What Does “Origin Scan” Mean at USPS?

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Whether you are sending or expecting parcels from USPS, you might have seen your package’s delivery status converting to “Origin Scan” when tracked and may wonder about the meaning of this term.


The phrase “Origin Scan” is a delivery tracking status that may appear when your parcel interacts with any USPS hub for the first time. This notification indicates that your package has started its journey to the destination.

To add more to your knowledge, we have discussed what “Origin Scan” means at USPS in detail, when you can expect your package after getting this notification, and some other facts regarding USPS shipments.

What Does “Origin Scan” Mean at USPS?

USPS (United States Parcel Service) receive and deliver parcels worldwide, and during the shipping process, you may come across several delivery statutes, including “Origin Scan,” while tracking your package.

“Origin Scan” is a shipment tracking status that may appear when your parcel reaches and gets scanned at any USPS hub, no matter whether you are a sender or receiver.


USPS collects parcels in various ways, such as you can drop off the packages at USPS stores or their affiliate locations, or they even pick up the boxes from your doorstep if requested.

On the flip side, if you are a receiver and ordered online from a USPS partner store, the seller can also hand over your parcel to the USPS in any of the ways mentioned above.

To elaborate more, let’s explore some primary steps involved in sending or receiving parcels through USPS so that you may understand the meaning of “Origin Scan” even more clearly.

1. Dropping Off Parcel at Any USPS Facility

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As discussed above, as a sender, you can drop parcels with the receiver’s details at USPS stores and their affiliate partner’s locations. Similarly, as a receiver, the seller can also drop off your parcel at these locations when you order online from USPS partner stores.

In the next step, the USPS representative prints a barcode label and pastes it on your consignment. At this stage, the delivery status of your parcel will be “Label Created.”


When you drop off your parcel at USPS stores, its delivery status will not go straight to the “Origin Scan” because it is still not scanned and entered into the shipment process.

2. Parcel Reaching the USPS Hub

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In the next step, your parcel moves from where you dropped it off to the USPS hub, where the barcode label printed on it gets scanned for the first time.

After scanning, regardless of whether you are a sender or receiver, your package’s delivery status will convert to “Origin Scan” from the “Label Created.”


By the end of 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) had 22 main distribution hubs in America.

3. Parcel Reaching USPS Destination Facility

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After leaving the USPS hub, whether you are a sender or receiver, your parcel will come to the nearest USPS destination facility of the mentioned receiving address, where it will be dispatched for final delivery.


You will only encounter “Origin Scan” on your parcel delivery status when it gets scanned on entering the USPS hub.


In this short guide, we discussed what “Origin Scan” means at USPS and some primary processes by which every USPS parcel passes before being delivered to the destination address.

We hope you understand that there is nothing to worry about regarding the “Origin Scan” delivery tracking status and that this notification usually appears only once in every shipment processed at USPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My USPS Package Not Scanned?

If you drop off your package at the USPS store or their affiliate partner’s location after the duty ends, your parcel will be scanned the next day. You may need to wait for Monday or the next working day if it’s a weekend.

Can a Package Be Delivered Without Being Origin Scanned?

No, USPS pastes barcode labels on every package they receive, which contain the sender and receiver information, including address and phone number, so they can’t deliver parcels without scanning.

Why Is My USPS Package Stuck in “Origin Scan”?

Your package can get stuck in “Origin Scan” due to a high volume of parcels, weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, such as carrier or customs issues.

What Is the Difference Between “Origin Scan” and” Arrival Scan”?

Your package passes through multiple USPS facilities before getting delivered. Each time it enters a USPS facility, the delivery status will update to “Arrival Scan,” but when your parcel  gets scanned at the USPS hub, its shipment status converts to “Origin Scan.”

What Is “Destination Scan” at USPS?

The delivery tracking status of your parcel will convert to “Destination Scan” when it gets scanned at the USPS destination facility, where it will dispatch for the final delivery.

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