How To Know If Your Package Is Seized at USPS

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Are you done waiting indefinitely for your parcel? Are you agitated by the constant waiting? Don’t worry; we got you covered. The possible reason is your package might be delayed or seized at USPS. But is there a way of knowing that? Fortunately, yes!


Now that you’re sure your package is late, the higher chance states that law enforcement agency officials at USPS must’ve seized that. But how would you know that? Honestly, USPS receives millions of packages daily, and it’s nearly impossible to scan or notify the recipients if they are detained.

  • You can check your nearest post office to inquire about your package’s delivery.
  • You can check the USPS official website’s tracking toolbar to inquire about your package’s delivery status.

The delivery status text would be “seized by the law enforcement agency.”

A late package doesn’t always indicate it’s seized. There might be a chance your package is delayed. In any case, it’s advisable to reach out to the USPS’s official helpline (1-800-275-8777) and inquire about your package. But what to do when your parcel isn’t delayed but is stuck at USPS? Let us guide you in reaching out to your package and learning what you can do once you know it’s seized at USPS.

Why Is a Package Seized?

Seized Package

Before considering whether your package is seized, let’s ponder why a package is seized. A suspicious package is the biggest red flag, prompting law enforcement authorities to seize a package. But what makes a package suspicious? Here are the possible reasons:

  • The package contains illegal items.
  • The package includes a shred of offensive evidence.
  • The package comprises unlawful items.
  • The package contains items used in criminal activities.

Officially, USPS doesn’t hold the right to confiscate your package, but a postal inspector does. Once the USPS employee finds a package suspicious, they’ll notify the postal inspector. Thus, to open that specific package, a special warrant is required. Once the warrant is secured, the package can be checked. Once cleared, it’s forwarded for sending, but if found suspicious, it’s detained at customs for further inquiry.

How To Know If Your Package Is Seized

Waiting For Package

It’s been a while, and you haven’t received your package. Chances are it might be delayed, lost, wrongly delivered, or seized. But how would you know that?

1. Check Online

Checking Online

Do you know you’re just one click away from checking your package’s delivery status? Now, you can check the status of your parcel by entering the tracking number on USPS’s official website. But here’s the catch: if the answer is it’s in transit, it might still be in transportation, have reached the destination office, or be on its way soon. But if the tracking information shows the message “Seized by law enforcement,” your package is detained at customs and will be confiscated for further checking.

2. Look for the Nearest Post Office

Going To The Nearest Post Office

You can physically check your nearest postal office from USPS’s official website and inquire about your package. Most of the time, it displays the message of being seized, but once cleared, it’s forwarded for delivery. Suppose you want to receive your package on time. You can always contact the nearest USPS postal office through package intercept or package hold.

Things to remember
  • Never receive a package from an unknown sender.
  • Don’t order banned or illegal items in your country of residence.

What To Do When Your Package Is Seized

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According to the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG), in 2019, 15,941 packages were confiscated or seized by the law enforcement agency on suspicion of weed.

Seeing your package seized on suspicion of being malicious is nerve-wracking. Worry not! You’re safe unless you’ve ordered an illegal or malicious item. But what should you do when law enforcement officers seize your package?

  • Don’t receive the package if you’re unaware of the sender’s whereabouts, as someone might be trying to trap you.
  • Not every seized package is suspicious. Some packages are cleared after checking, so be patient and wait for your parcel to be delivered.
  • Not all seized items or packages are suspicious, but they’re detained due to trade restraints. For example, cigars are legal in the United States, but it’s illegal to ship Cuban cigars to the United States.
  • Suppose your parcel is undelivered or its items are confiscated or lost. In that case, you can easily file a lawsuit to recover your seized packages.


Usually, when a suspicious package is found, it’s reported to the postal inspectors and held on the spot. If the package is cleared, it is dispatched for delivery. On the other hand, if it is found suspicious, the recipient or sender of the package is informed through a letter.

However, USPS receives many packages daily, and it’s impossible to check, maintain, and update the record of each package online. Don’t panic if you receive mail about your seized package. Most of the time, the boxes are checked and cleared for delivery.

We hope we’ve enlightened you about how to know and what you can do if your package is seized at USPS. Did you ever experience something like that? Please share with us in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do To Retrieve My Confiscated Parcel?

Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve the confiscated package or its contents. However, if you’re sure your package was mistakenly seized and confiscated, you can take legal action against law enforcement agencies for compensation for your lost items.

Should I Be Worried About a Suspicious Parcel Sent by an Unknown Sender?

In case of a suspicious package, both sender and receiver are informed through mail. If you are unaware of the sender, you should urgently notify the authorities and don’t accept the parcel in any scenario. Act smartly by always playing safe.

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