Why Did DoorDash Call Me?

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Food delivery services are a lifesaver for people staying away from home. It is also a savior when hosting big parties or having a time crunch. One such delivery service popular across the US is DoorDash.

Despite its popularity, many DoorDash scams are coming up. Did you choose a no-contact delivery yet, getting calls or messages from DoorDash? Are you wondering why did DoorDash contact you?

They may contact you if the executive fails to track your address or you are unavailable at the selected address.

Beware!!! When DoorDash contacts you after food is delivered or when no order is placed. If DoorDash is asking for some information, it may be some scam.

Let us learn when you need to be careful about DoorDash contact.


DoorDash executives can call you if they cannot track your address or if you are unavailable. They may also call or message you to sort out your problems with delivery or placing an order. Apart from that, the DoorDash contact can be a scam.

Some of the most notable DoorDash calls reported by the customers are:

  • Email Survey.
  • Fraudulent Attempts.
  • Fake Dashers.
  • Food delivery executives stealing the food.

There were several such instances when customers received calls and messages from DoorDash, and they turned out to be fake. DoorDash has no reason to call you unless they cannot deliver your food for some reason.

Are DoorDash calls usual? Why did the Dasher call you? When there’s no face-to-face interaction and orders to payments are all through the app, why did you receive a DoorDash call? It is crucial to be aware of the scams going around. Let us delve deeper.

When Does DoorDash Contact You?

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You need to add your contact information to the app to order your favorite food from different restaurants and get a warm meal delivered to your doorstep. So, does that mean the food delivery person calls directly for no reason?

You need not worry because your information remains hidden, and all the texts and calls, if required, are done through the app. The executive cannot see your phone number unless you add it to the instruction.

You get a call or message from DoorDash if the delivery executive is late for traffic or other reason. If they cannot find your address or if you are unavailable at the given address.

DoorDash never shares your number with the delivery executive and vice versa for any communication. They value customers’ privacy, and all the calls to solve a problem are through the app.

If you get calls from DoorDash directly, you should think twice before sharing any information. The DoorDash scams are on the rise, and calls from a dasher asking for unnecessary info may cause you trouble.

DoorDash Scam Calls

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Do you know 45% of the US food delivery market is controlled by DoorDash? It is a safe app to order food and essentials, but exceptions exist.

In 2019, 4.9 million dashers, merchants, and customers confirmed data breaches. It means the hackers successfully stole their personal information giving rise to several questions on the genuineness and security of the app.

Some of the scams that customers come across are:

1. Email Surveys

With email surveys, hacking your information is very easy. It is a common way of credential stuffing. In this scam, you receive an email to take a survey. They ensure you complete the survey by adding discounts on your next delivery.

When you get attracted to the deal and go ahead with the survey, you are asked to log in to the website. This site looks exactly like DoorDash, but in reality, it is an exactly similar looking third-party controlled site.

Logging in from the third-party page help scammers extract your personal information without your knowledge.

2. Fraudulent Attempts

It is one of the most dangerous phishing attempts that can even harvest your credit card detail. You receive a message or mail with a link in it.

Here, the scammer/third party pretends to be a trustworthy entity like DoorDash. They send messages to be a part of DoorDash. It helps the scammers to build trust and make the victim go ahead with the process.

As soon as you click on the link sent in the message, you are directed to a fake site where you need to confirm your recent order delivery details. You are subjected to stolen data once you do so.

Do not get fooled by unverified emails. Be clever enough to check and verify if you have placed an order at all on the app.

3. Fake Dashers

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When you place an order, and someone shows up to deliver, it is difficult to judge if the Dasher is fake or real. The 2019 DoorDash delivery address leak has helped criminals to use them for scams.

It is upsetting to find a scammer at your door. Be extremely careful before collecting the order from the person. Tracking details are easily available on the app itself.

Before picking up the delivery, open the app and make sure that the assigned Dasher is at your door. If the delivery person shows somewhat away, you need to be careful. Do not receive calls or open the door if you are doubtful.

4. Fake Customer Support Representative

Like customers, the dashers also get scammed by third parties. Here the scammer places a small order in the nearby restaurant. As soon as the Dasher accepts the order, the scammer poses as a DoorDash customer service rep and calls the Dasher.

By now, the scammer knows the Dasher’s phone number as they placed the order. From order details to the Dasher’s name, the scammer gets all detail.

When the Dasher picks up the call, he is asked to share the customer’s name. Then, he is informed that his account is having problems due to some glitch, and the order needs to be canceled.

Next, he is asked to share the login details and 2-factor authentication code. As soon as the Dasher shares the same, the scammer gets access to his account. By changing the bank account details, the scammer withdraws all his earnings.

Customer or delivery person, beware of the scammers or anyone asking you to click on links or for your login details.

5. Dashers Stealing Food

It is unfortunate to find the dashers stealing your food and tampering with your parcel. The food delivery executive may deny stealing. They may say that the customer did not respond to their calls and messages, and food didn’t get delivered.

During such situations, get to the bottom first. If the order has been tampered with, report it to DoorDash support immediately. The DoorDash rider is not supposed to open and check the box to be delivered.

A delayed order can be the restaurant’s fault or a delivery address mix-up. There may be several reasons. So, before reporting the Dasher to the Support, get to the depth.

Whatever the situation is, you may get a call from DoorDash for this entire mess.

Is It Safe To Use DoorDash App?

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Yes, DoorDash is a safe app unless you fall prey to scams. Exercising caution and awareness can make your association with DoorDash pleasurable.

DoorDash handles any serious issue with good communication and prides itself on ensuring safety. The Dasher may call or text you if contact is required and if the capability feature in the app is turned on.

However, the Dasher cannot see your number in any way unless you directly provide them. So, you can order your favorite food any time of the day without worries.


DoorDash calls are usually for specific purposes. Moreover, none of the DoorDash folks will ask for your number or login details. Everything is done through the app, and your number is completely safe.

Just be alert about the scams and in case of any doubts, get in touch with the customer support team immediately. Keep ordering and enjoying the range of flavors from different restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DoorDash Scam Customers?

DoorDash is a trustworthy, safe, and reliable 24×7 delivery app for users, vendors, and drivers. All the dashers are specially screened through background checks making it a secure app for customers. Be alert about the scams, and use the online platform to order food from your favorite restaurant without any worries.

What Happens if You Get Scammed on DoorDash?

If you doubt a scam or identity theft, report it immediately. Contact DoorDash support on their app, or you may call the DoorDash phone number. If scammers leak your payment information, do not delay and inform your bank immediately.

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