How Do Amazon Codes Work?

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Amazon codes, often referred to as promo codes or coupons, are an essential part of the Amazon shopping experience. They offer a way for sellers to provide discounts and attract customers while giving shoppers an opportunity to save money. But how exactly do these codes work? Let’s dive into the details.


Amazon codes, also known as promo codes or coupons, work by offering discounts on products. Sellers create these codes in Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central and distribute them to customers. Customers can apply these codes at checkout in the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section to receive a discount on their purchase. There are different types of codes such as percentage off, one-time use, group claim, buy one/get one, social media, and no code deals.

Different Types of Amazon Codes

Amazon offers several types of promo codes, each serving a different purpose. Here are some of the most common ones:

Percentage Off Promo Codes

These codes offer a percentage discount off the regular price of an item. For example, a code might offer a 20% discount on a specific product.

One-Time Use Codes

As the name suggests, these codes can only be used once. They’re often used for special promotions or unique customer rewards.

Group Claim Codes

These codes can be used by multiple customers, but only a certain number of times. For example, a seller might create a code that can be used by the first 50 customers.

Buy One/Get One

These codes offer a free item when a customer purchases another item at full price. This is a popular way to incentivize larger orders.

Social Media Codes

These codes are designed to be shared on social media platforms and often offer a small discount to encourage sharing and engagement.

No Code

Sometimes, Amazon offers deals that don’t require a code. These deals are automatically applied at checkout.

How to Create Amazon Codes

Sellers can create promo codes within Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central. The process involves setting the conditions of the promotion, reviewing the promotion, and submitting it. Once the promotion is live, the seller can manage the claim codes and distribute them to customers through various marketing channels.

How to Find and Use Amazon Codes

Customers can find Amazon codes in various ways. They can check Amazon’s coupon page, visit third-party coupon websites, use Amazon’s mobile app, or follow Amazon Associates who often share promo codes.

To use an Amazon code, a customer needs to add eligible items to their shopping cart, enter the promotion code in the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section during checkout, and click “Apply”. The discount will be applied, and the customer can proceed to check out.

Restrictions on Amazon Codes

While Amazon codes offer many benefits, they do come with some restrictions. For example, coupons are valid for a limited time only, and Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel them at any time. Coupons apply only to qualifying items, and the promotion is limited to one coupon per customer.

What If an Amazon Code Does Not Work?

If an Amazon code does not work, it could be due to a typing error, unstable internet connection, the code being already redeemed, regional restrictions, or technical issues. If a code doesn’t work, customers should check these factors and contact Amazon customer service if needed.


Amazon codes are a valuable tool for both sellers and customers. They offer a way to incentivize purchases, increase sales, and save money. Understanding how they work can help you make the most of your Amazon shopping experience.

Remember to always check the terms and conditions of each code before using it. And if you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Amazon customer service for help. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple Amazon codes on a single purchase?

No, typically, Amazon only allows one promo code to be used per order.

Can I still use a promo code if I’m using Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon Prime members can also use promo codes. Being a Prime member does not affect your ability to use promo codes.

Are there any restrictions on who can use Amazon codes?

Amazon codes are generally available to all Amazon customers. However, certain codes may be restricted to Amazon Prime members or specific regions.

How often does Amazon release new promo codes?

The frequency of new promo codes depends on the seller and the product. Some sellers may release new codes regularly, while others may do so only during specific promotional periods.

Can I apply an Amazon code after I’ve placed an order?

No, Amazon codes must be entered at the time of checkout. If you forgot to apply a promo code, you would need to cancel the order (if possible) and place it again with the code.

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