How Much Does Instacart Pay Per Mile?

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If you want to work for Instacart to shop and deliver customers’ online orders to their homes, you might be tempted to know their per-mile compensation.


Instacart usually pays $0.60 per mile, which includes the mileage from the grocery store to the customer’s location. So on average, $7-$10 is the highest you can earn from an order delivered to the customer through Instacart, excluding tips.

For your better understanding, we’ve compiled a guide on how much Instacart pay per mile to shop for items on a single order and deliver them to the customer’s home.

How Instacart Shopping Works?

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Instacart offers you a side-business driving job with flexible timing that pays even if you have no work experience other than a valid driving license and a vehicle.

This delivery service company works with several large local grocery store chains and delivers to many cities on the same day. The company’s business model is a favorite among drivers in food delivery services.

You, as an employed Instacart shopper, utilize the Instacart app on your mobile phone to accept an order from a customer, use your Instacart card to shop and pay for the groceries, deliver goods straight to the customer’s home, and earn per-mile money and benefit from tips in the process.

Instacart Pay per Mile Calculation

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Before knowing how much Instacart pays you for each mile, you must understand the difference between delivery and dispatch miles.

The distance from the store to the destination is delivery miles, while the distance from where an order is accepted to the store is dispatch miles. Additional miles mean the customer’s residence is more than 15 miles from the store.

You must travel these miles to complete the task; Instacart, like most applications, only includes delivery miles in the salary, and the employment report can provide you with that information.


As an independent driver, Instacart does not separately pay you for mileage, and you are responsible for your vehicle’s gas expenditure and repairs. 

Per Mile Instacart Compensation

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On average, Instacart pays $0.60 per mile, including the delivery mileage from the grocery store to the customer location. So, for example, if the distance from the store to the customer location is 15 miles, you will earn a total of $9 for that order or batch.

In most US states, $7-$10 is the highest you can earn from an order delivered to the customer through Instacart, excluding tips. If the customer location is more than 15 miles away from the store, you will get $0.60 for each additional mile.


When mileage costs and extra payroll taxes are taken out, the average Instacart worker only makes $7.66/hour, according to more than 1,400 samples of pay data sent by Instacart workers across the country.

Instacart Payment Schedule

Pay Day At Instacart

Payday for Instacart is on Wednesday, which is figured out from the previous Monday to Sunday batches.

Instacart pays you each week fairly because it has a fast payout system, reliable payment processing times, and a variety of ways to cash out your earnings.


At Instacart, the average monthly salary for a Full Service Shopper is $3,036.

Payment Variables of Instacart Pay per Mile

The pay structure of Instacart is based on several variables, such as:

  1. Order maintained at the specified time.
  2. The number of products/items in an order.
  3. The order size and weight.
  4. Anticipated wait time.
  5. Work required to shop and deliver the order to the customer’s location.

Shoppers who receive customers’ five-star reviews are awarded $3 Quality Bonuses.


This informative article explains the difference between Instacart delivery, dispatch, and additional miles and how much they pay you per mile. You also get familiarized with the Instacart payout structure and payment variables affecting your pay rate.

Hopefully, you can track your miles and count on a reliable income stream while completing orders in your local area as an Instacart delivery person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Instacart Pay per Trip?

For a typical hourly wage of $17, which includes tips, you can expect to get $5 to $10 for each delivery. So as long as you have earned at least $5, Instacart pays weekly.

How Can I Drive for Instacart?

To drive for Instacart:

  • You must possess a car or often have access to one to drive.
  • The Instacart app requires a smartphone, which you must own (either an Android 5.0 or newer or an iPhone iOS 6s or newer).
  • You ought to be able to lift at least 50 pounds without any assistance.
  • A valid driver’s license.

How Much Do You Tip Instacart Delivery?

You can pay 5% of your total order amount as a tip to the Instacart delivery driver. Although the minimum suggested tip is $2 per delivery, you can change it while placing the order through the Instacart app.

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