How Does DoorDash Get Into Gated Communities?


Being a DoorDash delivery driver, you may encounter gated communities as part of your food delivery routes and need to know how to enter such a restricted residential area.


DoorDash can get into gated communities through several means, such as:

  1. Coordinating with community security management.
  2. Using a buzzer or intercom system.
  3. Entering the access PIN provided by the house owner.
  4. The landlord can allow you to get through using a mobile app.

To explain further, we will discuss how DoorDash gets into gated communities and some critical aspects you should know before approaching a secured area as a delivery driver.

How Does DoorDash Deliver to Gated Communities?

Gated Communities

DoorDash is a food delivery company that picks up food from various listed restaurants and delivers it to the customer’s doorsteps.

Therefore, DoorDash food delivery drivers may occasionally receive delivery requests to addresses in gated communities.

A walled and gated community is meant to restrict strangers and unauthorized persons from entering the premises, so how do DoorDash drivers get into such locations?


Regardless of how communities use a combination of security solutions, the customer is responsible for guiding the DoorDash driver about society’s laws regarding unknown entries.

Let’s explore different ways of entering a gated community as a DoorDash delivery driver:

1. Coordinating With Community Security Management

Community Security Management

Some gated communities may have a guard or security person sitting in a cabin outside the entrance to monitor people’s access, such as inquiring DoorDash delivery drivers.

In such cases, you should stop at the gate and introduce yourself. The security person may ask you for the ordering person’s full name and address to allow entrance.

Moreover, they may call the respective house owner to seek permission and double-check the security measures.

Most times, you may have to drop the parcel at the gate in some specified delivery boxes for customers to come and pick up.


Do not try to enter any gated community without permission or by following the car moving ahead into the premises; otherwise, you may face legal consequences according to the community laws.

2. Using a Buzzer or Intercom System

Buzzer Or Intercom System

If there is no security person at the gate, you may need to find a buzzer or intercom from which you can communicate with the person inside the apartment.

Pressing the buzzer will notify the ordering person about food arrival from DoorDash. Moreover, they may instruct you via intercom to leave the food at the community gate or bring it to the doorstep.


Do not enter the premises or vacate the food at the doorstep until the ordering person commands.

3. Entering the Access Pin Provided by the House Owner

Access Pin

Gated communities usually have an access PIN, which is only provided to the house owners currently living in the society to move in and out quickly.

In such cases, the ordering person may give the access PIN to the DoorDash drivers for a hassle-free entrance into the community.


There are very few chances that a house owner provides DoorDash delivery drivers with the access PIN because of the community laws and the privacy of other residents.

4. Landlord Allowing DoorDash by Using a Mobile App

Dashdoor Mobile App

In this digital world, gated communities have also become technologically advanced and started using mobile apps to lock and unlock the door with a click on a smartphone.

The ordering person can allow you, as the DoorDash delivery driver, to enter the gate by unlocking it via the mobile app.

This way, you and the customers can save time and prevent the food from losing its storage temperature.


This article discussed how DoorDash gets into gated communities and some key points you should know while delivering to these locations.

We hope you understand that the ability of DoorDash drivers to deliver into gated communities may vary with community laws, so always follow the ordering person’s guidelines to complete the delivery process smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Dashing Means?

Dashing is a term used at DashDoor for picking up food from restaurants and delivering it to people, and the persons who perform deliveries are known as Dashers.

What Is DoorDash Peak Pay?

Peak Pay at Doordash is the highest rate the company pays to the Dashers for working during busy hours or events.

Does DoorDash Pay Dashers Daily?

No, DoorDash pays the Dashers weekly via a secured direct deposit to their bank account, while Dashers in the U.S. can also access their earnings instantly with Fast Pay for a $1.99 per transfer fee.

How DoorDash Acts on Tipping the Dashers?

DoorDash allows Dashers to accept tips, and the money earned in this way belongs 100% to the delivery person.

How Much Do Drivers Make Delivering With DoorDash?

Drivers at DoorDash earn $25 per hour, including 100% tips; however, the rate may increase during Peak Pay hours.

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