Why Is My USPS Package Stuck in Pre-Shipment?

Usps Package Stuck In Pre-Shipment

The United States Postal Service (USPS) was founded in 1971 as an independent postal agency to serve the people of the United States. It routinely picks up and delivers thousands of letters and packages every day across the country through more than 31,000 post offices.

Due to its reach across the entire country, it is usually the preferred mode of shipping for most e-commerce companies and people to get their products shipped and delivered on time.

However, sometimes people who opt for USPS as the preferred mode of delivery may not be able to track the exact status of their package as the tracking status on the USPS website may show up as “Pre-Shipment,” even after a couple of days have passed since they placed their order.

That’s when customers eagerly awaiting their order start asking themselves one question repeatedly.

Why Is My USPS Package Stuck in Pre-Shipment?


People love shopping online and getting their orders delivered to their homes or offices at their convenience. But sometimes, their package delivery status keeps showing “Pre-Shipment.”

The reasons for this notification could be anything from USPS failing to update their shipment tracker with the current update or the shipper still not handing over the package to USPS.

Some other reasons for your USPS package being stuck in “Pre-Shipment” could be:

  • The product you have ordered is out of stock.
  • The seller has not dropped the package at USPS.
  • Package barcode not scannable.
  • The package was not scanned at the USPS collection center.

Given the reasons mentioned above, it is obvious that delays in the package delivery or its current shipment status being updated can be either due to the shipper or USPS.

In this article, we looked closely at the varied reasons your USPS package status could show up as “Pre Shipment” mode on their website.

USPS Package Status: Pre-Shipment

USPS’s extensive delivery network across the entire United States makes it a strong favorite among shippers and customers. Both rely completely on the timely updates that USPS provides on the shipment’s delivery status.

However, sometimes people notice that their package delivery status shows “Pre-Shipment” for quite a couple of days, which causes them to get impatient about its delivery.

Moreover, since they are not updated on the exact delivery status, they cannot schedule a time to be present in their home or office where they expect the package.

These unforeseen delivery delays further add to their anxiety about getting the shipment when they require it the most.

Reasons for Packages Being Stuck in “Pre-Shipment”

Packages Stuck In Pre-Shipment

Customers should be a bit patient if their package is stuck in pre-shipment as the reasons for the same could vary quite a bit.

To help customers understand these reasons better, we shared a few of them over here for their reference:

1. Status Not Updated by USPS

Status Not Updated By Usps

This could be one of the prime reasons your shipment’s status shows up as “Pre-Shipment” whenever you check its current delivery status.

While USPS staffers are required to scan the package and update its current status when they pick up the package at the origin city itself, they are sometimes unable to do so due to the sheer volume of packages they handle daily.

This especially happens during festive seasons and big holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

2. Shipping Barcode Printed, but Order Not Ready

Shipping Barcode

This scenario generally occurs when one expects a shipment from an e-commerce company.

The shipping team in such big e-commerce companies usually prints out the USPS delivery barcodes in a single lot for easy processing of the orders at their end.

But it may so happen that the shipping barcode could be printed, but the actual goods or packaging may not be ready.

As a result, while the USPS site would be updated with the status “Pre-Shipment,” the goods may not have been handed over to USPS for delivery.

You might also see the “Pre-Shipment” notification in other scenarios. For example, some sellers may print the barcodes to inform customers that their orders have been confirmed and are in the pre-shipment stage.

3. Product Out of Stock

Product Out Of Stock

Due to bulk orders, some e-commerce companies cannot track their inventory accurately and may take more orders than they can process at a given time.

In such scenarios, while the USPS shipping barcode may have been printed and kept ready for dispatch, the actual shipment may be delayed until the companies can produce or receive new stock.

If you try tracking your shipment at this stage, you will keep seeing the “Pre Shipment” notification for quite a few days until your order is packed and shipped.

4. Package Not Delivered to USPS

Package Not Delivered To Usps

Some sellers have pre-fixed schedules, based on which they deliver all their shipments to USPS for scanning and further delivery. The time range for this could vary from a few hours to a few days, based on the orders received by the seller.

However, since the USPS barcode for the same has already been printed, it could show up as a “Pre Shipment” status.


Everybody looks forward to getting their shipments on time as they can hold something essential. Due to this, they keep checking the USPS website for the current status of the delivery.

But some customers get disappointed as their USPS package seems stuck in “Pre Shipment” for quite a few days after placing the order.

Well, if you ever get such a notification, you should not worry too much as the package could be on its way, with its current status not being updated or there being a genuine delay due to the seller getting your order ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does “Pre Shipment” Mean the Delivery Is on Its Way?

No, the “Pre Shipment” status does not mean the delivery is on its way. Instead, it means that the Product has not yet reached USPS for delivery.

When Will the “Pre Shipment” Status Change?

The “Pre Shipment” status will change once USPS gets the package and scans its barcode to update its records.

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