When Can I Get Rehired at Amazon?


Deciding to leave Amazon is daunting. Even as you step out of the office gates, you’re probably still contemplating if you have made the right decision.

It may help to know that Amazon can be open to rehiring former employees. But when exactly does Amazon rehire someone?


The reason for leaving the company impacts the waiting period for your reapplication. You can wait for one year before reapplying so the management team can filter out the candidates that are qualified for other positions. However, reapplying ninety (90) days after your departure is ideal, especially if you have built a good rapport.

This article will tackle your eligibility, an adequate waiting period before reapplying, and potential causes for ineligibility. Read on!

Who Are Qualified for Rehiring?

Job Interview

You can reapply as long as you have an excellent reputation. You can reapply even if you retired or resigned. You may reapply if you were laid off.

Employees Who Have Built a Good Rapport

Good Rapport

If you have a satisfactory record with Amazon, you can be eligible for rehire. It would be much easier for you if you had no issues with colleagues and if you had contributed to maintaining a harmonious and proactive company culture.

Employees of Great Value to the Company

Customer Satisfaction

Someone who has shown their value to Amazon is eligible for rehire. Amazon values proactive members.

Employees Who Formally Resigned


If you have left the company on good terms, you increase your chances for rehire. Letting the company know about your departure is respectful. Giving them a notice helps them prepare for your leave and look for a replacement.

When Can You Reapply for a Job at Amazon?

Points For Improvement

While management searches for other candidates since your departure, the one-year waiting period is ample time to recollect and deliberate on your performance. It is an excellent time to establish your strengths and see your points for improvement.

How Long Is the Waiting Period?

Waiting Period

The waiting period is shorter for former employees who voluntarily left the company and longer for those who involuntarily left (former employees with terminated contracts).

Who Are Not Eligible for Rehire?


Former employees unfit for the position or those with unpleasant standing with the company have decreased chances for rehire.

If you took the severance pay after getting fired, Amazon can’t rehire you.


The waiting period before reapplying to Amazon depends on your reason for leaving.

You may be asked to wait for a year before reapplying. Some exceptions can cause you to wait for a shorter period. Former employees with good rapport and employees who voluntarily left the company can wait for a shorter period. Ideally, ninety days is an adequate time before reapplying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I Am Qualified for Rehire at Amazon?

Former employees are eligible for rehire through Amazon’s rehire policy. You increase your chances for rehire if you have an excellent standing.

Can a Terminated Employee Be Rehired at Amazon?

Former employees can reapply at Amazon. However, previous disciplinary actions and policy violations may contribute to ineligibility.

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