Which Starbucks Beans Are Not Oily?

Starbucks Beans

If you prefer a less oily coffee or want to avoid clogging your grinding machine, you might wonder which Starbucks beans fit the bill.


Starbucks’ light and medium roast beans are not oily and have a smoother texture and lower acidity than their darker counterpart.

For instance, Starbucks’ Breakfast Blend offers a mild, non-oily coffee experience with bright and tangy citrus flavor notes and a smooth finish due to its medium roast level.

Below, we’ll discuss which Starbucks beans are not oily and how to tell the difference. We’ll also provide some tips for preventing the Starbucks beans from getting oily.

Which Starbucks Beans Are Not Oily?

Arabica Beans

While Starbucks is known for its high-quality Arabica beans from various global sources, not all are processed and roasted in the same way, due to which some might have higher oil content than others.


Starbucks is a renowned coffee chain founded in 1971 and has expanded to over 35,711 stores across 84 countries.

But, if you’re not a fan of oily coffee or don’t want to get your grinding machine clogged now and then, you might wonder which Starbucks beans to choose.

Generally, Starbucks’ light and medium roasted beans are not oily and have a less dense texture and acidity than their darker counterparts.

Some of the lighter roast Starbucks beans that are known for not being oily include the following:

1. Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend Starbucks

Starbucks Breakfast Blend is an excellent option for those who prefer a milder and non-oily coffee experience. This blend is roasted to a medium level, making it lighter than others.

With their bright and tangy flavor notes, these coffee beans have a lively citrusy taste, yielding a refreshing, pure aftertaste.

2. House Blend

House Blend Starbucks

Starbucks House Blend combines fine Latin American beans roasted to a glistening, dark chestnut color to create a medium-level coffee.

The House Blend has a rich, full-bodied flavor with cocoa and toffee notes, perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy a deeper, more complex taste profile.

Since the House Blend is a medium roast, it’s not oily and won’t leave any residue in your coffee maker, ensuring you can enjoy a fresh cup of joe every time.


Starbucks sources coffee beans from Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, buying from 30 of the 70 countries producing coffee.

3. Pike Place

Starbucks Pike Place

Starbucks Pike Place is a smooth, well-rounded, and non-oily blend of high-quality Latin American coffee beans roasted to a medium level, offering a deliciously subtle flavor profile with a rich taste of chocolate and toasted nuts.

How Can You Tell if the Starbucks Coffee Beans Are Oily?

Coffee Beans

To determine if Starbucks coffee beans are oily, check for a sheen on the surface or a greasy residue while rubbing them between your fingers.

Another way is to check the roast level of the Starbucks coffee beans. Generally, darker roasts have more natural oils than lighter ones which come to the surface during the processing.


Starbucks uses two standard methods for processing green coffee beans for roasting: natural and washed.

The natural method involves drying ripe coffee cherries on the tree or ground before hulling. While the washed process, the processors separate the beans from the cherries, submerge them in water, and dry them on patios or with equipment.

Keeping Starbucks Coffee Beans From Getting Oily

Coffe Glass Jar

Starbucks coffee beans can become oily during roasting, but there are several ways to prevent excessive oiliness that may occur after opening the package:

  1. Store the Starbucks beans in an airtight container away from heat or direct sunlight to prevent the oxidization process that can cause them to become oily.
  2. Only grind the number of beans you need for each brewing session to reduce the release of oils.
  3. Make sure to clean your beans grinder regularly to prevent any old, rancid oils from building up and tainting the flavor of your coffee.


This article discusses which Starbucks beans are not oily and how you can tell the difference. Moreover, we’ve discussed some tips to help prevent Starbucks coffee beans from becoming oily.

We hope this guide has provided you with the information you need, and you can now pick the right Starbucks coffee beans while purchasing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK if Coffee Beans Are Oily?

Oily coffee beans can impact the taste of your coffee as they can have a more intense and bitter flavor. They can also clog up your coffee grinder or machine if too much oil builds up.

Does Starbucks Use Real Coffee Beans?

Yes, Starbucks uses real, high-quality, 100% Arabica beans from around the world and roasts them to perfection to create its signature coffee blends.

Which Starbucks Coffee Is the Least Bitter?

Starbucks’ Veranda Blend Blonde Roast is recommended for those seeking the least bitter coffee. This blend has a lighter body and less intense flavor than dark roasts.

Which Starbucks Coffee Is Best in Taste?

The best-tasting Starbucks coffee options include the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso, Iced White Chocolate Mocha, Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew, Iced Starbucks Blonde Caffè Americano, and Iced Caramel Macchiato.

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