straight from sender to recipient. It has to pass through several FedEx warehouses or sorting facilities before being cleared for the final one.

These FedEx warehouses are known as FedEx locations, which can be anywhere along the way.

What Is the Meaning of “Arrived at FedEx Location”?

Once you drop your package at the FedEx office, it is forwarded to the warehouse for sorting. After reaching the warehouse, these packages are divided according to their destinations and shipped accordingly.

The FedEx packages do not go straight to the recipients’ addresses from this sorting facility. Instead, they are forwarded to another sorting facility near the delivery address, where they are further divided according to their regions.

When the package arrives at the sorting facility, the status on the tracking service is updated to “Arrived at FedEx Location”.


Do not mix up “Arrived at FedEx Location” with “Arrived at local FedEx Facility”. These might sound similar, but they are two different terms.

If you find this confusing, don’t worry; we will explain it with a more straightforward example. Suppose you have submitted a package to the FedEx office in Manhattan, intending to send it to an address in Los Angeles.

As the first step of your package’s journey, it will be transferred to FedEx’s sorting facility in New York. Once it has departed from New York, it will be delivered to the next sorting facility in California, where it is divided into regions, and your package will be added to the Los Angeles section.

Then the package is shipped to the local FedEx office closest to the recipient’s address in Los Angeles, where it waits to be delivered by the mailman at the address or picked up by the recipient.

In the above scenario, the tracking system will update the status to “Arrived at FedEx Location” when the package arrives at sorting facilities in New York and California.


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Courier services have advanced a lot over the years, and now they have tracking services where you can know the whereabouts of your package. This guide sheds some light on one of the FedEx tracking terms, “Arrived at FedEx Location” and explains what it means.

“Arrived at FedEx Location” indicates that your package has reached FedEx’s sorting facility, and now it’s waiting to be sorted and forwarded to the next checkpoint.

This sorting facility can be anywhere along the way, depending on the route and distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between “Arrived at FedEx Location” and “At Local FedEx Facility”?

These two terms are often confused with each other. When your package is scanned at the warehouse or any FedEx sorting facility, it updates the status to “Arrived at FedEx Location”.

On the contrary, “At Local FedEx Facility” means that your package has reached the FedEx facility nearest to the delivery address, where it waits to be shipped to your doorstep via mailman, or you need to visit the facility and pick it up yourself.

What Does the “Hold at Location” Service in FedEx Tracking Mean?

Sometimes, when you are away from home and there’s no one to receive the package, you can ask FedEx to hold your package.

To avail of this service, you can enter your tracking number on the tracking page, select “Manage Delivery” and then “Hold at Location”. This will hold your package at the FedEx facility for seven days.

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