Why Is No One Picking Up My Instacart Order?

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Instacart is a booming online grocery service platform with 500 million products in its catalog.

The fresh and organic goods, personalized customer experience, and fast turnaround time of thirty minutes or less make it an incredible choice in the e-commerce industry.

Then how in the world are they not picking up your Instacard order?


Simply put, Instacart gives shoppers the liberty of taking orders according to their will and ease. That means they will not get any penalty if they refuse to do some deliveries.

So, if that happens, the logic could be:

  • Difficulty with the location
  • Technical issues
  • No generous tipping
  • Rough weather
  • No staff availability

And several other problems, as mentioned below.

Buckle up! Here we are going to uncover the rock-solid reasons behind the abandoning of your Instacart order. So, let’s jump straight into it.

7 Reasons Instacart Is Not Taking Your Order

After analyzing the situation from top to bottom, we have pinned down all the potential reasons below with solutions to get you out of trouble:

1. Far-Flung Location

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Once you place the order on Instacart, it will be shown to the independent contractors to make the shipment successfully.

But if your location is off the beaten track, the shopper will automatically cast it aside, especially when they have better opportunities.

Of course, it’s not your fault if you live far from the local retail stores. But things can be better if you offer the Instacart driver a luring tip. Or if they still leave you high and dry, don’t lose hope.

You can still try amazing alternatives like Shipt, DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, etc. And this brings us to the second big reason.

2. No-Good Tipping

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Instacart shoppers fetch those orders that offer them generous tipping. So, look around if your tip is not good enough to encourage the shoppers to accept your Instacart order then and there.

Primarily, the Instacart help center suggests customers to-go for a 5% tipping of their total bills because it wins the chance that the shoppers will happily pick up their orders.

3. Poor Weather Conditions

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Rough weather is another cause if your request is thrown over. Shoppers probably avoid shipments in heavy snowfall, downpours, or murky fog conditions.

So, if that is the case with you, be patient and wait until the weather becomes clear or any other shopper responds to your request.

4. Busy Instacart Hours

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In the morning and evening hours, roads are busy since people are either going or rushing back from work at this time.

Thus, the riders won’t support your request if you want them to make the shipments between these hours. So, keep an eye while you’re placing your order.

5. Technology Goofs

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Instacart runs through wifi, mobile app, and smartphones, which may sometimes cause technical errors or glitches.

That means if the technology is down for whatever reason, your instacart order will not be picked up instantly. All you can do is hold your horses unless the problem is resolved for the active processing of all the operations.

6. No Staff Availability

Often when you place your order, the shoppers might be already swamped, or there is no staff available in your area to reserve the shipment.

In that case, waiting can help if you’re not in a hurry; otherwise, taking the other route would be far better.

7. Other Reasons

There might be other reasons if the above doesn’t resonate with you. In some cases, riders are new to the crew and need to learn more about the order fulfillment process, which can also cause difficulty in picking up your order.

Or if your required stuff is out of stock or heavy with low tipping, the contractors will give others the first place.

Moreover, your order will also get dismissal if you haven’t paid well for the priority delivery.

Pro tip:

If none of the shoppers doesn’t take your order, Instacart will automatically cancel it with a refund.

But if the amount didn’t reflect in your account, ask Instacart for a refund within seven days of placing your order. Claiming as early as possible always gives an edge in preventing awful situations.

Final Takeaway

In essence, acquainting yourself with Instacart suggestions and shopper preferences will put you ahead in making your order fulfillment successful.

Contact the Instacart help section at or email [email protected] for further assistance.

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