How Does UPS Deliver to Gated Apartments?

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Delivering packages to gated apartments can be a complex task due to the restricted access. However, UPS, one of the leading courier services, has developed efficient systems and strategies to ensure successful deliveries. This article will delve into how UPS delivers to gated apartments, the policies they follow, the alternatives available, and how they ensure the security of your package.


UPS delivers to gated apartments by gaining access through gate codes, fobs, or openers provided by the property management or residents. If a gate is locked or unattended, UPS drivers may leave the package in a secure location or leave an InfoNotice for the recipient. Customers can also use the UPS My Choice Membership to provide specific delivery instructions and gate codes. If access is still not possible, packages can be redirected to a UPS Access Point or a secure dropbox can be installed near the gate.

Gaining Access to Gated Communities

UPS drivers gain access to gated communities in several ways. They may be given the gate code by property management or the residents themselves. In some cases, the driver may have a pre-established relationship with the community’s security guard, who will grant them access.

For instance, a UPS driver delivering in a gated community in San Francisco may have a gate code provided by the property management. This allows them to enter the community, deliver the package to the recipient’s doorstep, and exit without any hitches.

UPS My Choice Membership

To facilitate smooth delivery, customers can sign up for a UPS My Choice Membership. This service allows residents to provide delivery preferences, building access information, and buzzer codes. So, if you live in a gated apartment in New York and expect a package, you can provide your gate code and other necessary instructions through your UPS My Choice profile.

UPS Policies

UPS has specific policies when delivering to gated apartments. Drivers have access to gate codes, fobs, or openers to access apartment complexes and gated communities. However, it’s essential for residents to provide the gate code or any necessary instructions to UPS to ensure smooth delivery of your packages.

Handling Locked or Unattended Gates

In situations where the gate is locked or unattended, UPS drivers may leave the package in a secure location. However, if the driver cannot access the location or decides not to leave the package, they may leave an InfoNotice indicating the attempted delivery and the next steps for the recipient.

Alternative Delivery Options

If UPS cannot gain access to a gated apartment, several alternatives ensure you receive your package. These include providing UPS with a gate code, coordinating with your property manager, redirecting the package to a UPS Access Point, or installing a secure dropbox near the gate.

For example, if you live in a gated community in Los Angeles and UPS cannot gain access, you can redirect your package to a UPS Access Point. This allows you to pick up your package at your convenience.

Security of Packages

UPS ensures the security of packages delivered in gated apartments by obtaining access to the gated community and delivering the packages to the designated location. Some communities may have a secure mail/package area or a parcel locker where UPS can leave packages.

Other Courier Services

Besides UPS, other courier services like FedEx and DHL can deliver to gated communities as long as they have access through the gate via a key or key-code.

In conclusion, UPS has developed efficient strategies to ensure successful deliveries to gated communities. Providing clear instructions and necessary access information can help facilitate smooth delivery to your apartment within a gated community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide the gate code directly to the UPS driver?

Yes, you can provide the gate code directly to the UPS driver. However, it’s more efficient to add it to your UPS My Choice profile to ensure it’s available for all future deliveries.

What is a UPS InfoNotice?

A UPS InfoNotice is a notification left by the UPS driver when they attempt a delivery but can’t complete it for some reason. This could be due to a locked gate, unattended property, or if the driver deems it unsafe to leave the package. The InfoNotice includes information about the attempted delivery and next steps for the recipient.

Can I choose a specific UPS Access Point for redirected packages?

Yes, with UPS My Choice, you can select a specific UPS Access Point where your packages can be redirected if delivery to your gated apartment is not possible.

What happens if I don’t have a UPS My Choice Membership?

If you don’t have a UPS My Choice Membership, you can still receive packages from UPS. However, you might need to provide necessary access information like gate codes to UPS each time you expect a package.

Do I need to install a secure dropbox for UPS deliveries?

No, installing a secure dropbox is not a requirement for UPS deliveries. It’s just an additional option for receiving packages securely, especially if you live in a gated apartment where access may be restricted.

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