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How To Activate Dairy Queen Gift Card

Dairy Queen Gift Card

Ice cream is an irresistible go-to treat for people of all ages. This refreshing and delicious dessert is a classic to accompany you on the best and worst days.

Dairy Queen has had their take on this classic treat, with their infamous soft serve formula invented in 1938.

Years later, many Americans crave their tempting soft serve and the popular Blizzard – an extreme ice cream with mix-ins and thick consistency. You can turn your cup upside down without the ice cream falling off.

Dairy Queen goes beyond soft serves and the Blizzard, adding other delicious items to their menu. Because this fast-food restaurant is favored by many, you can easily gift your loved ones a Dairy Queen gift card for the holidays!

But how exactly do you activate Dairy Queen gift cards?


You can activate your Dairy Queen gift cards through the Kroger site. However, by default, the gift cards do not contain balances for your security. Thus, at-home activation and payment are required.

This article discusses more Dairy Queen gift cards, where you can use them, and what you can buy with them. Furthermore, we discuss how to activate gift cards purchased through Kroger. Read on!

About Dairy Queen Gift Cards

Dairy Queen Gift Cards

The $15 Dairy Queen gift cards are perfect for family members and friends. By simply gifting them with this card, they can treat themselves to the delicious and refreshing desserts they deserve!

Here are two important pieces of information about Dairy Queen gift cards:

1. Where You Can Purchase

You can use the Dairy Queen gift cards nationwide at any 4,500 Dairy Queen stores. In addition, these gift cards are applicable for online purchases or mobile app purchases.

2. What You Can Purchase

The Dairy Queen gift cards may be used to purchase anything from the Dairy Queen menu. This includes Dairy Queen cakes and the Buck Lunch, a meal with a dessert.

Moreover, you can use the Dairy Queen gift cards to purchase any item from Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies.

Activating the Dq Gift Cards

Activating The Dq Gift Cards

Dairy Queen gift cards purchased at Kroger do not contain an existing balance. Thus, activation is required. This at-home activation may be made through the Kroger site:

Once you have received your card, you can visit the site and proceed with the payment to add a balance to your card. Upon activating the pickup gift card, you receive 4x fuel points.

Do note that a $0.10 charge disappears from your cart at pickup. If you experience issues with activation and payment, you may direct your inquiries by calling 1-844-600-7765.


Gifting Dairy Queen gift cards or buying one for your own is a delight for anyone. You can purchase any item from their menu, including their cakes and Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies.

You can also use these cards through online and mobile app purchases.

Should you purchase a gift card through Kroger, it is important to know that the gift cards do not contain balances by default for security purposes.

Thus, an at-home activation and payment are required through the Kroger site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Activate a Gift Card?

Most gift cards are usually activated upon purchase, but if your gift card is not activated, you can call the merchant or visit the link indicated on your card.

Why Is My Gift Card Not Working Online?

One of the reasons for gift cards not working online is insufficient balance.

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