How To Read Restaurant Reviews on DoorDash

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DoorDash is a renowned technology company that has revolutionized the food delivery industry by connecting consumers with their favorite local businesses. It operates as an online food ordering and delivery platform, allowing users to order food and beverages from various restaurants and have them delivered to their doorstep.


To read restaurant reviews on DoorDash, navigate to the restaurant’s page on the DoorDash app or website. Here, you’ll find a section for reviews, where you can read feedback from other customers. Reviews may include star ratings, written feedback, and information about popular items. To use these reviews effectively, focus on recent feedback, look for patterns in comments, consider both positive and negative reviews, and pay attention to the overall star rating.

Understanding Restaurant Reviews on DoorDash

One of the features that make DoorDash stand out is its restaurant reviews section. The company began piloting this feature in November 2021 and has received more than 7 million public reviews since then. These reviews allow customers to read other users’ thoughts about specific restaurants or share their own experiences.

The restaurant review on DoorDash can include various specific information about a customer’s experience with the restaurant. Some of the elements found within a review are written reviews, food ratings, most liked items, and Top 10 lists.

Interpreting Star Ratings

DoorDash uses a star rating system, where 1 star indicates a very negative experience and 5 stars indicate a highly positive experience. The perception of a good star rating depends on various factors, including the context, industry standards, and cultural background. However, research suggests that ratings between 4.2 and 4.5 are the most trusted, as they demonstrate a balance between positive experiences and room for improvement.

How to Use Reviews Effectively

Customers can use online reviews effectively to make the best food choices by focusing on recent reviews, looking for patterns, paying attention to the overall rating, considering the reviewer’s perspective, reading both positive and negative reviews, and combining reviews with other sources of information.

Leaving a Review on DoorDash

Customers can leave a review on DoorDash by going to their order history, finding the order they want to review, and rating their experience. Leaving a review on DoorDash is a quick and easy way to share your experience with others and help them make informed decisions about where to order their next meal.

Limitations of DoorDash Reviews

While DoorDash reviews can be helpful, there are some limitations and things to be cautious about. Reviews are subjective and can be influenced by factors such as personal preferences, emotions, and expectations. DoorDash reviews primarily focus on the delivery aspect, which may not provide a comprehensive picture of the overall experience, such as the quality of the food or the restaurant’s service.


In conclusion, DoorDash restaurant reviews provide valuable insights into the delivery experience, food quality, and service of different restaurants. By understanding how to read and interpret these reviews, customers can make better-informed decisions about their food choices and enjoy a more satisfying dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the restaurant reviews on DoorDash?

To find the restaurant reviews on DoorDash, simply select a restaurant from the list of available options. The reviews and ratings are typically displayed below the restaurant’s name and menu.

Can I leave a review without ordering food?

No, you can only leave a review on DoorDash if you have placed an order with the restaurant. This helps ensure that reviews are based on genuine experiences.

Can I edit my review after submitting it on DoorDash?

Yes, you can edit your review after you have submitted it. Simply go to your order history, find the order you reviewed, and make the necessary changes.

How does DoorDash handle fake or inappropriate reviews?

DoorDash has policies in place to moderate reviews and remove any that are inappropriate, offensive, or suspected to be fake. This helps maintain the integrity of the review system and provide reliable information to users.

Can restaurants respond to reviews on DoorDash?

Currently, DoorDash does not provide a platform for restaurants to respond to reviews. Reviews are primarily a tool for customers to share their experiences and make informed decisions.

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