What Blenders Do Starbucks Use?

Starbucks Blender

A whole bunch of people start their day by grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks, but no one wonders about the blenders used by them until they need one to get the same taste at their home.


Starbucks uses the Vitamix Quiet One Blender because of its powerful motor and sharp blades. This makes it ideal for blending frozen ingredients and ice quickly and easily.

This blender also features a variety of speed options, so baristas can adjust the pace according to the ingredients they are blending.

For your knowledge, we have discussed below what blenders Starbucks uses, including their features, pricing, durability, and whether they are worth buying for home use.

Why Starbucks Uses Vitamix Quiet One Blender?

Vitamix Blender

Starbucks uses Vitamix Quiet One Blender, a commercial-purpose machine designed to blend heavy and thick ingredients such as ice and chocolate.

Busy bars and restaurants often use this blender due to its durability and multi-functional capabilities.


In the past, Starbucks used Total Blender from Blendtec, which is a premium brand in manufacturing home appliances.

Let’s dive into the specifications of the Vitamix Quiet One Blender:

1. Award-Winning Quiet Blending Technology

Award Winning Quiet Blending Technology

The noise was why Starbucks shifted to Vitamix blenders from Blendtec due to their award-winning quiet blending technology.

Being one of the leading coffee shops in the world with over 35,000+ outlets, Starbucks wants its customers to enjoy coffee in a calm and relaxing environment.

The Blendtec blenders were working smoothly, but people used to complain about the turbulence, which is why Starbucks needs to find something that makes less noise.

Vitamix Quiet One Blender is designed in such a way that it absorbs the sound motor produces. Additionally, it has a plastic cover around the jug that silences a lot of mixing noise and vibration.

2. Powerful Motor

Powerful Motor

Starbucks has a variety of Frappacnnios and cold drinks on its menu, which require a lot of mechanical power to fuse ingredients.

The Vitamix Quiet One blender has a powerful motor and a solid blade that can easily blend the ice cube without getting stuck or dull.


Vitamix Quiet One Blender has a 3 HP motor powered with a 120V current, making it perfect for Starbucks in the U.S.

3. Pre-Installed Modes

Vitamax Blender

Vitamix Quiet One Blender has six programable buttons for adjusting desired speed, power, and duration of blending. This function makes it easy to use at Starbucks as they don’t need to reset the setting for each serving.

Moreover, this blender comes with 34 pre-installed modes for preparing smoothies, coffees, shakes, etc., with a click of one button depending on the drink and the ingredients added.

You can also adjust the speed of the motor in the range of 1-93 because the Quiet One Blender guarantees that users can generate whatever they desire.

4. Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Starbucks also prefers the Vitamix blender because it is easy to use. The blending jar is made of plastic and can be detached effortlessly due to its magnetic base.

Additionally, the blender is simple to clean since the mixture pours out smoothly and hassle-free with a pitcher-like shape, and it is lightweight so that employees can move it around comfortably.


Vitamix Quick One Blender comes with a 48 oz Tritan container of approximately 1400 ML with precise measurement markings that assist in measuring the recipes at Starbucks.

This blender can prepare up to four venti-size coffees in a single go.

5. Durability


Starbucks is one of the busiest coffee shops in the world, so the machines out there should be highly durable and resistant to constant usage.

The Vitamix Quiet One blender’s construction allows it to withstand heavy use and frequent blending and is designed to last and perform in crowded environments.

Besides that, it is also very safe and secure due to the hard shell plastic cover and unbreakable jar.


Vitamix Quiet One Blender has an interlocking system with automatic turn-off protection; the machine will stop if the jar is removed while blending.

6. Pricing & Warranty

Pricing &Amp; Warranty

Vitamix Quiet One Blende costs around $1392; this price can vary according to time and region.

The company provides a 1-year warranty for defects in materials and labor and any performance issues that may arise, whereas a 3-year warranty is available for the motor parts.

Additionally, Vitamix offers a “Vitamix Assurance facility,” which”provides an “additional two years of coverage, bringing the total to 5 years.

Should You Buy Vitamix Quiet One Blender?

Vitamix Quiet One Blender

Vitamix Quiet Blender is one of the best options for Starbucks because they require a commercial machine for high-end usage, which produces less noise.

But, it is not a clever decision to buy this blender for a personal kitchen due to the price because you can find one that performs the same while staying light in your pocket.


In this article, we’ve explained whatever we’ve bucks use and why they prefer them.

Starbucks is a premium coffee brand, so they use the Vitamix Quiet One Blender due to the noise-absorbing feature to add value to their sitting area, and it will be challenging for any blending machine to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starbucks’ BlendersStarbucksStarbucks’Used in Other Restaurants?

Starbucks does not manufacture its blenders; all the machinery used inside the store is sourced from the market. However, It only utilizes high-end products; for example, Vitamix Quiet One blender.

What Vitamix Do They Use at Starbucks?

Starbucks uses Vitamix 36019, also known as Vitamix Quiet One, due to its unique functions and less noise production.

Does Starbucks Use Commercial Blenders?

Starbucks uses commercial blenders because they can perform well even when used frequently and blend ice and thick ingredients.

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