How Long Does It Take FedEx To Sort Packages?

Fedex Employee Unloading Boxes For Delivery, Shipping Logistics.

If you are expecting a package through FedEx and come across the status “At Destination Sort Facility,” you might wonder how long the package will take to arrive at your doorstep.

This will lead to another question in the back of your mind: how much time does FedEx take to sort the packages at its sorting facility?


Dealing with the high volume of parcels isn’t an easy task, and FedEx does an exceptional job of delivering millions of packages each day.

They have developed a sorting facility to arrange the packages according to their addresses. The time FedEx associates take to sort these packages often depends on the volume, the shipping method used, and the location of the sorting facility.

On average, it takes 2-4 hours to sort the packages, but it may also take longer during the holiday season when there are millions of packages.

So, we have some details if you want a peek into how FedEx works at the sorting facility!

FedEx Sorting Facility

Fedex Corporation Is American Global Courier Delivery Services Company.

Federal Express remains the most reliable and famous courier delivery service around the globe because of its multiple shipping options and accurate tracking tools.

It is responsible for delivering 3.4 million packages daily in the U.S. alone, which hints that they have an effective sorting strategy to ensure the parcels reach their destinations on time or earlier than promised.

To ensure this speed and accuracy of package handling, FedEx has a dedicated sorting facility to arrange parcels according to their destinations.

This sorting facility is a large-scale warehouse where the parcels are arranged according to size and ZIP codes after proper checking and labeling.

Once the parcels are sorted, they are dispatched to their destination. Usually, it takes three for the parcel to go to the sorting facility from the warehouse.

Sorting Process

Loaded Boxes

If you want to track how long it will take them to deliver your parcel, you’ve got to figure out how long FedEx takes to sort the packages.

The parcels stay with FedEx for three to five business days as different facilities have different shipping methods, which impacts the time it takes to sort and dispatch the orders. Also, the sorting time depends on the location. For instance:

  • The sort takes around four hours at the Memphis Tennessee Superhub and is done late at night or early morning.
  • In the east coast U.S., the sort takes around two hours, given the time zone differences.

The sorting time usually varies with the parcel volume, as parcels exceed the one million mark during the holiday season. Yes, that’s the count for a single night.

To ensure an efficient sorting process, FedEx has a conveyor system with which the parcels are hand-scanned as they move along the belt. Once the barcodes are scanned, the parcels are automatically shifted to a specific warehouse area for loading onto the delivery vehicle.

However, if the parcel must be transferred to a third-party delivery contractor, it is sent to their warehouse. Once the parcels are sorted, they remain at the sorting facility for 24 hours before the delivery vehicle takes them away.

Getting Your Parcel From the Sorting Facility

Fedex Driver Loading Boxes Into Delivery Truck Day Exterior.

After the packages are sorted, they are put on the delivery trucks within 24 hours. However, if the parcel has been at the sorting facility for over two days, you should contact the customer support helpline to get an update on the delivery status.

If you are wondering if it’s possible to pick up the package from the FedEx facility, yes, it’s possible. You can use the FedEx Hold at Location service to request that they keep your package at the location until you visit and pick it up later.

Entry Restrictions

Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to enter the facility. Instead, a representative will give you the parcel in the office after asking a few security questions and getting your signature.

Bottom Line

It can be overwhelming to wait for the package, and you might have questions like how much more time it will take to receive it. Once your package arrives at the sorting facility, you should be excited, but not too much, as it may take a few more hours for the package to show up at your door.

The sorting facilities are vital for FedEx, as they help speed up the process of organizing and delivering the parcels to their destination.

Concludingly, it takes two to four hours to sort the parcels, depending on the volume. Once sorted, the parcels are handed over to the mail carriers for delivery to their final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sorting Facility the Last Step in Parcel Delivery?

Technically, it’s the second last step because the last step of your parcel delivery is receiving the parcel at your door.

However, the sorting facility is considered one of the final stages, after which the packages are loaded onto the truck and set out for delivery.

What Does “Arrived at Destination Sort Facility” Mean?

The FedEx package goes through multiple stages to ensure accurate and timely delivery. Once the package arrives in the recipient’s city, it goes straight to the local FedEx office, sorting according to the different vicinities for delivery.

As soon as your package arrives at the FedEx warehouse near the recipient’s address, the status will be updated to “Arrived at Destination Sort Facility.”

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