What Does Green Mean on DoorDash?


DoorDash has proven itself to be a remarkable delivery service. However, some people still find it a bit confusing to use.

Many people are not sure about the different symbols used by the DoorDash app to communicate. Specifically, the green area on the map.

Join us as we explore what “green” means, along with other colors.


The DoorDash app uses color-coded symbols on the map to explain the delivery status and other important information.

Red indicates the order is processing, yellow shows that the order is complete, blue indicates that it’s waiting to be claimed, and grey indicates that it’s been claimed.

Similarly, certain areas on the map are green, whereas some are not.

The green spots on a DoorDash map signify all locations where the delivery service is available, i.e., areas where DoorDash is active.

You can use this to ensure your desired restaurant is in the green zone.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the DoorDash app in detail, along with its many different symbols. Most importantly, let’s discover what the green area on the map stands for.

The DoorDash Map


First, let us talk about the DoorDash Heat map.

The map is a way for Dashers to figure out which areas are most active. The map can also determine your delivery status and estimate how long your delivery will take.

The DoorDash app uses color coding when it comes to delivery status.

This is done to make sure you are constantly updated about your food. It also helps make the overall experience of using an app easier and more efficient.

There is a key at the bottom of every DoorDash map that will help explain what the different colors symbolize.

The status of your order is communicated through different colored dots. Typically, red indicates that your order is currently in progress. Yellow means that your order has been completed.

Subsequently, blue indicates that your order is waiting to be claimed by a Dasher, and grey is used for orders that have been claimed by a Dasher and are waiting to be picked up.

The Green Area on the Map


If you look closely at the map, you might see some areas in green. Now, the question is; what does the green indicate?

Well, to put it briefly, the green indicates areas where DoorDash is active. Any area of the map that is green is an area where DoorDash can deliver orders. It shows the service coverage area of the delivery service.

Therefore, if your area of interest is green, you are good to go!

Of course, depending on the location, there might be some obstacles, such as an extra delivery fee or other limitations.

This is why it is always recommended to confirm with DoorDash about its delivery service to a particular area in case of any restrictions.

However, since green usually depicts the availability of the delivery service, you don’t have anything to worry about.

How To Make Use of the Map


Don’t let the map scare you.

It may not look very easy, but it is relatively simple to use. As always, you have to start by downloading the DoorDash app.

Once done, open the app. You will immediately see a map with all the available restaurants indicated on it.

Select from this map or type your desired restaurant’s name in the search bar. Either way, remember to keep the green area in mind.

Once you’ve selected your desired place, you can place an order.

The app will let you know when your order is on its way with the help of the colored dots we discussed earlier.


In conclusion, the green area on the DoorDash map signifies the place where the delivery service is available.

If you are in the green, you are good to go!

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