How To Remember Amazon Leadership Principles

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Amazon has become a household name with 5.6 billion direct visitors per month. The company owes its remarkable growth to its leading principles established by its founder Jeff Bezos is the heart and soul of this giant retail.

These principles carry such weight that other companies and individuals follow them for personal, professional, and business growth.

Furthermore, these Amazon fundamentals are a linchpin to ace any interview for any open position at Amazon.


To learn and remember Amazon’s Leadership Principles, you must know your objective to learn these postulates.

After narrowing down your purpose, the following strategies will make it easy to remember them:

  • Get to the core of Amazon’s principles.
  • Build a connection between your previous work and life experiences and these fundamentals.
  • Read about Amazon employees’ work experience.

Below you’ll find all the practical strategies that will assist you in finding your motives and ways to help you remember Amazon’s leadership principles.

Be Clear About Your Objective

An arrow shot without an aim doesn’t contribute to growth in an archer’s skills. Similarly, if your purpose of learning the Amazon principles isn’t crystal-clear, you cannot get the most out of them.

Suppose you aim to smash the interview at Amazon. In that case, you’ll have to understand the assessment structure of behavioral-based interviews, the Star method of Amazon, and the bar raiser in the interview panel, to learn these principles well.

In other scenarios, your business growth could be your supreme objective. To apply these postulates to your own company, you’ll have to get the kernel of these fundamentals rather than just memorizing them.

Amazon’s Leading Principles are celebrated because of their efficacy in an individual’s growth. A genius like Jeff Bezos inspires millions; an individual can benefit from his theories and rise to success.

Way To Remember Amazon Leadership Principles

Here are the six sure-fire ways to sharpen your skills and knowledge as an Amazon employee:

1. Develop a Deep Understanding

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On the surface, Amazon principles are just a few words long sentences. Still, intrinsically these little sentences are like the tip of an iceberg.

To retain the principles in your memory, get the essence of each sentence. There are plenty of explanations available for each key point.

Ensure you get the central idea behind each point, such as what Jeff Bezos thought when he invented the phrases like ‘customer obsession’ and “Ar” right, A lot,’ and what t means for the firm.

A comprehensive understanding of BezBezos’y points will help you prepare for a job interview and broaden your horizons to evaluate your business and problem-solving skills.

2. Relate the Principles to Your Experience

The Palo Alto Location Hosts A9 Search, Amazon Web Services, And Amazon Game Studios Teams.

After getting the gist of fundamentals, you will likely find a connection between specific life experiences and these guiding factors at Amazon.

Find instances in your previous work experiences where you implemented these driving forces peculiar to Amazon.

By building a relationship between the two, they will stay in your long-term memory. Moreover, the link will help you polish your analytical and critical skills.

You can draw conclusions, see the bigger picture, and get incredible benefits.

3. Weave Your Stories Around Amazon Principles

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Stories are a proven way to remember things easily.

If acing the Amazon behavior-related interview sits at the top of your goals list, tuning the connection between Amazon principles and your life into exciting and meaningful stories will change the game and give you a way ahead.

You must be smart with your words and bring them into the light. To stand out among the applicants, you must impress them with your storytelling skills centered around amazon’s principles.

4. Consult Past Interview Questions

Businessman Job Interview By Human Resource Hr Officer Interviwing, Talk New Employee Shaking Hands In Office With Smiling Face. Hr Manager Interview Check Resume, Face To Face. Job Interview Concept

If you want to remember Amazon Leadership Principles specifically for your interview, questions asked in the previous interviews will help immensely.

Analyze how the interviewer wants to see your comprehension of the postulates and your stability for the job.

Go through the questions and implement The Star Method to answer each effectively and smartly. The more questions you’ll go through, the more they’ll become in your memory.

5. Read Ex-Amazon Employees’ Experiences

Line Of People Waiting To Enter The Amazon Go Store, During The Grand Opening, At The Downtown Seattle Amazon Headquarters

Amazon claims that their principals are not just wall hangings but are central to their everyday tasks, from decision-making to the ones performed on the ground. Those who have worked at Amazon have seen and applied the fundamentals first-hand.

Reading their memories and insights will give you the core lessons and what to expect during your interview and job there.

6. Make Acronyms and Mnemonics

The Acronym &Quot;Fast&Quot; Is Used As Mnemonic To Help A Person Having A Stroke. &Quot;Fast&Quot; Stands For &Quot;Facial Drooping&Quot;, &Quot;Arm Weakness&Quot;, &Quot;Speech Difficulties&Quot; And &Quot;Time To Call Emergency Services&Quot;.

The sixteen principles can stay in your memory if you create mnemonics or acronyms out of the initial letters of the Amazon rules. That will be a helpful trick if you want to memorize the principles.

Final Takeaway

Amazon Leadership Principles are effective mottos that benefit individuals preparing for a job interview and business owners replicating Amazon’s framework.

In-depth Amazon’s standing, relating the principles to your own experiences, and being clear objectives will assist you in remembering the fundamentals that are pivotal in Amazon’s continuous growth Amazon’s.

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