What Is “Destination Sort Facility” at FedEx?

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Are you waiting for your parcel for a long time, and the tracking app shows the shipment is in transit at the Destination Sort Facility? Wondering what Destination Sort Facility is?

Destination Sort Facility is the nearest FedEx service center around your location. It is the destination from where your shipment will finally get delivered. So, you can relax and wait for your package.

How long it takes to receive your shipment from the Destination Sort Facility? Can you pick up the package from the destination facility? Let us learn more about the FedEx Destination Facility in detail.


While tracking your package, it is often said to be in transit at the Destination Sort Facility.

What is it? It is the final FedEx sorting center from where the shipment releases for delivery to the final address.

A parcel can be held in the facility for 3-5 days, but sometimes, it gets delayed. What are the reasons for your shipment getting delayed?

  • High package volume.
  • Backlog at the Sorting Facility.
  • Harsh weather, technical issues, or traffic.
  • Human errors.

Can I pick up my shipment from the FedEx sorting center? Unfortunately, it is not allowed, though you may request to Hold the parcel at the location. What does that mean? Keep reading to understand all.

Does the regular package tracking keep you busy? An unknown term, FedEx’s “destination sort facility,” keeps you thinking about what it is. It is the final sorting center from where your package releases for delivery.

How long does it take to deliver the package from the last facility? Why is the package late if it has already reached the final FedEx center? Get your questions answered in this article.

What Is FedEx Destination Sort Facility?

Fedex Destination Sorting

FedEx Destination Sort Facility is the nearest warehouse where your package gets loaded for delivery.

As soon as the shipments reach the FedEx facility, it gets sorted areawise.

Then, the packages are loaded in the truck and delivered to the recipients per the schedule.

Due to some reason, if the package remains in the destination facility, the executive attempts delivery the next day. It can stay in the destination sorting warehouse for three to five days, though the turnaround time is much faster.

So, the destination sort facility is the last stop for packages before being loaded on the truck for delivery to the end clientele.

There are times when the package delivery gets delayed. What are the reasons for delays in package delivery?

Reasons for Delay in Package Delivery

Despite reaching the FedEx destination sort facility, there are times when the package delivery gets delayed. If you have not received the package within two days of reaching the facility, something must be wrong. Do you know what can be the reasons for the delay?

1. High Package Volume

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It may happen that because of the sudden high volume in shipments and lack of software, there is confusion and mistakes.

Such situations are most common when people are on a shopping spree during the holiday season. However, with the large volume of orders, faulty software or lacking skills of the courier facility can delay the package delivery.

2. Backlog at the Sorting Facility

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If any packages are due for delivery, the recent orders get further delayed. Such situations usually occur during the holidays when Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving, or Christmas sales keep the delivery executives on their toes.

3. Harsh Weather, Technical Issues, or Traffic


The safety of the packages is of utmost importance to courier companies. They keep the packages in transit at the facility when the weather is poor, and roads shut down.

Accidents or constructions can cause major roadblocks and keep traffic standstill. It causes delivery delays. Technical faults in software can also pose a major problem and delay package delivery.

4. Human Errors

Human Error White Collar Worker Hold Hand

Sometimes, human lack of visibility or error can cause major delays in shipment delivery. For example, maybe the address entered by the sender is wrong, or while assigning the package under a certain area, the courier person made an error in loading the package in the wrong truck.

People often forget to add a secondary phone number, and their primary number is out of reach. Unfortunately, there are many such situations where humans are responsible for delays.

Due to human errors, a package can be misplaced in the final sorting center.

Can I Pickup the Package From the Final Facility Center?

Are you looking for an ‘Out for a Delivery’ update on the tracking site? Yet, the only thing you see is the package arrived at the destination sort facility. Unfortunately, the warehouse locations are not accessible to the customers.

Still, if you do not wish to wait and get your package in hand as soon as possible, you may request the shipment to be held for picking up and cease it from going out for delivery.

To do so, you must visit the FedEx delivery manager’s page, click on manage delivery, and then click on Hold at Location.

Choose where your package should be delivered, and wait for a FedEx email confirming pick up. Your package can be held only if it has not been loaded on the truck.

Once such a request is accepted, your package gets delivered to the FedEx office.

You may also choose a third-party retailer like Dollar General or Walgreen for pickup instead of your office or home. It lets you receive your shipment a little earlier than waiting for it.


You can relax if the tracking app shows your package has reached the FedEx Destination Sort Facility. It is the last stop for your shipment. Therefore, you need not worry about the shipment. If it reaches the sorting facility, it will surely reach you.

On rare occasions, the package may get delayed, but there’s nothing much to worry about. Staffing issues or high shipment volume are usually during the mega-sale festive seasons.

Your package is in the facility means it is nearby and will reach you within a day or two. If it doesn’t, place a request to hold for pickup and call FedEx for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Packages Take at a Sort Facility?

The sorting facility operates once a day and takes around twenty-four hours to sort. It is done before the truck is loaded to take the packages to the delivery locations.

It is an efficient way to include as many packages as possible in one loaded truck.

Why Is My Package Stuck at the FedEx Destination Facility?

If the address entered in the system is wrong, the package returns to the destination city.

Whether the delivery address is known or not, the terminal zip code returns the package to get it close enough to the sender. Then the address error is sorted from the local facility.

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