Why Are DoorDash Prices Higher?


If you use the DoorDash delivery service often and have noticed the unusually high prices, you might be curious about the reason behind it.


The reason why DoorDash prices are higher is:

  • Your order has high delivery fees because of the distance the Dasher has to travel.
  • You have to pay the sales tax on your order.
  • Food prices have gotten higher.
  • You are ordering at peak time.
  • DoorDash has increased its service fees due to an ongoing promotional campaign.

To help you understand better, we have written an extensive guide on why DoorDash prices are higher than other delivery services.

10 Reasons Why DoorDash Prices Are Higher

Food delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash have made life much easier. Now, you can open an app, order from your favorite restaurant, and receive your meal at your doorstep.


DoorDash is the most popular among customers of hundreds of delivery services. Their customer care is impeccable, and they deliver the promised food within the given time.

However, if you’ve been using DoorDash for a long time, you might have observed that their prices are relatively higher than what you’d pay while dining in and taking out. So, what exactly is the reason DoorDash is charging you more?

Let’s discuss each reason in detail.

1. High Delivery Fees

Doordash Delivery

When you order food at home, the delivery cost is a percentage of the total amount you pay. In addition, most restaurants set a higher price for their food items on delivery services like DoorDash than what they offer for dine-in or take-out.

Contrary to popular belief, DoorDash is not responsible for the food prices on their app; the restaurants are. They only charge you a delivery fee at a specific market rate. Therefore, the longer the Dasher travels, the more your delivery fee will be.

2. Added Taxes

Taxes On Delivery

Apart from the delivery fees, you must also pay the sales tax on your DoorDash order. This amount depends on your state and city and can range from 10% to 11% of your total order.

So, the amount you see on DoorDash is the total of your order and delivery fee, along with the sales tax, which is why it may seem like their service is too expensive sometimes.

3. High Food Prices

Doordash High Charges

Most of the time, when you feel like DoorDash is charging you too much, it’s just that the food cost is high. The renowned delivery company has no say in what the restaurant owners charge.

Most food places also unexpectedly change their prices without any prior announcement, so ordering from DoorDash gets a bit heavy on your pockets.

4. DoorDash Profits

Profit Arrows

While DoorDash earns a commission on food delivery, they are not responsible for increasing them. However, DoorDash’s primary goal is to generate profits like every business.

So, when their stocks are low, or they want to get more profit on orders, they charge you more by increasing their service fee.


DoorDash’s service fee starts from $0.60 and can increase based on your order’s subtotal.

5. Increased Driver Pay

Driver Pay

One of the reasons why DoorDash is a favorite app amongst drivers is that they are paid well. Unlike many other apps and services that rip off their riders with minimal wages, Dashers are paid handsomely for their work.

DoorDash divides its driver’s fees into base pay, promotions, and customer tips. Apart from the tips, the Dasher’s basic salary is also cut off from the customer’s pockets.

This is another reason their delivery prices are slightly higher than other services.

6. Peak Times

High Price

Peak times are when there is an excessive demand for food. When the demand increases, so do the prices. The peak times for DoorDash are mostly morning and dinner when many people are placing orders on the app simultaneously.

If you order during these times, you will likely encounter high prices. The peak times are also not decided explicitly but can happen any time there is a rush of orders, like during holidays.

7. Value Prices

Doordash App

Having your food delivered to your house is convenient in many ways. You don’t have to change your clothes and leave the house, travel to the restaurant while dealing with the terrible traffic conditions, and wait in lines to receive your meal.

Instead, you must open the DoorDash app, place the order, and receive your hot and fresh meal at your doorstep.

The cost that DoorDash charges you for this convenience might seem high, but it is justified by the value they put in and the time you’ve saved.

8. Dasher Promotions


DoorDash offers promotional campaigns and bonuses to get more drivers to sign up as Dashers. However, while these promotions benefit the drivers, they come at the cost of high food delivery prices to the customers.

9. Driver Tips

Driver Tip

Along with the order price, service fee, and delivery fee, tips contribute to your DoorDash delivery cost. They go directly to the Dasher and make up most of their income.

Although it may be costly, giving the drivers more tips is standard etiquette if they have provided you with a good service.

10. Decline Now Movement


DoorDash drivers are independent contractors who have the authority to decline or accept your order. They have many extra expenses not paid by DoorDash, like maintenance and gas prices.

So, if your order doesn’t satisfy their costs to a certain level, they will likely reject it.

Here’s where the real game begins. Whenever a rider refuses your order, the DoorDash algorithm increases the base pay of that order for the next driver.

After noticing this, many drivers may collectively start refusing more low-cost orders to manipulate the system and earn more. As a result, your subtotal gets higher each time a Dasher declines your order.


DoorDash has changed its payment method to deal with the Decline Now movement and has started hiding a part of your tips so that the drivers aren’t aware of the total income they are making on an order until they’ve completed it.


In this guide, we have discussed why DoorDash prices are higher. In addition, we talked in detail about why their service seems more expensive than others.

We hope you got the information you’re looking for and know exactly where your money goes when ordering from DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Avoid DoorDash Fees?

You can order directly from the restaurant’s website if you don’t wish to pay the DoorDash service fee.

Most food places provide home delivery service, saving you a few dollars on your meal while still getting it delivered to your home.

How Much Do You Tip DoorDash?

According to US customs, you must pay the Dasher at least 15% to 20% of the total amount of your order. But, of course, you could pay even higher if the delivery service was impeccable and quick.

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