How To Set Up Direct Deposit for McDonald’s

Direct Deposit For Mcdonald’s

Direct deposit is a very convenient way for employees to receive their wages in their bank account; however, quite a few people are struggling with setting it up to receive their paychecks from McDonald’s.


To set up a direct deposit for McDonald’s:

  • Collect the direct deposit application form from McDonald’s.
  • Fill in authentic information such as name, SSN, bank account details, etc.
  • Attach a voided check with the application form.
  • Fill out the form in a legible manner.
  • Finally, submit the form at your McDonald’s office.

To help you out, we have written an extensive guide on how to set up direct deposit for McDonald’s to help make this process easier for you.

Setting Up Direct Deposit for McDonald’s

Setting Up Direct Deposit

The traditional way of getting your paycheck from your employer used to be painfully long and excruciating.

From collecting the form from your HR department, submitting it at your local bank, waiting for the money to be transferred to your account, and then repeating this cycle every payday, the process is extremely tiring.

Thankfully, direct deposits have brought about a revolutionary change in the traditional payment methods in the world.

Now, you can receive your pay from McDonald’s directly into your bank account every payday without leaving the comfort of your home.


According to Americal Payroll Association’s 2020 survey, around 94% of all US employees receive their paychecks directly into their bank account through direct deposit.

Although beneficial, setting up your direct deposit for McDonald’s can be complicated.

To start this process, collect your direct deposit application form from McDonald’s and add authentic information.

This includes all your details, including your Social Security number and signature, to authorize the deposit.


The Social Security number is mentioned on your Social Security card. If you don’t have one, you must visit your nearest Social Security office, fill out an application, and submit it to make the card.

After this, you need to fill in your bank account information. You must also provide a routing or transit number for your account, which you can get from your bank. Keep in mind that this number isn’t always the one that’s on your deposit slip.

Once you’ve provided all your information, you must attach a voided check with your application and submit it to your McDonald’s office to complete your direct deposit setup.


Ensure that you provide all the information correctly and write legibly.

Benefits of Setting Up Direct Deposit for McDonald’s

Setting Up Direct Deposit For Mcdonald's

There’s no denying that setting up direct deposit to receive your pay from McDonald’s is very convenient and can benefit you in multiple ways.

1. No More Bank Trips

As you start receiving your income in your bank account, the biggest responsibility off your shoulder is the elimination of multiple bank trips. Not only does this helps you in saving time, but you’ll also save the commute costs.

2. Split Deposit Made Possible

When you receive a physical paycheck from your employer, you can only submit it in one bank account at a time.

However, with the ease of direct deposit, you can enable split deposit which automatically sends a set percentage of your pay into one account and the rest to another.

3. Creates Stability and Predictability

One of the most frustrating things about the manual paycheck system is waiting for the bank to transfer your salary to your account. This creates a sort of unpredictability where you don’t know the exact day your money will appear in your account.

Direct deposit eliminates this uncertainty, and you can get your amount right on your payday.

4. Pay Slips Get Organized

Storing pay slips in chronological order takes a lot of time and creates the possibility of accidentally misplacing one or two of them, which can be a significant inconvenience.

With direct deposits, you receive electronic pay slips that automatically get stored in your payroll software without you having to do anything.


To start receiving direct deposits from McDonald’s, you must provide them sensitive bank account information, which is later added to their online database.

Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that your information can be hacked or made public, risking the safety of your bank account.

If you submit your form online, use a safe transfer method, as it contains sensitive information you wouldn’t want in the wrong hands. 


To summarize, we have discussed how to set up direct deposit for McDonald’s and discussed a few benefits of this payment system.

We hope that your query has been resolved in this article, and now you can save yourself from the frustration of making multiple bank visits by choosing direct deposit to get your salary from McDonald’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Direct Deposit Take To Set Up?

Collecting the information for your direct deposit form and submitting it to your McDonald’s office might take a few hours.

However, the processing can take a few days as your employer needs to confirm your bank details.

What Days Does McDonald’s Pay With Direct Deposit?

McDonald’s employees usually receive their pay on Wednesdays, through direct deposit, and on a bi-weekly basis.

Does Direct Deposit Cost Money?

Banks can charge an initial fee ranging from $50 to $149 from employers to set up a direct deposit system. They might also charge you transaction fees anywhere from $1.50 to $1.90.

Can a Direct Deposit Fail?

Yes. Sometimes, due to issues like insufficient funds or incorrect information, direct deposits can fail. In such cases, the money is sent back to the McDonald’s account.

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