What Is the Famous Amazon Coat?

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The “Famous Amazon Coat” has become a viral sensation, dominating social media feeds, New York City streets, and Amazon’s best-seller list. But what exactly is this coat, and why has it gained such popularity? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the Famous Amazon Coat, also known as the Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket.


The Famous Amazon Coat refers to the Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket, a product of the Chinese clothing brand Orolay. It gained popularity on social media and Amazon’s best-seller list due to its stylish design, affordable price, and high-quality features. The coat is known for its unique square-shaped pockets, paneling, and slightly oversized, hooded design.

The Origins of the Famous Amazon Coat

The Famous Amazon Coat is a product of the Chinese clothing brand Orolay, which was previously known for its home furnishings. The coat first gained attention on the streets of New York City’s Upper East Side and quickly became a must-have item after receiving media coverage.

Jessica Reich, a teacher at the 92nd Street Y, found the coat on a travel blog in 2016 and started promoting it. The coat’s popularity grew as fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Amazon reviewers, and even celebrities like Lucy Hale, Drew Barrymore, and Emma Stone started endorsing it.

Design Features of the Amazon Coat

The Amazon Coat is characterized by its slightly oversized, hooded design. It comes in various colors including olive green, black, navy, cream, and even metallic shades. The coat features square-shaped pockets and paneling on the front, which some attribute to the influence of luxury fashion house Balenciaga. Despite its relatively affordable price (around $129.99), the coat has been compared to more expensive brands like Sacai and Moncler.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The Amazon Coat has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon and over 16,000 five-star reviews. Customers appreciate the coat’s affordability, quality, and design. Some of the features that users love include its multiple pockets, warm hood, and expandable sides, making it a great option for pregnant women or those carrying a baby.

Pricing and Market Comparison

Priced at around $140, the Amazon Coat is significantly cheaper than other popular winter coats in the market. It offers a good balance of style, warmth, and affordability. For instance, a Walmart dupe of the Amazon Coat is available for $35, while other puffer coats and parkas on Amazon can range from $30 to over $100.

The Amazon Coat’s success demonstrates the power of online reviews, social media, and influencer marketing in driving consumer behavior. It also highlights the potential for lesser-known brands to compete with established fashion labels. The coat’s popularity has prompted other brands to consider how they can leverage online platforms and consumer behavior trends to drive growth and sales.


The Famous Amazon Coat is more than just a winter coat; it is a cultural phenomenon that has shifted consumer behavior and fashion trends. Its popularity shows the power of social media and online reviews in influencing consumer choices. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, affordable, and warm winter coat, you might want to check out the Famous Amazon Coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of the Famous Amazon Coat?

The Famous Amazon Coat is made from a polyester shell and lined with a warm, white duck down filling. It is both water-resistant and windproof, making it ideal for winter weather.

How does the sizing of the Amazon Coat work?

The Amazon Coat follows standard US sizing and ranges from XX-Small to 5X-Large. Many reviewers have noted that it has a slightly oversized fit, so you may want to order a size down if you prefer a more tailored look.

Is the Amazon Coat available internationally?

Yes, the Amazon Coat is available for international shipping. However, shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the destination country.

Does the Amazon Coat come with a warranty or return policy?

Yes, Orolay offers a 30-day return policy for the Amazon Coat. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund.

How should I care for my Amazon Coat?

The Amazon Coat should be hand washed or dry cleaned to maintain its quality. It’s not recommended to machine wash or bleach the coat.

Yes, besides the Amazon Coat, Orolay has a range of other popular outerwear options including rain jackets, parkas, and vests.

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